Amazing facts About dolphins that nobody knows


50 Amazing facts About dolphins that nobody knows

fun facts about dolphins, Amazing facts About dolphins

facts About dolphins that nobody knows

facts About dolphins

1. The dolphin’s most amazing feature is that it releases waves from its body that collide and just return to it, leading to the discovery of an object hitting the dolphin.

2. Dolphins do not drink sea water, because these dolphins will get sick or even die if they drink sea water.

3 There are 41 species of dolphins all over the world. There are 37 oceans and 5 rivers in the clear water.

4 The largest dolphin in the world weighs 9,000 kilograms, while the smallest dolphin weighs only 40 kilograms.

5 The world’s oceans and rivers are the habitat of dolphins.

6 The gestation period of dolphins is 10 months and several months.

7 A few days before birth, a group of female dolphins took care of the pregnant dolphins.

8 The dolphin opens one eye to sleep before going to bed. Dolphins also swim at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, but humans can only swim at a speed of 8.6 kilometers per hour.

9 Dolphins are called “bulls” and male dolphins are called “bulls. In 2014, the first two-way dolphin was found on a Turkish beech.

10 After hybridization, a new species “Wolfen” was born.

11. facts About dolphins : Killer whales and bottlenose dolphins.

12 Dolphins cry when they are very happy.

13 Dolphins can be found in almost every warm ocean and river in the world.

14 There are many common dolphins all over the world, the first short-billed dolphin and the second long-billed dolphin.

facts About dolphins that nobody knows

15.facts About dolphins: Ordinary dolphins always love to live in a backpack.

16 Schools of these dolphins are very active. All package participants swim and dive together.

17 Dolphins, like whales, are mammals, but most of us don’t know they just call dolphins a fish.

18 There is also the issue of dolphin suicide. In 1985, animal researcher Margaret Howe lived with her for several months in a special house in the Virgin Islands, teaching English with a dolphin named Peter.

19 Fall in love with Margaret Howe. When he recovered and was released to an isolated reservoir in Miami, he stopped breathing and committed suicide.

facts About dolphins

20 The youngest surviving dolphin was Nana. SHe lived 42 years.

21 The dolphins call each other and identify other dolphins by name.

22 A characteristic of dolphins is that they can be identified by looking in a mirror. Can they even know the person on the other end of the phone by voice? (For example your children or other strangers).

23 The Queen of Great Britain is responsible for all dolphins in the UK. Military troops searched for land mines under the sea and for missing swimmers from Goss.

24 Dolphins were hunted in Japan, Peru, the Solomon Islands and the Faroe Islands.

25 According to official records, Nellie is the longest surviving dolphin captured on the Dolphin Expedition in Marineland, Florida.SHe is 41 years old, dolphins are very playful and curious creatures, they play with each other and can also play with other animals (like dogs or cats), he also loves to play and ride the waves of Dolphins use echolocation sonar to find food and navigate the water.

26 They emit sound waves and find every object in the ecosystem. Thus, they can easily find prey and swim in the water.

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27 The dolphin recovery process is very effective. His bleeding stopped quickly, and the chance of death from the bleeding was very small.

28 Dolphins call each other and identify other dolphins by name.

29 Every two hours, the dolphin will peel off from the top layer of the skin.

30 In India, dolphins were found in a river named Ganges Ganges, but it is now seriously threatened.

31 It is about 2000 now. Pollution, dam building and hunting are the reasons for their disappearance.

32 This dolphin was declared a national aquatic animal of India in 2009.

33 According to the animal welfare organization, there are approximately 3,000 dolphins in captivity around the world.

34 Dolphins spend a lot of time with their mother.

35 Compared to other animals, dolphins are considered to be very intelligent dolphins and predators (carnivores).

facts About dolphins that nobody knows

36 Dolphin is very human and animal friendly.

37 Dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom.

38 They cannot become dehydrated and cannot live on earth.

39 The US Navy has trained 75 dolphins to detect enemy swimmers and underwater mines.

40 Dolphins generally breathe three to five times per minute, but can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes.

41 In 2014, two dead dolphins were found in western Turkey and found on the seashore.

42 Bottlenose dolphins can pull the fish’s tail out of the water and then stun prey.

43 Dolphins are warm-blooded and the fat can keep them warm.

44 Insert the dolphin’s stomach into the compartment for rapid digestion. Some dolphins have been found to have deep-sea fish in their stomachs.

45 These data indicating that dolphins can dive to a depth of more than 500 meters.

46 One study showed that dolphins speak to each other in sentences.

47 In 1965, the dolphins fell in love with Margaret Howe (Margaret Howe), who was a woman in a team that came to NASA to study dolphins.

48 If you find dolphins on the beach, please do not try to put them back into the water to avoid drowning if you are sick.

49 The size of the dolphins ranges from 6 feet (1.7 m) to 31 feet long. Its weight ranges from 50 kg to 10 tons, depending on the type.

50 Dolphins eat fish, about 30 kilograms of fish every day.

fun facts about dolphins

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