biggest unsolved mysteries of india


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Unsolved mystery of India

unsolved mysteries of india

biggest mysteries of india, Unsolved mysteries of india,

Mystery behind nidhivan

Mystery behind nidhivan

unsolved mysteries of india : As night falls, humans are way away, owls and ants don’t even step. it’s believed that Banke Bihari Rasleela performs at this place at night. The special issue is that it is prohibited to examine Rasleela. so there aren’t any windows within the homes round the forest. These trees are largely short tall and have entangled trunks. Even the plants of Tulsi found in the premises are in pair. Truly, Nidhivan could be a mysterious place that catches the eye of all types of travelers from around the world.

Mystery Of Twins Village

Mystery Of Twins Village

unsolved mysteries of india : The secret of this village is that everyone has twins here.This village is named Village of Twins. There are about 200 twins here.It has become a mystery even today.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach

unsolved mysteries of india : This beach is known as hide and seek beach.It’s a mysterious beach.This beach mystery is still unsolved.This beach is in Odisha, within the city of Chandipur, nearly two hundred kilometres from Bhubaneshwar. One will really witness the ocean disappearing before of his eyes so coming back back. Surprisingly, not several people, as well as the guests are alert to this strange development of Chandipur Beach. the sea water recedes up to five kilometres (3 miles), double a day.

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The skeleton Lake

unsolved mysteries of india : This lake remains frozen throughout the year, it melts in summer, then this skeleton starts to appear, this skeleton was discovered in 1942.It is claimed that forest corporation officers came here in search of a flower: once they went within the lake they found a pile of skeletons.Some folks say that these people should have died from Associate in Nursing icy tiffon.No one is aware of however they died.

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Shani Shingnapur Village

Shani Shingnapur Village

unsolved mysteries of india : This village is located in Maharashtra, India. This is a village where there are no doors in front of the shop or the house.This village is known throughout the country because of this story. It is not stolen here. Shani is believed to protect everyone.

nine unknowns

The nine unknown

unsolved mysteries of india : The society was supported when Asoka won the battle of Kalinga and at the sight of the death of 1,00,000 lost within the battle, resolved to follow the trail of non violence. The aim of the 9 Men was to guard the strategies of destruction from falling into the hands of unqualified individuals and to more pursue data which might profit mankind.The nine men are same to be guarding the nine books of secret knowledge.

Dumas beach, Unsolved mystery of India

Dumas beach

unsolved mysteries of india :Dumas beach is found in gujarat. individuals say that they’re wandering souls, that’s a bunch of shadows, that once seen with the eyes of humans, the guts stops beating. individuals say that when dusk, there’s a home ground of spirits here. per native people, ghosts come back here after dusk.The sand in the middle is empty. People believe that whoever spends the night here never comes back.The local people here are afraid to go here even during the day.This beach is haunted or not, it still remains a mystery

mysterious cutting braids

Mystery behind cutting braids of females 

unsolved mysteries of india : In 2017 rumor had spread in Delhi of a mysterious man who cuts his hair, who enters a closed house, cuts his hair and disappears. And no one else can see it. The incident is from Kanganhedi village in Chawla area of ​​outer Delhi, where a mysterious shadow made three women of the village their victims in one day.

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