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make money on Youtube


You can make money on Youtube with very simple tech videos. As an example, let’s look at the Youtube channel Tech Zone.

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If we take a look at the Social Blade statistics for this channel, they’re getting an insane eighteen million views per month making an estimated between four thousand and seventy four thousand dollars a month! I would actually estimate that it’s on the higher end of that If this channel is monetized. I personally would estimate that they’re making upwards of sixty thousand dollars a month.

You might be asking, “Why is that?” Well, it’s because this channel is in what I define as a high CPM niche meaning that there’s more advertiser’s advertising on videos like tech videos because there’s a lot of different tech products.

In the videos that this channel produces are literally just other people’s videos stitch together with a voice over on top of the video. You might be asking, “How can they use other peoples videos?” Well, think about it, they’re showing a bunch of different tech products. The owners of these products would love to promote themselves, and they’re basically essentially getting free advertising!

What can you do and how can you use this to your advantage to make money on Youtube is go to all the different products at channels like Techzone show in their videos and reach out to the people who own the products and say, “Hey i’m thinking about doing a Youtube channel just like Tech Zone and i was wondering if i could use your videos within my videos.” Frame it like this: say that it’s going to be free advertising for their videos! A lot of companies will be ok with that you and shouldn’t have a problem there.

Or you can abide by the terms of Fair Use where you don’t even have to ask to use the footage as long as you make it transformative by doing things like adding a voice over on top of the footage which is exactly what Tech Zone does. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this but you need to actually put in the work.


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You might have seen channels like this on Youtube. An example is the Wawamu Stats channel.

Their videos are just these statistic maps. Using free software these videos are incredibly easy to generate. All you have to do is plug in the data and it

makes these types of map videos.

Social Blade sets for this channel with twelve million views a month. They could be making as much as fifty thousand dollars a month! i would estimate that if they had ads on their channel ithey’re making at least twenty five thousand dollars a month just from ads. I’m sure anybody would be happy with an extra twenty five thousand dollars a month…


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Let’s take a look at this channel right here called Natural Cures.

As you can see two point five million subscribers and if we take a look at the Social Blade statistics three point eight million views in the past thirty days. They’re probably making around ten thousand dollars a month just from ad revenue if they have ads on the channel and the videos are just voice overs with text on the videos using other people’s pictures videos. You might be wondering, “Where can i actually get content to use in a channel like this?”

Well what i recommend doing a simply go to a website called You can simply search things like health and see tons of completely free images that you can use for health.

PixaBay also has completely free videos that you can use. So, for example, if you search health within the videos you can see completely free health videos that you can then use while simply doing a voice over on top of these videos.

BONUS TIP: If you’re in the health niche a way to get a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to actually monetize your channel is by incorporating affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products. You can also earn a commission for every single sale!

So imagine you have people going to your channel who are interested in health who are clicking either searching for health or watching your videos. These people are interested in health. Now imagine if you presented a product to them, whether it being the description or in the pin comments section of the video, that had to do with that topic. You can actually find these products on if you go to the marketplace section and if you sign up you can get a certain percentage for every single sale that you make.


Take a look at this channel right here called One Million Tests. It’s got six hundred thousand subscribers and they make these super simple videos like “What kind of angel are you?”, “Are you an angel or a devil?”,” What color is your aura?”, “What your birth month says about you?”

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I’m sure you’ve seen some of these like funny quirky relatable quizzes online and places like balls and places where you answered assortment of questions and it’s supposed to tell you something about yourself.

These videos actually get a bunch of views and the videos are literally just asking people’s questions about themselves with either stock footage your animations in the background of the videos or stock images.

And this channel is getting seven million views a month. That’s crazy! They haven’t even uploaded for months and they’re still getting seven million views. That’s unheard of incredible. it’s definitely a niche to get into and it’s an amazing video idea that i thought you would really appreciate.



Look at this channel right here called a

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You can see 2.8 million subscribers and they simply do videos talking about rich people, talking about wealth and prosperity and luxury items and stuff of that nature.

