surprising facts about ancient greece


Facts about greece

facts about ancient greece

facts about ancient greece, amazing facts about greece,

facts about ancient greece, amazing facts about greece,

1 Greece is a very popular tourist attraction with 16.5 million tourists visiting each year.

2 According to the 2011 census, Greece has about 55 % male population and more than 45% male.As a result, about 65% of students at Greek universities are all women.

3 Greek is one of the oldest written languages ​​in Europe in existence.

4 There are more than 4000 traditional dances across the country.

5 Greece is often considered the world’s first democracy.

facts about ancient greece, amazing facts about greece,

6 The sun appears over 250 days in Greece.

7 Boys from ancient Greece went to school at the age of 7, going to barracks if they lived in Athens or if they lived in Sparta.

8 In addition, women live longer in Greece: their livelihood is 82.2, while for men it is 77 on average.- Greece Population.

9 Inhabited continuously for more than seven thousand years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

10 It is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, Olympic Games, political science, Western literature, historical history, major mathematical principles and Western theories of tragedy and comedy.

facts about ancient greece, amazing facts about greece,

11 Alexander the Great was Greek.

12 After giving a greeting, Greeks can make a puff of breath through tired lips, such as spitting.This is to protect the person receiving praise from the “evil eye”.

13 The proverb “to hold the bull by its horns” comes from the Greek myth of Hercules, who saves Crete from a raging bull by selling his horns.

14 Finding a coin in your slice of New Year’s cake is believed to bring good luck.

15 The first nude scene in the history of European cinema was in the 1931 Greek film Daphneis and Chloe.

16 In Greece it is more common to celebrate a name day than a birthday.

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17 The real name of the country is the Hellenic Republic, and also Helas, which is the root word for Greece.

18. 98 percent of the total population are ethnic.Athens, the capital of Greece’s total population, lives in Athens.Ikariya, one of the blue regions of the world, receives more than 16 crore tourists every year, which is more than its population..Voting is required by law for every citizen 18 or older.

19. 2About 7 percent of all marble produced in the world comes from Greece.

20 Where people have the longest lifespanGreece is struggling financially, in November 2012 the debt was cut from 51 billion euros to 32 billion.

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21 It is mandatory for all Greek men in the Greek national forces to serve between one year and eighteen months.

22 The area of ​​Greece is 50,961 square miles.

23 An interesting fact about Greece is that it has one of the lowest divorce rates in the European Union.

24 About 40% of the Greek population lives in the capital Athens.

25 The Greek national sport is football.

26 Although this is not as common as Greek tourists believe, there is a Greek tradition of throwing plates on the floor while playing music during a special meal.

27 Many Greeks believe that spitting can drive away the devil and evil spirits.Whenever someone brings bad news to the family, family members will often spit three times to remove misfortune.

28 Whenever a couple is engaged, it is customary that the future groom will join the bride’s father in marriage.

29 Calls for Once the couple is engaged, they both wear the wedding ring in their left hands, and once they get married, they change rings in their right hands.

facts about ancient greece, amazing facts about greece,

30 Clean Monday is the first day of Lent each year.During this day, families celebrate the Easter season by having picnics and kite flying in the park.

31 Before Greece adopted the euro in 2002, they used the drama as their currency for nearly 2,650 years.

32 Greece has the longest coastline in Europe.

33 One of the deepest valleys in the world, Vikas Gorge, is located in Greece.It is 3,600 feet deep.

35 The official religion of Greece is the Greek Orthodox, and is practiced by about 98% of the population.

36 Political voting is compulsory in Greece, it is actually against the law for people with more than 18 votes.

37 Greece produces more than 300,000 tonnes of olive oil per year.

38 This is equivalent to 180,000 minutes of sunshine a year.

39 About 7% of the world’s marble comes from Greece.

40 The first Olympic champion was a Greek cook, called the Coroabus, the fastest runner of the year.

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