Dumas beach surat horror story

Dumas beach surat horror story

dumas beach surat horror story, haunted beach in surat

DUmas Beach, also known as black sand Beach, located on the coast of Gujarat. This beach is always in the discussion, so tourists especially go to see it because people want to enjoy it and they are curious to know why it is in the discussion.

Dumas beach surat horror story

There are many places in India whose secret is quite interesting. But at the same time there are some places where people get scared by hearing about horror stories. Something similar is the Dumas Beach in Gujarat Dumas beach is adjacent to the Arabian Sea, is located at a distance of 21 km from Surat.

The sand here is not white but black and the history of this beach is not about the love story of a king or queen, but people believe that the ghosts had built their stronghold here centuries ago, on this beach, the dead body Sanskar is also performed, due to which the people here wind the night and the voices keep them The one who calls this place haunted and hence the sand here is black.People believe that the spirit of people who do not get salvation or who are killed by an accident or suicide by themselves, keeps wandering in the meantime.At night, all the souls go out of their respective places and make them mournful.

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Dumas beach surat horror story

There is a good or evil spirit among them who cry and moan among themselves.But many people have different facts about why these voices come from this place, but what is the secret really?Nobody knows.This beach is full of natural beauty, but due to these rumors, this beach usually remains deserted, but till date no scientific evidence has been found of them.After disappearing, they disappear.Every night there is a sound of dogs barking and crying, which gives the feeling of being ghosts there.Some people believe that dogs fall behind here at night.

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