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make money on youtube

Table of Content


Chapter 1: How To Make A Youtube Channel Chapter 2: Quality Content Is King

Chapter 3: How Marketing Works On Youtube

Chapter 4: Monetization

Chapter 5:  Youtube Channel Goals You Can Control

Chapter 6: Best Techniques to Use YouTube To Promote Your Business

Chapter 7: What Matters Most for Getting Subscribers?

Chapter 8: Collaborations

Chapter 9: Using Social Media to Promote Your Channel

Chapter 10: Use Your Channel To Promote Your Merchandise

Chapter 11: Ways To Grow Your Business Through YouTube Marketing

Chapter 1: How To Make A Youtube Channel

Regardless of your purpose for creating a YouTube channel, it doesn’t take time to create one. After your channel has been created and approved, you can change its appearance, edit your videos if necessary and perhaps group your videos into different playlists. Whether you are creating your YouTube account for your business or brand, here is a simple 3-step checklist you can follow;

1. Create A Google Account

This is essential provided you didn’t have one previously. By default, your YouTube username will be your google username. Hence, when you upload your videos, this username is what everyone else sees. However, you are free to change it once you’re on YouTube. If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google account, and you have access to all Google products such as Google Play, Google Maps, and YouTube.

But before you can sign onto YouTube from your Google account, you will be asked to provide your first and last name. This is the name that will be used to identify you on YouTube. Hence, you can either choose between a different name or choose your actual first and last name.

Choose Your Character

The name of your YouTube channel, as you know, is very important. I would say the popular YouTubers are split almost equally between using their real name and a brand name. Now, this really depends on your preference for privacy and what your channel content is going to be about. For example, most vlogging channels tends to use their full name, whereas most gaming channels tend to use a brand or made up name. Be creative.

If your channel is going to be about an idea, concept or a brand channel then you’re going to want to use the brand name. Coming up with a brand name is something you should think about long and hard. A few tips that you can mix and match:

  • Alliteration e.g. “Charisma on Command”
  • Wordplay/Rhyming e.g. “Pewdiepie”
  • Try a single word e.g. “Vsauce”, “Smosh”

That being said, your channel name isn’t overly important as long as the content is quality. For example, most cannot even pronounce the channel name “Kurzgesagt”, however their videos consistently pull millions of views. Pick a name you like and are passionate about, and stick with it.

Once you have filled these required fields, select “Create Channel”.

2. Customize the appearance of your channel

This is important since the first impression of your channel is extremely important. Of course, the quality of your videos is supreme above all the rest, however the truth it’s best to cover all your bases.

Some of the basic things you can change are your;

  • Channel’s icon
  • Channel’s art
  • Channel’s description.

When you want to make these changes, go to your channel, and click the edit button next to the items you want to change.

Channel Icon

This can be an interesting photo of yourself, professional, or even taken on an iPhone. The main purpose of this photo is to draw people to click on your channel, so try and make it eye-catching. A scientifically based trick is to include your face in the icon (if appropriate) and pull a face that’s related to your YouTube channel (check out Vsauce’s icon) or just a picture of you smiling.

You can also use your channel name as inspiration for the logo. If you’re really stuck, you can even go on the website and get a logo made for as little as $5, and they’re very good quality. You can also get your pictures professionally edited to include your logo on them here. People also opt for drawn versions of themselves, and this can be really good, especially if you’re not the most photogenic (like me).

Channel Art

As mentioned previously, you can get a nice banner made for as low as $5 on Fiverr; you can also use a free stock photo from or use a wallpaper you like. This is not such an important part of your channel; you can perhaps use this to advertise a book you’ve released or have a link to your website on there.

Channel description

This part of your channel is important. Although the amount of people that check your channel description in relation to your subscribers is going to be fairly low, it’s good to include links to any other social media profiles that you want to share and links to your website. Many YouTubers also include here a FAQ for questions you might be asked a lot. A crucial thing, if needed, is to include a business email here. Don’t use your personal email. This can be extremely useful for increasing the revenue you make on YouTube, and we’ll go into detail on this later in the book.

You can also add a featured channels section, add a trailer to your channel. A channel trailer is important, as it lets people know what they can expect on your YouTube channel. Here what I would do is feature my most popular/best video in order to get the greatest early impression of my channel possible. You can also change how the videos are laid out and also enable ‘channel comments’ under the discussion section. Any change you desire to make can be done by clicking the settings icon (it is next to your subscribe button), then, enable the “customize the layout of your channel” option.

3. Start uploading your videos

Whenever you want to access the upload page, just log in and click the ‘upload’ button. Its position is at the top right-hand part of the YouTube website.

When you want to upload your videos, you can either…

  • Drag videos to the upload page,
  • Click the large upload area to browse for videos from your PC or
  • Click the ‘import’ option; it is next to the ‘import videos’ area by the right of the upload page. This option allows you to upload

videos you have saved in Google photos.

Another option that you can use is to make a photo slideshow for YouTube. It is available on the right-hand side of the upload page.

Pro tip: make sure you select either public, unlisted, private, or scheduled as it suits you when you want to upload videos from your PC.

When you make your videos public, anyone can see them. When they are unlisted, only those that have a direct link can access the video. When they are private, only you can see it, and you have to be logged in before you can see them.

When you want to schedule your videos, you can set the time when they will be available to the public.

Other factors you need to keep in mind;

  • If your web browser is up to date, the video you want to upload should have a maximum size of 128 GB. Otherwise, you will only be able to upload a video with a maximum size of 20 GB. Your video editing software should give you a good idea of how big your video is before you render it; most of the time it’s rare you’ll be exceeding 20 GB.
  • Unless you verify your YouTube account, your videos cannot exceed 15 minutes in length. Once you have verified your YouTube account, this limit is removed. This is good to keep in mind depending on the type of content you want to make.
  • Make sure your videos are in mp4 format when you want to upload them. If not, you will get an “invalid file format” error. However, you can convert your video to an acceptable format; I would recommend Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro for this purpose. These are paid software, of which free alternatives are Windows Movie Maker (I would, however, not recommend this solution).
  • You can use YouTube’s video editor to add titles, captions, split the video into clips, add photos, and make video transitions. More on exactly how to edit your video later.
  • If you want to easily manage your videos, put them into custom playlists

Setting up a YouTube Brand

Nothing brings more satisfaction than getting to a huge milestone when it comes to your YouTube channel and brand. The first milestone you can celebrate is the initial 1,000 subscribers. Making it to this many subscribers seems impossible to those who are new to the idea, but it’s easier than you think!

Tips for Getting 1,000 Subscribers:

Throughout this book, we are going to give you tips on getting more and more subscribers until, eventually, you can make it to 100,000 and beyond. As we will mention throughout the book, YouTube works best in conjunction with other websites and social networks and can be used as a catalyst to improve your business and audience. Let’s cover some basic rules for enjoying a successful journey with YouTube.

