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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Israel. The reason for its name is that there is no life around it. From plants to animals to fish, everything in the sea dies.

Its water is very salty and the amount of salt in it is very high compared to the rest of the sea. Due to the abundance of salt, there are no animals or plants here. It is also known as the deepest salt lake in the world.

lake’s surface 430.5 metres
The Dead Sea other name salt lake
located in Judean desert of southern Israel, bordered by Jordan
length 50 km
Deep304 m (997 ft)
includes in 7 Underwater wonders of the world

lets find out some interesting facts about dead sea

Dead Sea facts

  • The Dead Sea is very important in terms of health. The water is rich in minerals, while pollen and other minerals are few. Swimming in this sea is believed to cure many skin conditions.
  • Due to its beauty and beauty of the environment, in 2007 it was included in 28 selected locations in the 7 Underwater wonders of the world.
  • Due to its beauty, this ocean is very popular with foreign visitors. Because of the high temperatures, there is a rapid evaporation here, and the water in this ocean decreases by more than 1 meter every year.
  • It is estimated that by 2050 the waters of the ocean of death will be completely dry.
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest sea in the world, 400 meters below sea level. It is believed to be the lowest saline lake.

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  • This ocean is known throughout the world for its dense density, no one can drown in this ocean because of its dense density.
  • This ocean is 65 km long and 18 km wide. Fish enter it from small rivers, but due to their high density they do not survive. There are no fish in this ocean.
  • The Dead Sea is rich in minerals and 11 types of bacteria, which together with the environment create a healthy environment.
  • Compared to ordinary water, bromine is twenty times more, magnesium is fifty times more, and iodine is ten times more than in the water of the Dead Sea.
  • This water keeps the skin healthy. Because of the popularity of this ocean, cosmetics companies manufacture cosmetics based on what is mined here. world) in 2007. But since it did not receive a lot of votes, it was not included in the list of 7 wonders of the world.
  • This ocean is called the “Dead Sea” because no aquatic life has deteriorated by about 2530 meters in several decades; it is estimated that it could dry completely by 2040.

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