They get nine million views per month just with these very simple videos where it’s literally just a voice over showing stock images of all this type of thing.

Again, if we go to and go up to the search bar say we want to search ‘luxury’. Taking a look they have all kinds of videos of luxury cars and stuff like that that you could use for completely free.

Another place you can go to find royalty free stock videos that you can use completely free within your videos is

If you go to Pixels and search ‘private jet’ you can see tons of completely free photos of private jets and if you click videos there’s actually thirty three videos that you can use completely free.

You can get video ideas from similar channels. For example, another channel in the luxury niche called Mr. Luxury has 257,000 subscribers.

It’s doing the same types of videos talking about the most expensive house in the world, the top ten most expensive private jets, and just videos like that



This is a weird niche, but you can actually potentially get a lot of views and in turn those views into income on Youtube. Take this channel Michael Sealey.

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Pretty much all of his videos are literally just meditations with stock videos in the background. Again, you can get stock videos for completely free at and and they’re literally him saying the meditations.

Let me give you guys a trick…

BONUS TIP: if you go to and you search ‘meditation’ you can literally find people who will make meditations for you starting at only five dollars. So imagine you pay someone five dollars and make a meditation.

If we go back to Michael Sealey’s channel, we see his videos are getting on average 500,000 – 3,200,000 views. It’s probably on average 150,000 views per video that could translate to $300-$500 per video. And you could loop the meditation over and over making it like eight hours long. Some of these are very long.


I’m sure you’ve seen videos like this on Youtube. They’re extremely popular and the best example channel is 5-Minute Crafts.

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6.6 million subscribers and if we take a look at the Socal Blade statistics: 211 million views a month. That is insane! It says they’re making between $50,000 – $800,000 per month.

Those numbers are just insane and the videos are literally just life hacks. They’re literally just showing life hacks putting a camera i’ll putting some lights up filling their hands due in the different life hacks.

You could do them yourself or you could potentially pay someone to make these life hack videos for you. it’s absolutely insane how many views these videos are getting!



You can find people literally just recording woodworking tools and woodworking inventions and stuff of that nature. Different projects that you can do. People are really into this stuff!

This is great if you know someone who’s into wood working, or if you’re going to do it yourself. You could pay someone even! Just put up a request on Craigslist and say, “I’m looking for someone who’s good at woodworking and i just want to come and film you literally just woodworking and post

your videos”

Likely they’re going to wonder why you’re recording them but you could explain to them and show them how many views some of these videos are getting on Youtube. You could even set up like a profit share with them.

These videos get a lot of view and what’s really amazing is i’m going to show a trick on how you can actually make more money than just add revenue with these videos.

Again, it’s using affiliate marketing! If we go back to Clickbank and research for ‘working’ you’re not going to believe there is literally woodworking products. You can potentially make hundreds of times more revenue promoting these products

If we take a look at Teds 16,000 wood plans that people can buy for $67 and you make an average of $53 per sale every single sell. Just put your laffiliate ink in your description and put that link in your pin comments section and you could make some serious money.


It’s literally just using slideshows. i’m sure you’ve used things like Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint to create slideshow presentations.

You can literally just make Powerpoint presentations, do a voice over on top of those presentations and potentially make a lot of these.

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Take a look at this channel. They’re called Permission To Exist. Their videos are literally just slideshows talking about different psychology things like narcissists and stuff like that.

If we take a look at the Social Blade they get eighty thousand views a month which might not seem like a lot but again you could promote things like Clickbank products and potentially make a lot sales from that.

BONUS TIP Another great way you could monetize is become an affiliate for an online therapy app


Take a look at this channel Mr Nightmare.

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4.9 million subscribers and they just see videos like four short and true scary stories four days ago six hundred thousand views of we take a look at the stats for this channel they get thirty million views a month

Literally they’re just recording scary stories using their voice to voice over for the scary stories and then just putting pictures in the background.