Be Consistent:

To be successful with YouTube, you must post content that is valuable and do it on a consistent basis. This is actually quite challenging. Just looking around the website will lead you to think that every topic has already been made and even though that isn’t true, you can take a topic that’s already popular and put your own unique spin on it. For instance, a lot of techs “unboxing” videos exist, but you could make a “re-boxing” channel where you discuss different tech components as you place them in their box. This is just an idea, but feel free to be creative and come up with something on your own.

Give your Videos Smart Names:

Another challenging aspect of YouTube content creation is coming up with a good title for your videos. You may have an idea already, but it could be too long or complicated. Stick with the rule of keeping it as basic as you can, and YouTube can auto-complete the name. It doesn’t matter if your video has a similar name to an existing video, but it does have to apply and make sense. If you are having a hard time coming up with quality names, there is a lot of extra information on the web about naming your videos successfully. Don’t forget to do your research!

Make the Design of your Channel Appealing:

A lot of visitors are gathering a first impression of your brand and idea based on the design of your channel. This is how audience members can interact with you and learn what your channel stands for. Make an appealing header to showcase your company or brand. If you aren’t very skilled with graphic design, font, or color selection, there are professionals online who are willing to help for a reasonable fee. In addition, you could ask a tech-savvy friend in your life to help you create an engaging channel style.

Try out Different Shooting Locations:

You can make your channel instantly more interesting by shooting videos in different areas. This could be challenging if you only have access to one area, but even changing up the background or going to a local coffee shop to record every once in a while can help keep your videos interesting to your audience members. This will keep them guessing and interested to return to see what you will do next.

Be Lighthearted:

It’s no fun to watch someone that’s too serious all the time, so try to poke fun at yourself and laugh on your channel every once in a while. Making mistakes openly allows you to appear more human to your audience, showing a different side than most of the other basic talking head content videos out there. Try to make it fresh, exciting, and spontaneous, so your viewers are surprised when they come to your channel. But in addition to this, always be yourself.

If you are the humorous type, make sure you show that in your videos. If you are serious, be yourself. What people will respond to and appreciate the most is someone genuine and relatable. You may not be liked by everyone, but you will be appreciated by the ones who matter.

Utilize the Custom Thumbnail Option:

You can increase your views and subscriptions on YouTube with this simple change. Just use a font that is popular on different photos online to get

attention, then you can adjust the photo in Photoshop. You can make the title of the picture thumbnail something other than the video title so viewers can instantly tell what they are about to see.

Make Use of Annotations:

Have you ever been watching a video and see those little pop ups in the middle? Using these can be really helpful for making your content more effective. For each video, add an annotation to make subscribing to your channel easier for viewers. Sure, this does take a little extra effort, but as soon as you watch your rate of subscriptions increase, you’ll want annotations in all of your videos.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask:

This is a simple but often overlooked tip. You cannot get what you don’t ask for! When your videos end, make sure you ask them to both subscribe and “like” your video and channel. This is a good time to also tell what audience members can expect from your channel. For instance, if you focus on home improvement project tips, you can tell users to subscribe to get more tips on the subject.

Be True to Yourself:

We already discussed this a bit above, but it’s worth going into again. Always be yourself on your videos and channel! You can only be yourself and nothing else, even when you try. Some find being in front of the camera hard initially because you want to compare yourself to those who are skilled at being in front of the camera. Get over this by realizing that fakeness doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead, allow your true personality to come through, and you will draw people towards you who resonate with who you are.

Make a Quality Trailer for Your Channel:

YouTube now gives video makers the chance to design their channel, including a trailer to cover what the channel is about. Most people only go see movies when they have already seen the trailer and can know what to expect. Your trailer should be no longer than a minute and a half, providing

some scenes from the content you have on your channel along with reasons to subscribe. People will keep coming back if you put real effort into what you make.

The Third Most Popular Site Online:

YouTube is definitely number one in terms of video creation social networking, but it’s also the third most visited site online. Yet not many people are taking full advantage of the social networking abilities it brings. Most users on YouTube don’t even use the platform to create a brand, build their own presence, or make money. A lot of users haven’t even put one video onto YouTube. If you’re completely new to this idea, it’s time to think about YouTube in a more serious way. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cross Promotion: It’s possible to cross promote using YouTube, using it to get viewers to your other websites or blogs. When your videos end, make sure you tell audience members that they can find you on your blog. Don’t forget to remind them to subscribe, as well. YouTube is okay on its own, but where it’s truly useful is as a supplement to existing blogs or websites. For this to work, you must engage in cross promotion on a regular basis for your channel.
  • A Full-Time Income can Happen: Yes, it’s possible, some have made full-time incomes from YouTube alone, especially through the AdSense program Google offers. When you first start out, however, make sure you are working on multiple income streams. AdSense really doesn’t offer much money in comparison to the other strategies we are going to cover, but you still shouldn’t ignore it.

• A Chance to Grow your Business: If you have videos on

YouTube, people are likelier to watch your content. The more

content you have, the longer they will watch it, and the longer

they watch it, the higher the odds that they will end up

subscribing to your content and finding your blog or other

websites. Remember, the more, the better, but quality also


The Importance of Optimized Titles:

Standing out from the crowd is the only way to have success on YouTube and one good way to accomplish this is by naming your videos something unique and offbeat. This will help people come to your channel due to curiosity. Having unique, quirky titles definitely plays a role in building up your views. However, in order to get as many views as you can, you have to know some SEO basics in terms of YouTube marketing. Here are some tips for that:

  • Title Keywords: This was once a lot more effective for SEO than it is now, but it does still have an impact on your content. Crawlers on Google can’t watch your videos the way they can read through text posts, so if you place your keywords into your video title, the bots on Google will be aware of the topic.
  • Utilize AdWords on Google: In order to find out what search items are popular right now, utilize Google AdWords. Attempt to go for videos that have both low competition and high volume searches.
  • Have a Descriptive Title: Although offbeat titles are a positive thing, you should also be giving your audience an idea of what your content is going to cover. Be unique but make sure that what your title says is relevant and makes sense in terms of what your video is about. This may take some practice to get good at, but you will if you keep at it.
  • Go for Shorter Titles for your Videos: Keep in mind that Google shortens your video title down and puts “YouTube” before it, which takes up 10 more characters. Try to make your titles either 50 characters or shorter to maximize this.
Omit “Video” from the Video name: There is no reason to
include the word “video” when you are naming your video. This
just eats up character space and doesn’t help you in your
YouTube search ratings. However, doing this might have a small
impact on typical search results.
Customize your Channel: When you are attempting to build trust
with audience members using YouTube, you must use the options
for customization on YouTube. Make it unique and fresh.
Be Professional: Even though you are likely shooting your

videos from your room, a professional appearance does matter in terms of gaining trust and respect from audience members. If your blog already has a following, try to use the same elements of branding on YouTube so others can recognize you across different websites and platforms.

