30 Incredible Facts About New York City


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New york facts

Facts About New York City

  1. New York is the largest city in America which attracts tourists from all over the world due to its attractive tourist spots.
  1. Let us tell you that New York is also known as “Big Apple”.
  1. Along with being an iconic global center of the world, New York is known for its magnificent architecture, films and art culture.
  1. New York’s Central Park is one of the most beautiful park in the world.Central Park is located in the Manhattan (Manhattan) area of ​​New York.
  1. High rise buildings, Broadway shows and museums in New York are its major attractions.
  1. The population of New York City grew very rapidly in the 18th century and the city flourished in the 19th century Started fast on the track.
Statue of Liberty under cloudy sky during daytime
  1. The Statue of Liberty located on Liberty Island in New York City Harbor attracts tourists. It is a beautiful statue made of copper.
  1. Let us tell you that this statue is also known as ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’.
  1. The Statue of Liberty is considered a symbol of freedom.
Brooklyn Bridge during daytime
  1. The Brooklyn Bridge is the longest and oldest bridge in the United States.
  1. New York is one of the most modern, developed and beautiful city in the world.
  1. The New York Public Library is the second largest in the US and the fourth largest in the world.
  1. The New York Public Library is a major attraction in the city.
  1. New York’s famous cuisine is loved by tourists and local people with hot dog baked pretzels, cheesecakes, and pizzas.Apart from this, breads, cakes, eggs and fry chicken are also very popular.
  1. The famous New York City is located in the country of America. New York America is the most populous city in the country.
  1. New York City has a population of 18 million.
  1. Because of its fame, many believe that New York is the capital of America, but it is not. The US capital is Washington DC.
  1. There are more than 800 people speaking different languages ​​in this city because people from different countries and cultures live here.

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Time Square, New York during daytime
  1. Time Square is the famous square in New York City. It is named after the famous newspaper ‘The New York Times’. Earlier this place was called Longacre Square.
  1. In 1904, when The New York Times shifted its headcount here, this place started to be called Times Square.
  1. New York City is located along the Atlantic Sea. The total length of New York’s coastline is 930 kilometers, with 22 kilometers of the stretch as the Beach. Fort Tilden is considered to be the most beautiful and cleanest beach here. Apart from this, Coney Island, Staten Island are also famous beaches.
  1. The world’s first underground park is being built in Lowline New York City which is expected to complete by 2021.
  1. The most common physical injury diagnosis in New York is “knee injury”.
  1. Drivers in NYC spend an average of 107 hours per year searching for parking at a cost of $ 2,243 per driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions.
  1. 23% increased the cost of living in NYC in just five years from 2009 to 2014.
  1. There is an island known as “Just Room Enough Island”, with enough space for a tree and a house.
wide angle photo of Brooklyn Bridge under cloudy sky
  1. New York City includes a population of over 39 of the 50 US states at 8.4 million (2013) Brazilian wax was invented in New York.
  1. New York’s Central Park is the first such park in the US to be fully designed. The park looks absolutely natural but the lakes, ponds and reservoirs here are man-made and all the trees and plants have been planted with complete planning.
  1. The total area of ​​this park is 3.5 square miles (843 acres). Central Park is located in the heart of New York town. The park consists of seven reservoirs, fifty eight miles of footpaths, 250 acres of lawns, thirty six bridges and 136 acres of trees.
  1. Central Park prices the maximum amount cash because the state of Alaska. UPS trucks receive concerning 15,000 parking tickets a month in New York City.

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