BONUS TIP: Again you can find pictures on Pixelbay and Pexels. And for the actual scary stories just go to Fiverr type in ‘scary story’ and you’ll find people who will write scary stories for you for $5. How cool is that? You can hire someone on Fiverr to write the story for you and you can even hire out someone on fiverr to do the voice over.

If we search ‘voice over’ on Fiverr tons of different people show up in the results. People will literally do scary voice overs for just $5.


i’m sure you’ve seen videos talking about the top ten fastest cars in the world. Or The Top Give Biggest Animals That Have Ever Lived.

i’m sure you’ve seen countdown list channels on the internet. The thing about these channels is that a lot of them get a lot of views.

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Look at this channel Top Five Best

4.3 million subscribers and they just do videos like The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks. You can literally search on Google ‘the creepiest abandoned amusement parks’, re-write the script in your own way, and you know this is proven video because it’s gotten a lot of views and you could potentially get a lot of views producing videos like this.

You might be shocked look at this if we look at the Social Blade statistics thirty four million views a month with these types of videos, and they post one video day every single day and they’re very consistent.

That’s actually what i would recommend as well: posting one video every single day on your channel if you were to do this. Like i said, these videos get a lot of views and you can make it fair use by doing a voice over again.


You can just use stock footage and do a voice over on top of that stock footage. A great example is this channel called Brainy Dose

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They do videos like, “People who like to be alone have these twelve personality traits”, “Do you wake up between 3am and 5am?” and they’re literally just stock footage of people in cities and stuff like that and these videos get a lot of views.

They’ve also gone a lot of subscribers, and as a result they get 3 million views a month on their channel! i would estimate they’re making around five to six thousand dollars a month.

Again, this is just from outer revenue. There’s tons of different products that you can promote where you don’t have to make a product or anything like that. Just do affiliate marketing and promote other people’s products from places like,, or the Amazon affiliate program and promote those products on your videos


Look at this channel called Animal Facts.

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They just do videos like golden retriever versus rothwell, how to choose the best dog for you, just talking about these different dogs, comparing different dogs. i would assume there’s so many different combinations of dogs.

You could do Boston Terrier versus french bulldogs and then do boston interior versus labrador then do boston terrier versus husky and just compares many different dogs as you can and you’ll almost never run out of video ideas you could do this for dogs for cats for lizards for any types of pets that you could possibly want to own.

It’s a great niche and there are a ton of click bank products that you could promote in a niche like this tons of different animal products out there. I highly recommend that you take a look at if you were to do something in the animal niche.


Most people when you think unboxing videos you think you have to get behind a camera on box whatever you’re unboxing whether it be a tech gadget

or whatever it might be,.

whatever this is right here and it’s got five point seven million views in nine one so you can get a lot of views on boxing tech gadgets and this is a great way if you want to get free gadgets or whatever from amazon

and people will literally send you products as well if you do this method so it’s a super cool you never actually have to share your faith just have to show your hands you know set up a camera above you

filming your hands doing the boxing’s while talking.



Look at this channel Bright Side.

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Let’s take a look at the Social Blade stats for this channel: One hundred and sixty six million views per month! i’m guessing they’re making around three hundred thousand a month just from ad revenue alone.

As you can see they upload tons of these different animation videos.Things like The Thirteen Tips On How To Survive Wild Animal Attacks,Four

Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power, just stuff like that. Stuff that grabs your attention, very viral very clickbait. And you can see it works very well!

If we go to Fiverr we simply search ‘animation’ and see tons of people who will make animations for you. So if you’re not an animator don’t worry at all.

You can make a whole assembly line for this: you have someone write the scripts, someone do the voice overs, someone animate the videos, and then someone make a thumbnail. You upload the finished video (that’s actually what i do in my Youtube operation. all iI do is come up with video ideas and upload the finished videos. It’s an awesome set up and it’s. The real beauty of this method).

is that you can start generating the videos yourself and then you can pay other people to make the videos for you once your channel starts generating money and starts getting momentum.

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