  • Make a Bio: Make sure you use the channel bio option YouTube offers to make your channel fully customized. Your bio information should be to the point and short. Add a link to your website, store page, or blog in video descriptions.
  • Placing Subscribe Buttons on your Website: As mentioned, you should definitely include a link to your blog or website on your YouTube videos, but don’t forget to add subscribe buttons on your blog to your YouTube channel, as well.
  • Keep your Videos less than Five Minutes Long: YouTube has no shortage of in-depth, detailed videos and content, but the videos that convert the most subscribers are shorter than five minutes long. In 2014, it was found that most videos on YouTube are about 4.4 minutes long, so for those of you just starting out, this is an ideal number to shoot for. This will help you build up a loyal following.

As soon as you already have a following on your channel, you can play around with different lengths to see how people react, but at first, keep it entertaining, informative, simple, and short. It might be hard, but it’s a worthy challenge and increases your likelihood of success with YouTube.

Having quality, custom-made art for your channel will go a long way in helping you get established with your brand online. YouTube has a service for channel art if you aren’t skilled in graphic design. Make sure you use a custom-made background head image with similar elements of design from your other website or blog.

Using the Best Tools with YouTube:

Plenty of useful tools exists to use with YouTube, including video creation tools, video promotion tools, and more. Making use of these will help you grow your subscribers in an organic way, and organic views mean more subscribers, over time. Here are some video marketing tools you can use to

get the results you’re looking for.

  • Bulk Suggest Tool: This free tool was created by the Internet Marketing Ninjas and is an easy way to find out relevant keyword research data for your content. It will look through YouTube and Google’s “auto complete” databases, expanding the terms you entered based on popular search terms. This allows you to compare search terms in Google fast with YouTube terms, better understanding the searching goals of your target subscribers and audience members.
  • WordPress Keyword Plugin: In addition, there’s a plugin for WordPress that you can use to look at keyword ideas using Google auto complete search terms. This is in your dashboard under the post editing options. Another benefit to this plugin is that it can give you ideas for what to create articles and videos about based on what is popular.

Do Research on Competitors:

Finding out more about your competitors will help you with your campaign for content marketing. Although this shouldn’t get in the way of your creative ideas, analyzing your competitors will help you find out what works, along with tactics to help your viewers feel more interested and engaged in your channel. The best tool for this is the YouTube Analysis feature on BirdSong Analytics. This tool allows you to pay as you go. It only requires a channel name to use, and this handy tool will give you lots of useful reports and stats, such as:

• Your competitor’s channel’s best upload time (in terms of

getting likes).

• The ideal day to upload for getting likes, according to your


• When you should upload to receive audience comments,

according to the competition.

• The best day to upload videos in order to get comments,

according to your competition’s channel.

  • The way the length of your videos can impact viewing figures.
  • The way the length of the videos can impact viewer engagement.
  • Commonly used terms in video captions, and more.

It also allows you to download a spreadsheet from Excel that lists all of the videos from your competitors, including upload date, description, title, duration, and day of upload, along with how many views, comments, and likes each video has. Mess around with conditional formatting and filters within the spreadsheet, and you can learn even more about competitor tactics. Make sure that you look into more than one channel before attempting to use these reports for your video creation.

How Can You Get People to Share Your Content?

Each time you put a video up on your channel, you have made an asset toward your content that must be promoted properly across your channels of social media. Making use of the RSS feeds on your channel, you may share your content to many different channels of social media using a channel that is semi-automated. Here is a tool that can help you with that:


This handy tool allows you to schedule items on your feed with just a simple click, putting them up on your social media. This tool allows you to add more than one Twitter account, more than one Facebook page, and also your LinkedIn profile. You are able to promote your video content in all places in a much more efficient manner. It also allows you to:

  • Schedule your videos fast using their one-click schedule button. This distributes them across your different social media platforms.
  • Preview what your snippets will appear like on social media once they have been posted to the platforms.
  • Authenticate your various accounts on social media.

As you can see, there are plenty of tools to make use on for improving your YouTube channel, stats, and views. Don’t be afraid to do some extra research outside of this book to find even more sources.

Chapter 2: Quality Content Is King

As a YouTube creator, your one big job is to create content, which is where the majority of your emphasis should be when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. After all, you could have the greatest marketing and growth strategies in place, but if you do not have content that people can enjoy watching, no one is will stay around on your channel long enough for it to matter. Furthermore, you may actually lose credibility on your account as people begin to think that you are just a marketer and not someone who actually has great content to offer. For that reason, it is important that you put just as much attention into creating quality content as you go into creating strong marketing strategies that will help build your YouTube channel. In this chapter, you are going to learn how to create the best quality of content in your YouTube videos, as well as how to ensure that your videos are actually enjoyable to watch. This way, you can have a high-quality channel for people to land on through your marketing efforts, which guarantees your growth!

Use the Right Tools to Create Your Content

The first thing you want to do when it comes to creating YouTube content is to find the right tools for you to use in filming your videos. The three things that you need to focus on in your videos include a camera, lighting, and sound quality. You should also look for a great video editing software that can help you further increase the quality of your videos so that you can provide the highest quality content available.

In terms of cameras, it is often best to research which camera is going to be the highest quality for you to purchase within your budget right now. New equipment is constantly becoming available, so while I have some recommendations, I would suggest that you do your research to ensure that my recommendations are still relevant as you are reading this. For those who are on a budget, using a Canon T7i or a Panasonic Lumix is a great place to start, as both of these are fairly inexpensive and still offer high-quality film. If you have more money to play with, consider using a Canon 70D or a Sony a7R II. For lighting, you can certainly purchase a professional lighting kit to help you with your filming. Amazon has plenty of great options for people who are looking to purchase professional equipment that they can set up and

use with their videos so that they can have a higher quality of content. However, professional lighting equipment is not necessary when you are first starting out, especially if you are on a budget and want to keep your startup costs relatively low. Rather than using professional equipment, consider filming with natural lighting for you to be able to get a natural, glowing look without having to pay for it. For sound quality, many cameras will offer high-quality sound features on their own, so you may not need to purchase professional equipment from the start. However, if you are looking to purchase professional equipment, you should consider starting with something small and inexpensive, such as the microphones that can be attached to your shirt. These are typically less expensive and will still amplify your sound quality so that your all around sound experience is more enjoyable but not too challenging to create.

Lastly, your video editing software needs to be one that can help you truly create a higher quality video in the end. You may not need to do a lot of editing, but you may want to edit in an intro and outro, some wording overlays, transition screens, and other editing techniques that can further amplify the quality of your video. That being said, you do not need an excessively high-quality film editor to be able to create higher quality videos. iMovie for Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro are both great options for those who are looking to create higher quality videos without needing to get anything overly fancy.

