Incredible facts about the great white sharks


Shark facts

facts about the great white sharks

  1. Sharks have in habited Earth for more than 400 million years far longer than even dinosaurs.
  1. After a big meal, a great white sharks can go without food for up to two months.
  1. The most terrifying predators on the planet, the great white shark combines nearly supernatural senses with a collection of teeth which will move prey sort of a chainsaw.
  1. The 300 number of teeth that line the jaws of the great white shark.
  1. Since the teeth are always being replaced, it may go through 30,000 of them over its entire lifetime.
  1. The slightest movement made by prey up to 820 ft (250 m) away can be detected by the great white.
  1. 3 in (7.5 cm) is the length of a mature great white shark tooth.
  1. The shark will swim for many consecutive days while not resting.
  1. The great White Sharks can travel 2500 miles without eating and resting.

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great white sharks
  1. Some types of shark make humans their prey, admire tiger shark, great white shark and blacktip shark.
  1. presently The biggest within the world is the creature is believed to be a great whale shark.
  1. however the megalodon shark, the rarest species of shark, was larger in size than a whale shark. Its length was fifty feet.
  1. This whale wont to eat sharks too. it’s been extinct for sixteen million years. thus far, under one hundred relics are found.
  1. Among all the sharks within the world, the largest brain is that of toothed whale Shark. Its brain weighs eighteen Pounds.
  1. The bite force of the nice man-eating shark is regarding four psi (pounds per square inch), that is 4 times quite the bite force of a tiger or lion a thousand psi.
  1. The bite force of humans is 150-200 psi. The Great White shark consumes a median of eleven tonnes of food a year.
  1. however even within the absence of food, it will survive for three months while not eating.
  1. The great white shark can jump ten feet higher than the surface of the water for hunting.
  1. Most sharks are efficient hunters, but the great white is in a class of its own. It is much bigger than any other killer shark and far more powerful.

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