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facts about the United Kingdom

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1.On the day of the festival, there are parades and many parties. Most businesses are closed and families have time to spend time with their families.

This day is considered a national holiday, everyone is left without work, and studies stop.

2. When a royal wedding is held, Prince William and Catherine Middleton usually get married in 2011.

3. In Scotland, Boxing Day is celebrated every year at Christmas when employees receive gifts from their employers.

4. About 60% of the UK population is Christian.

5. London’s Big Ben is not a real watch.

6. Big Ben is the bell of the clock tower.

7. There are more chickens in England than people.

8. The first railroad in the world. The line was opened in the UK.

9. Uk is made up of the following countries: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

10. The official name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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United Kingdom
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11. The UK’s 7,700 mile coastline is ideal for a variety of marine life and seals.

12.In 2016, a referendum voted in favor of leaving the United Kingdom from the European Union.

13. English is the official language of the United Kingdom, but there are several regional languages.

14. The largest Italian restaurant in the world is located in the United Kingdom.

15. For the 2012 Olympics, London became the third host city for the Olympic Games.

16. Windsor Palace is the oldest and largest palace in the world.

17. Great Britain is the only country in the world without a written constitution.

18. Great Britain is known for its rainy and cold weather, but summer is actually very hot: in 2003, temperatures in Kent, in the south-east of England, were over 38 degrees. The New York area of ​​northern England is a terrible city in the UK with over 500 sightings reported. It is considered the scariest place on earth.

19. This small country once established its own empire around the world so the influence of British culture can still be seen in many countries around the world.

20. It is considered one of the attractive things. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a round of competition.

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