Create a Consistent Intro and Outro

An important factor that you need to consider when it comes to creating your YouTube channel is the consistency of your video content. You can create consistency by keeping your core message and approach the same, but you can further amplify that consistency by having short intro and outro clips that help introduce and summarize your videos. This is like the theme song and intro that your favorite shows play, followed by a short credits scene at the end of every episode, which helps you recall all of your favorite shows effortlessly. Chances are, you can still remember the Friends theme song even if you never really got into the show simply because it was used so many times and it played on television for so long. This consistency is exactly what you can create in your own videos by creating short intro and outro clips with music and information that introduces your audience

members to your channel.

A simple intro is all you need, but it is highly recommended to keep you consistent and easy to be identified in the online space. Make sure that the music you use is royalty-free or that you purchase the rights to it so that you are not going to face any copyright infringements from your clips. Then, simply choose some high-quality images or a short, high-quality intro film that you will lay the music over. Add in some words that introduce the title of your channel and the episode and maybe your usernames for other social media platforms and your website, and you’re done! Try to keep your clips to under 25 seconds to ensure that you are getting the consistency across without overdoing it. If your clips are too long, your audience may click to a “similar” video for the same information because it took too long for you to get to the point, which would completely miss the point of this branding feature!

If you do not know how to make an intro clip or you want one that is higher quality, you can always consider hiring someone from Fiverr or Upwork to create one for you. These freelancers can create professional quality pieces for you for a relatively low cost in order for you to have a high-quality channel without having to figure out how to do the work yourself. Simply make sure that you choose someone who has positive reviews, who can show you their previous work, and who accurately capture the image that you are trying to create for your brand. That way, you know that you can have a high-quality video content that will actually attract your audience further, rather than drive them away by leading them to wrongly believe that your content is low-quality.

Choose Your Video Focus

Before you start filming your video, you should always have a clear focus on what exactly it is that you are going to be filming so that you have a clear message and purpose going into the filming process. You need to be able to capture and maintain your audience’s attention right away and maintain it throughout the entire video, which cannot be done if you start off confused or begin spiraling into other topics because you are not filming with a clear focus. The trick here is that you want to have a very clear focus without sounding as though you have rehearsed the video, as the rehearsed sound

often comes across as fake and stuffy. People want to see you being authentic and natural, but they do not want to lose interest because you have not given them a clear reason behind why they should stay and watch.

Creating the balance between the two can be done by having a clear focus on what the video’s main topic is and then outlining one to five main focuses that you want to talk about during the video, depending on how long the video is going to be. If you want, consider writing these points down and keeping that piece of paper handy so you can recall those points as you go about so you can glance at it as you go about your video. This way, you can keep yourself on topic and stay focused without it seeming like you are reading off of a script or struggling to stick to the point and create a primary focus in your video.

If you still struggle to stay on point, consider standing in front of a mirror and chatting about a couple of your main points for a few minutes to practice what you are going to say. This should not be a rehearsal so much as just speaking through your thoughts so you can clearly hear what it is that you desire to say and see for yourself whether or not it sounds like what you are trying to convey. If it doesn’t, consider speaking it through a few times and finding the wording that you like and then incorporating that into your overall video. That way, you can say what you desire and get practice at saying it the way you want to without taking away from the authenticity and natural side of your video.

Think About the Details

When you are creating your film, always think about the details of your video that may be less obvious but are still just as important. The primary detail you need to consider is your background and how it looks on camera, since your audience will not only be looking at you but what is behind you as well. You do not want your background to be messy and distracting as this will take away from the quality of your video and have people struggling to pay attention to you as they try to make out everything else that is behind you, too. Depending on the type of video, you can either do just a plain background or you can incorporate your background into the overall aesthetic to make your video even more attractive to your audience. A great example would be having a nice abstract painting in the background and maybe a

candle burning on a shelf or a table. This creates an attractive aesthetic that gives your video depth without making it look overwhelming or sloppy. Another detail that you need to consider is your own appearance. Your own appearance matters in two different ways, both of which need to be paid attention to when you are filming for YouTube video. First, you need to look like you care about your appearance when you are on YouTube to avoid being seen as slobby or like you do not care. This does not mean that you need to be overly fixated on your appearance, but you should focus on making sure that you look well-groomed and presentable to your audience. Think about what you would want to look like in a professional setting relating to your niche and then dress that way each time you prepare to create a video so you look clean and well-put together every time.

The second part of your aesthetic that you need to pay attention to when you are developing your videos is how you actually move on camera. You do not want to be so still that you look unnatural or uncomfortable, but you also do not want to move around so much that you look overwhelming or busy. Having some natural movements without exaggerating all of your movement is important to keep a warm and engaging appearance. This helps your audience feel as though they are genuinely having a conversation with you or connecting with you, and not so much like you have recorded yourself awkwardly reiterating something that you have spent so long rehearsing.

Lastly, consider your language in a more specific manner. You have already looked into your language in terms of how you can communicate with your audience and really connect with them, but now you need to pay attention to how you speak. You want to make sure that you are audible, that you annunciate things clearly, and that you are sharing in a way that sounds interesting to your audience. Pay attention to how you emphasize your words, how frequently you use slang, and how conversational you are getting in your videos. Even though you want it to feel like a conversation, you do not want to edge over into sounding as though you are being too laid back and losing the professionalism for your videos. Whether you are building a business or not, you are building a brand, and you want that to have some professionalism to it.

Research to Stay Relevant

The final thing you need to do to ensure that you are creating great content is consistently research what content is being produced in your niche and how. Find some of the bigger players in your niche that have been at it for a while and pay attention to what they are doing and how they are doing it, then see how you can mix that into your own content creation. By regularly researching your niche, you can see what trends are rising, what is a relevant issue at the moment, and what your audience is responding best to. This is going to help you ensure that you are inspired with plenty of possible topics to talk about, trends you can leverage to stay relevant and interesting, and strategies that you can try to create a bigger interest with your audience. It is important that you do this so you can stay relevant; otherwise, you may end up getting lost in the sea of YouTube videos as other people who are staying more focused get found. That being said, do not confuse staying relevant and personalizing popular strategies for directly copying other creators: doing exactly what someone else is doing will only result in people not paying attention to you. They may see you as a copycat or as inauthentic which can lose your audience’s attention and leave you struggling to create any traction. Everything you create should be authentic to your own message and personality, even if it is a strategy that you have borrowed. Make sure you personalize strategies and trends to fit your brand rather than personalizing your brand to fit these strategies. The former keeps you consistent and relevant, whereas the latter makes you confusing and difficult to follow.

Chapter 3: How Marketing Works On Youtube

For most people, YouTube is about entertainment. Most YouTube users find a trove of information and content which they consume for entertainment purposes. Other individuals turn to YouTube in order to find information about a topic they wish to learn about. Indeed, YouTube is a great place to learn.

