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Germany facts

facts about Germany

interesting cultural facts about Germany,amazing facts germany, german facts

facts about Germany

1 Germany is the largest economy in the European Union.

2 There are 35 dialects in German.

3 Germany is a world publisher. More than 94,000 books are published here every year.

4 This university is free for everyone in Germany.

5 Hermann spent very little on the defense budget: Germany has more than 2,100 palaces.

6 German is the third most spoken language in the world.

7 Germany has more than 400 zoo and is the zoo with the largest number of zoos in the world.

8 The tradition of the Christmas tree comes from Germany.

9 Germany produces more than 1,500 beer brands.

10 Germany is one of the most populous countries in the world.

11 The world’s first magazine appeared in Germany in 1663.

12 If a prisoner tries to escape from a German prison, he will not be punished. They believed it was natural for a prisoner to try.

13 In terms of GDP, Germany ranks fourth in the world.

14 Germany is a country where you can drive the streets at high speed so you will not be penalized.

15 However, if you are in an intermediate state and your car is out of fuel, it will be considered a criminal offense.

interesting cultural facts about Germany

16 The height of the church is approximately 530 feet.It is too big to hold two thousand people.

17 Germany was the first country to use daylight saving time during the First World War.

18 Germany is one of the last countries in the world to ban smoking in restaurants and workplaces.

19 More than 100 million people around the world speak German.

20 60 bars in the province of Munich!

21 9 countries bordering Germany-Austria, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Republic, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland.

22 With 81 million inhabitants, Germany is the largest population in Europe.

23 Since 2014, local and foreign students have been studying in Germany. The tuition fees have been cancelled.

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facts about Germany , cultural fact

24 Since World War II, Germany has received an average of 15 bombs per day, or 5,500 bombs per year.

25 More than 100 people from Germany won the Nobel Prize.

26 Albert Einstein was also born in Germany.

27 The idea of ​​the highway was not Hitler’s idea, he just enthusiastically supported it.

28 Germany is the eighth largest wine producer.

29 Orange jam beer was invented in Germany.

30 In Germany, no one can wish a happy birthday in advance, because this is a sign of bad luck.

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31 Hitler gave his dog cyanide capsules and killed them.

32 Germany covers an area of ​​about 355,000 square kilometers, or more than 15,000 square kilometers.

33 It is divided into 16 states, with a total of 493 regions.

facts about Germany

34 During WWII, Germany produced a cold drink called Fanta to compete with Coca-Cola, as Coca-Cola was used in other countries / regions of the world at that time.

35 It is considered one of the leading technology countries in the world. Therefore, the government of this country has enough good educational institutions and schools in this area to help the children. The most important thing is to explain the importance of this and receive practical training.

36 The youngest billionaire in Germany is Prince Albert II of Germany.

37 Germany is currently the strongest economy in Europe.

38 After Japan, Germany is the world’s second largest exporter of automobiles.

39 The Christmas tree tradition spread from Germany to all over the world.

40 Most taxis and buses here are Mercedes.

41 There are about 60 words in German.

42 Germany is building fake bus stations to serve Alzheimer’s patients so they don’t get lost when they leave.

43 From 1989 to 2009, about 2,000 schools had to be closed due to children in Germany.

44 The German national tree is oak.

45 There is a museum in Germany to collect money. About 31% of this land is forested.

46 The longest church in Albertdunia was discovered in Germany.

47 In 1916, the Germans were allowed to take dogs with them for passport photographs.

facts about Germany

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