In terms of marketing, YouTube provides a singular opportunity that marketers can exploit in order to get their brand’s message out there.

It is about connecting with your core customers in a way that your brand is a reflection on their lifestyle. A good example of this would be a fashion brand.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are all part of an individual’s lifestyle. For instance, it’s common to see how fashion brands are popular with one segment of the market in a way that customers cannot do without it. By using a given fashion brand, an individual may attain status and attention from others around them.

This exemplifies how powerful a brand can become.

When companies focus on positioning their brand in such a way that the brand becomes part of their core customer psyche, companies can be sure that customers will keep coming back. One simple but effective exercise was used to identify the power that brands have in the psyche of their customers is the following:

This exercise consists of word association. Think of a word that represents an item, for example, shoes. When you think of shoes, what is the first idea that pops into your mind? More often than not, it is a specific brand of shoe that you associate with the concept of shoes.

When brands position themselves effectively, they permeate the minds of their customers in a way where they will automatically associate their brand to the products and services they offer. In some of the most extreme cases of brand positioning, the brand name becomes the word that is used to identify that product or service. After all, what was the last thing you “googled”?

This is a clear example of how a brand can actually become a verb in a language. This is brand positioning at its best.

With that in mind, YouTube allows brands to position themselves in the minds of their customers. This is a singular opportunity to connect with customers since a solid online marketing strategy should contemplate the use of YouTube as a means of delivering useful and relevant content that will engage customers and keep them coming back for more.

The challenge though is determining what content customers want to see and what the most effective way of delivering that content is. Perhaps the easiest way for a brand to reach its customers is to piggyback on other YouTubers who offer content that is relevant to a brand’s core customers. In a way, this is a type of celebrity endorsement. However, before we get into piggybacking on other YouTubers’ popularity and success, we will explore how a brand can create its own content and use it to engage their core customers.

Of YouTube channels

YouTube is a broad term used to refer to an online video streaming service. When users enter the YouTube platform, they are immersed in a world that is filled with content. This content is delivered by way of videos.

Videos are vehicles which deliver content in a visual format in which users can watch and listen to that content being delivered.

When videos are used for entertainment purposes, viewers will sit back and play a passive role. This passive role allows them to get the most out of the entertainment value of that video. Given the way YouTube is structured, viewers have the opportunity to interact with a video by leaving comments, liking or unliking, and sharing.

When videos are used for marketing purposes, the content contained in these videos must provide viewers with a glimpse of the brand’s value proposition. This glimpse is nothing more than a way of allowing viewers simple life value from that particular video.

Since videos are competing for viewers’ attention, videos need to provide something viewers can appreciate and encourage them to watch it.

The most common way of delivering videos to users is through the creation of a channel. So far, we considered the term ‘channel’ when referring to a means of delivering a message to core customers. In this regard, a YouTube channel does exactly that; it is a means through which a brand could potentially reach its core customers.

However, it is not enough to assume that because your core customers are on YouTube, they will automatically consume the content that you are providing. Your brand needs to make it clear that it is worth spending time-consuming its content since it will leave viewers with something they can appreciate.

Consequently, a brand which creates a YouTube channel should not confuse this channel as a means of delivering a sales pitch. A sales pitch, no matter how refined, will turn viewers off. After all, when was the last time you heard anyone say they watch TV for the commercials? If anything, most viewers see commercials as an interruption.

The same goes for YouTube. Therefore, savvy marketers will understand the content is about providing yours with an opportunity to interact with that brand. This interaction provides customers with a certain degree of control of what their favorite brand may have to offer.

It’s important to note that creating a channel for the sake of creating a channel may not yield the desired results. An effective YouTube channel is a small world in which viewers and customers can immerse themselves in the experience that that particular brand provides.

If you consider luxury brands and the status that they provide, a YouTube channel could also become a reflection of that status. So, instead of providing cheaply produced content, luxury brands may choose to offer more elaborate videos that reflect the lifestyle of their customers.

As such, the whole point of the channel along with content is to position the brand in the mind of the user. There is no sales pitch in the video implicit or otherwise. Rather, it is just an extension of a luxury brand’s singular experience.

So, the decision to create a YouTube channel must be rooted in the genuine desire to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Getting the message across

Once your marketing strategy has embraced the idea of creating a YouTube channel, the next step is to define the philosophy of that channel. In other words, you need to define what the channel will be about. For instance, your channel in which they provide the series of how-to videos that will provide customers with tips and ideas but they can use in their own lives.

On the surface, creating free how-to videos makes me want to give away too much up front. Of course, producing videos costs money. So, free videos might seem like a waste of resources.

However, something like a how-to video is a great opportunity for showcasing how your products can be used in order to achieve the customer’s desired outcomes. For example, your brand has produced a video on how to remove stains from clothes. This free content helps customers by showing them how they can remove the stain from their clothes. The marketing part kicks in when the video illustrates how effective your brand products are in removing those stains.

Of course, there’s always the risk that your viewers can take your tips and even purchase another brand’s products.

Still, if you go back to the initial definition that we provided on marketing, you will come to see that this how-to video is not so much about selling products but about positioning the product in the customer’s mind. So, the next time your customers have a stain on their clothes, they will automatically think of your products.

This is the most common way that advertisers utilize YouTube as a means of marketing. The content that a brand provides to viewers is a means of opening the door to brand positioning.

YouTube channels also have a very useful characteristic: Channels allow for the creation of playlists. A playlist is a series of videos that are strung together based on a common threat. YouTube’s algorithm does this automatically, but why depend on YouTube when you can create playlists yourself? This enables you to produce content based upon a broader theme. So, when users are looking for content related to a specific topic your playlist can be the answer.

Types of accounts

In general, YouTube offers its users the option to create an account in order to view content.

While it is not required to do so, users often choose to open an account so that they may be able to save preferred settings, subscribe to channels, and receive updates on new content. These are the most common types of accounts and offer limited functionality. Even with a basic account, users can upload videos so long as they adhere to YouTube’s policies.

However, brands and companies would do best to create a brand account. Brand accounts offer more options and functionality as brands are able to manage specific settings related to the level of interaction users can have with the content uploaded. For example, comments might be disabled on a video in order to restrict users’ access. On the other hand, brands may choose to encourage viewers participation by adding a poll.

A brand account will also enable the creation of one or multiple channels.

A general rule of thumb is to create a channel for every specific purpose your brand has. For example, if your brand offers different product lines, you might decide to create a separate channel for each product line. Also, your company may offer different brands. In which case, having different channels makes sense. After all, not all customers are going to consume every one of your products.

As such, a channel is a means of letting your customers know who you are and what your value proposition is.

When you are able to communicate your value proposition, your content will reflect what your customers actually get from your brand. This will clearly highlight the benefits that customers derive from choosing you.

Granted, YouTube is just one means of online marketing, but it is one of the biggest means of communicating with customers available today. This should be part of a holistic approach whereby you integrate YouTube with other social media outlets and digital marketing vehicles.

Later on, we will get into the actual nuts and bolts of how to manage a YouTube channel. For now, we are skimming over the wavetops as it is

vitally important that you can see just how powerful having a YouTube channel really is.

Bear in mind that the last thing successful brands do is sell anything. Please remember that sales are a consequence of good marketing. Sales are just the process by which you deliver value to your customers and you receive payment in exchange.

How to make yourself visible

YouTube is filled with millions upon millions of videos.

Thus, you need to make sure that your channel and content stand out. In addition, you need to make it easy for your viewers to find you.

YouTube’s algorithm suggests videos to users depending on their selections and preferences. However, the likelihood of your customers finding you thanks to YouTube’s algorithm are slim at best. This is why you need to make your brand visible to users.

In essence, there are two ways you can achieve this.

The first is to build a successful channel with great content which your customers will gobble up. When a brand gains traction through a successful channel, it will become highly visible on the YouTube algorithm. When videos get frequent hits, it ranks high in the algorithm and becomes visible to viewers. These are the videos that appear as suggestions atop the homepage.

There are also cases in which videos start to “trend.” When a video “trends,” it is because it has become very popular in a short period of time. This is common when videos reflect a trending topic or contain content that users become highly interested in.

There is also the case of viral videos. Videos are considered “viral” when they get millions of views in a very short period of time. It is nearly impossible to predict how or why a video may become viral, but when it does, it can provide incredible exposure to a brand.

It goes without saying that building a successful channel takes time and dedication. In particular, it requires consistency in the type of content that is delivered to viewers. Over time, a brand that utilizes content appropriately

will connect with core customers in such a way that they will have a loyal following.

The second way in which a brand can gain visibility is to piggyback on the popularity of famous YouTubers. YouTube has made ordinary folks into superstars overnight. Also, it is this popularity which allows brands to capitalize on their following.

YouTubers come in all shapes and sizes. As such, brands can find the stars and channels which resonate with their core customers. For example, a channel dedicated to fashion may develop a loyal following among teenage girls. Consequently, brands that offer fashion products for teenage girls may choose to capitalize on the channel’s traction and become a paid advertiser.

This approach is not easy for smaller brands which may not be able to afford to compete with larger brands for advertising space on that channel. For larger brands that can afford to make sponsorship deals attractive to popular YouTubers, this poses a great opportunity for brand visibility.

Another approach that stems from piggybacking on other popular brands is through the purchase of advertising space in between videos. YouTube offers this option for brands to place their videos as advertising spots, either before a video begins or even during video play.

This strategy requires brands to produce their own videos, typically less than 30 seconds, so they may be played for viewers. It is highly recommended that these videos deliver their message within the first five seconds as YouTube will only force viewers to watch them for five seconds before the viewer can choose to click on it or dismiss it. This strategy is essentially a pay-per-click approach. Advertisers will only pay for the times users click on the video.

Advertisers will have their pick of channels which have been deemed as “suitable for advertising.” When videos or channels receive this recognition, they are on their way to “monetizing.” Monetizing enables channels to make money every time a user clicks on an advertiser’s video while watching their own content.

Chapter 4: Monetization

For some YouTubers, creating a successful YouTube channel is an exercise in popularity. Their main intent is to become famous and achieve celebrity status.

For others, a successful YouTube channel is all about the opportunity to monetize it.

In short, monetization refers to the act of producing an income from a YouTube channel.

Some of the most successful YouTubers have become millionaires in the blink of an eye. Many of these new Internet celebrities are just ordinary folks who found a niche and made it their own. In time, these celebrities are flooded with endorsement offers in addition to advertiser dollars finding their way into their accounts.

The true metric of success on YouTube is the number of subscribers a channel has. The most successful channels have tens of millions of subscribers. Even if the majority of those subscribers are not diehard fans, they are, nonetheless, exposed to their contents. Besides, this is what advertisers crave.

Brands whose core customers live in the digital world may find YouTube as an excellent means of engaging them. This engagement can be augmented by piggybacking on those successful channels which have proven to draw a brand’s target audience.

Indeed, those channels which are able to monetize their content might not only be able to make a decent income but might even catapult individual YouTubers into millionaire status.

That being said, a channel does not need to have 35 million subscribers to become monetized. Also, a regular brand and channel may be able to generate significant income for its owners.

This is the reason why YouTube has become so popular among average individuals. It’s not only free but it is also a means of making money. When done right, YouTube can become a gold mine and a great way to earn a living

without actually having to hold down a full-time job.

Nevertheless, our discussion through this book has centered upon positioning a brand and engaging customers. Whatever the purpose of creating a channel, YouTube offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

So, let’s have a look at the different ways in which videos and channels may be monetized.

Tip #1: Build your AdSense strategy

Whoever said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch was spot on. While YouTube may not charge a fee to users for access to its platform, it does find a way to make money from viewers.

Thus, YouTube will attach ads to any kind of content that gains traction. Of course, channels and videos with little to no viewers will get passed up, but those that gain some popularity will show up on the YouTube algorithm’s radar.

This is where having an AdSense strategy pays off.

In short, AdSense means that your channel has been deemed successful enough in order to make payments based on advertising linked to your channel.

When this occurs, your channel is ready to be monetized. Your channel will receive a cut from all of the viewer interaction with advertising linked to your channel. So, the more engagement you have with viewers, the more earning potential your channel has.

AdSense has rather strict guidelines and policies which must be followed. However, basically, eligible content needs to be devoid of inappropriate language or behavior and it must adhere to guidelines pertaining to intellectual property and plagiarism. You will often see videos running disclaimers at the beginning in order to be compliant with YouTube guidelines.

Also, it is worth noting that a channel may become eligible for AdSense monetization when it hits 1,000 subscribers and reaches 4,000 viewing hours. Once these two milestones have been hit, the channel is ready to apply for


It should also be noted that just because a channel hits these marks it will automatically qualify. YouTube still reviews each application and will rule if the channel is suitable or not. This is often a long and painstaking process, but certainly worth the while, if achieved.

Tip #2: Sales funnel

YouTube channels are a great way of building a sales funnel.

In this tip, the channel is not producing income per se, but rather, it is engaging with viewers which can then turn into customers.

For instance, a channel may produce a series of how-to videos on home decoration. In this example, the channel itself is not producing any income. Income is produced when viewers click on a link provided and are redirected to a website where they can complete their purchase.

This is a classic example of how advertising is not about sales but rather building brand presence.

In addition, engaging viewers create incoming traffic. As you may know, incoming traffic is highly convertible. Think of it this way, a person that walks into a store is much more likely to become a customer than a person who is standing on the street outside the store. The key is to get the person into the store. They will never make a purchase if they’re just standing outside.

The same principle applies here. When viewers interact with the channel, they are similar to a person who walks into a store. As such, YouTube is a great way of directing traffic to your sales platform.

Tip #3: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been touted as one of the best ways in which individuals can generate income.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing was about advertising products and services through your own marketing efforts.

That concept still holds true. However, YouTube can augment affiliate marketing in such a way that channels can work in tandem with sponsor brands.

A classic example of this approach is how-to videos that utilize products from sponsors to demonstrate how something is done. This is not the case of “This video is brought to you by…” but rather, you are demonstrating how an action is done by using a specific product which you will present in your video. Other examples are tutorials (similar to how-to videos), unboxing, product reviews, or even critiques.

All of these types of videos place the center of attention on the product that is being advertised and direct viewers’ attention toward these specific items.

Of course, this isn’t free. Affiliate members generally get a cut from product sales conducted through their channel. So, if a viewer clicks on a link which then leads to a purchase, that channel will receive a commission.

This type of monetization is highly dependent on solid content and may not always generate substantial income. In some cases, the income generated may not cover the cost of producing the video. Nevertheless, successful affiliate marketers can clean up by generating greater visibility to a brand.

Tip #4: Brand sponsors

This seems like a no-brainer.

Brands will scour YouTube in an attempt to find influencers and channels which are as popular with their core customers. Often, this leads brands to approach YouTube celebrities and propose agreements in which these celebrities will endorse their products in some way.

In some cases, it might be something as simple as being seen wearing a specific brand or using some type of brand name product. Other times, successful channels will openly push products by encouraging their subscribers to check out a given sponsor’s brand.

This type of monetization tends to be done on the fringes of YouTube. However, great care needs to be taken since openly pushing a brand or product may be deemed to be a violation of policies. As such, it pays to

double-check guidelines in order to ensure that content posted does not infringe said guidelines in any way.

One very important aspect to consider with sponsors: Channels are required to openly disclose their relationship to that advertiser in such a way that viewers are warned that they are endorsing a sponsor. So, it pays to do your homework on this particular aspect.

Tip #5: Community Sponsors

One of the newest ways in which YouTube has allowed a channel to monetize is through enabling a “community sponsor” feature. This feature allows viewers to sponsor a channel by making a monthly payment.

What this enables subscribers to do is to become a VIP member of that channel. Perhaps viewers aren’t as interested in that type of recognition as they are interested in supporting the channel. This is why you often see YouTubers exhorting their viewers to support their channel.

This type of monetization can certainly generate a significant stream of income to a channel. Also, while this is a relatively new feature, it certainly affords the opportunity for successful channels to generate enough revenue to keep them alive.

This type of income is subject to taxation. In general, channel owners receive 70% of their revenue after taxes. Sure, losing 30% to taxes is nothing to sneeze at, but it does provide another relevant source of income.

Tip #6: Capitalize on YouTube Red subscribers

YouTube Red subscribers pay a monthly fee in order to eliminate ads from their viewing experience.

Since this a premium service, these subscribers get the red-carpet treatment. Also, successful channels can also horn in on this.

Eligible channels can receive a commission based on the amount of time YouTube Red subscribers spend on that channel. The more time these subscribers spend on your channel, the higher the commission. In order to qualify, similar AdSense rules apply (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing


Granted, meeting these requirements is not easy and demands substantial time and effort. This is why having a clear strategy for your channel will enable you to create the type of content that your viewers will be interested in and will boost your following.

Tip #7: Actually sell something

I know that I’ve talked about how marketing is not about selling, and I stand by that.

In this tip, my point is that your videos, while delivering value to your subscribers, can openly sell your own products. You can make a point of asking viewers to visit your website or purchase your products on Amazon. Other channels offer paid subscription services to additional content not available on YouTube.

As such, you can be upfront about why you are doing what you are doing. Also, unlike affiliate marketing, you are not pushing someone else’s products. Instead, you are drawing attention to your own products.

One such example is a book. Authors will often use YouTube to engage their target audience. They will provide free content as a platform to present their book. If the viewer is interested, they can visit the author’s website or go to Amazon.

Therefore, your YouTube channel fulfills its primary marketing purpose by becoming a vehicle by which you can advertise your own products directly to your core customers.

The previous tips are meant to give you a clear picture of the various possibilities of monetizing a YouTube channel. They all require time and dedication in order to achieve this purpose. When done right, channels can become highly profitable.

However, there are also potential pitfalls. That is why I would like to present the following lessons I have learned throughout my experience with monetizing channels.

Lesson #1: Having a clear strategy is absolutely necessary

When you don’t have a clear strategy for your channel, successful monetization will be more dependent on luck than actual talent.

In addition to defining your channel’s identity, it pays to have a clear idea of the following:

  • Understand keywords
  • Include a call to action
  • Have clear scripts and descriptions
  • Good quality recording
  • Produce quality thumbnails
  • Caption and schedule your video before publishing

These steps are vital to ensuring high-quality content. In particular, including the right keywords in your video’s description will enhance its search engine optimization (SEO) and thereby make it easier for viewers to find it.

Lesson #2: SEO is the lifeline of a video

Since YouTube is a part of Google, SEO plays a vital role in making sure that your videos will come up in Google searches. By exploiting SEO, you can have a leg up on the competition.

SEO depends solely on keywords. Descriptions and captions rich on keywords will make your content visible to users on both Google searches and YouTube’s algorithm. So, it pays to take the time to align your channel’s content to SEO.

Lesson #3: Different audiences are engaged through different means

Often, content creators assume that audiences found on blogs and social media will automatically become interested in video content.

That isn’t always the case.

You can’t assume that because an individual reads your blog, they will automatically become interested in your video content.

The reverse is also true.

Your YouTube subscribers may not be interested in reading your blog or following you on social media. These are different media and should be treated as such.

That is why successful online marketing strategies offer different types of content throughout different platforms in order to give users a reason to follow you across various platforms. So, it’s best to avoid assuming that users from one platform will crossover into another.

Lesson #4: Cross-promotion

Now, this lesson may seem like a contradiction of the previous one.

In the previous lesson, we underscored the importance of avoiding the assumption that users will automatically transfer from one platform to another.

Therefore, this implies that you must use a platform as a springboard to another.

For example, YouTube offers a wonderful opportunity to share content that may not be practical on social media. In fact, social media may be utilized as a means of engaging customers in a completely different way. Social media might be used by your brand to generate sales but for sharing content.

This is why understanding the presence of your brand throughout various platforms will enable you to cross-promote effectively.

Let’s consider this:

Your social media strategy may utilize short video clips to entice viewers to visit your YouTube channel. Conversely, your YouTube channel may redirect viewers to your sales platform. In this manner, you are integrating all available means of connecting with customers.

With online marketing, the name of the game is present across various platforms in such a way that each platform represents a different facet of your brand.

The lessons presented in this chapter highlight key points which I have come

to understand as a result of experience using YouTube as a marketing tool. At the end of the day, YouTube is just that, a tool.

YouTube is not the end-all and be-all of online marketing. It is just one of the many tools at your disposal. When you have a clear understanding of the role that YouTube plays in your brand strategy, you will be able to produce the type of content that will resonate with your subscribers and engage them across various platforms.

The most important takeaway from this chapter is that building a successful channel is certainly within your reach. However, it requires a clearly defined strategy. That strategy begins with a keen understanding of your brand’s philosophy and how YouTube can link your brand’s philosophy with that of your customers.

Chapter 5: 7 Youtube Channel Goals You Can


Making the right YouTube channel goals will mean the difference between failure and success

YouTube can be frustrating…like digging the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon frustrating!

You spend hours learning how to develop a channel. You spend hours planning your content and strategy, hours more shooting and editing videos, and yet it can seem like your subscriber count barely ticks higher.

Setting goals is one of the core tenants in Steven Covey’s almost sacred book on business, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and it’s no less important when planning your future as a video star.

Setting the right goals can push you to achieve something marvelous. The right goals will motivate you before and after you’ve achieved them.

The wrong goals will do precisely the opposite though. Setting bad goals will demoralize you, make you feel like a loser and will weigh you down.

The problem is, starting out on YouTube, I guarantee the very first goal you made…is the wrong goal.

I’m going to share my experience with this bad goal that destroys most YouTube channels as well as seven YouTube goals you should be making instead.

My YouTube Goals

First, I want to share the most common mistake made when people start a YouTube channel. I made it. Most would-be YouTube stars make it, and it keeps them from realizing the success that should be theirs.

Being a type-A personality, I’ve always felt comfort in making goals and planning. Having everything organized and having those goals just feels like I’m driving to a destination rather than on some meandering Sunday drive.

So when I decided to develop my YouTube channel as a business asset in December 2017, I sat down to write out my goals for growth.

The first was to reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2018.

It would still be a couple months before YouTube changed its policy on monetization that required channels have over 1,000 subs to profit from ads. Even before this, I knew from research that channels beyond this point seemed to get more views and have some kind of additional momentum.

Reaching 1,000 subscribers told YouTube, you’re here to win and the platform seemed to reward that commitment.

I had friends that were on YouTube for years and hadn’t reached the mark yet. I had researched articles that pegged the average time to build 1,000 subs at somewhere around two years. Taking all this, I though 1,000 subs in a year would be a good stretch goal.

Then reality set in. I was creating videos, applying everything I had learned about developing a channel, but my subscriber count was just not increasing as quickly as I thought it should.

That frustration quickly turned to excitement when an older video started ranking for some strong keywords and really took off. My subscriber count jumped, and I passed 1,000 subs in early March.

I wasn’t about to sit on my success though, so I made a new goal of 10,000 subs by the end of the year. It was here that I could unlock the Community Tab on the channel (this is now available to channels with over 1,000 subscribers).

The views kept coming in, though, especially when another two videos started performing, and I hit that 10K goal in July.

While I was ecstatic that my channel was snowballing, there was also an uneasy worry creeping up in the back of my mind. I had beaten my goals, but it felt like it was entirely out of my control!

I hadn’t really done much differently for the three runaway videos than I had done for dozens of others. I had switched to two videos a week and adopted a few ideas we’ll talk about through the book, but there was seemingly nothing

I was doing that was directly controlling the subscriber count.

This is the problem so many people have with creating subscriber or view count goals on YouTube.

There is nothing you can do to make a video go viral. There is nothing you can do to directly boost your subscriber count.

It’s great if everything comes together and your subscriber count zooms past your goals, but what happens when it’s an opposite problem? What happens when you create quality videos, have a solid marketing plan, and do everything right…and your subscriber count barely budges?

Not meeting your goals, especially after so much hard work, can make you feel like a failure. It can leave you hopeless and feeling like none of your hard work matters.

It’s a feeling faced by too many YouTubers, ones that would eventually be huge success stories, but who give up because of missing their subscriber goal.

I realized mid-year that subscriber goals were the wrong way to measure YouTube success. If I were going to work to a goal, it would have to be something I could control through working harder and smarter. Of course, I wanted to pick goals that would influence views and subscriber count, but I wasn’t going to hang my success on something over which I had no control.

Creating YouTube Goals You Can Control

None of this means you shouldn’t make goals for your YouTube channel. Goals motivate and drive us; they keep us from giving up and give us a sense of progress.

The key is to create goals around actions you can control. While you might not be able to control how many views a video gets or your subscriber count, you can create goals around actions that will directly influence the growth of your channel.

It’s these goals that are going to drive the success of your channel.

I’ll share the seven goals I make for my YouTube business, but I don’t want you to think these are the only ones out there. Making your own goals, just remember the rule to create goals around actions you can control, and that will drive more views and subscribers.

Upload Consistency and Frequency – This is probably the most important goal you can make for your channel. Understand that YouTube wants to be a TV alternative for viewers. To do that, it needs creators that produce quality content consistently and on the same schedule.

There are two points where you need to remember, that consistency and frequency.

Frequency is the number of times per week you publish. Once a week used to be enough to grow a channel but twice a week is quickly becoming the benchmark. Understand that YouTube gives new videos preferential ranking for the first few days, so uploading multiple times a week will make sure you always have a video getting that artificial boost.

I know it’s tough juggling a full-time job and trying to grow your YouTube channel. If you’re serious about making this a business, make a goal of uploading two videos a week. Eventually, you’ll want to increase that to three days a week and someday to five days for maximum exposure.

Easy ways to get more videos in without the extra time is to do video interviews with people or to schedule live streams. These two types of videos take less time to prepare and edit, so they can be an easy way to get a new video out each week.

Consistency is also essential on YouTube. What do you think would happen if your favorite TV show aired…just whenever the producers felt like it? Some weeks it might air on Saturday, others it might be Tuesday.

I don’t think even Seinfeld could have kept an audience with that kind of chaotic schedule.

Not only does YouTube want you to publish on the same day and time every week, your community wants it as well. How do you do this without missing or being late on videos?

Make a goal of being scheduled at least a week ahead on your videos. You

might have to hustle at first to get out ahead, but once you’re going, is it really any different than doing each video at the last minute?

Make a social media plan – You don’t need to share on every social platform, but smaller channels aren’t getting much help from YouTube, so you do need a plan to get traffic from somewhere. Create a social marketing plan you use for every video and maybe an extended plan you use on videos you want to promote a little more.

• Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at a

minimum. These are the platforms that result in the most social

traffic for my videos but yours might be different. Create images

that work best for each individual platform, i.e. landscape for FB,

Twitter and LinkedIn but portrait format for Pinterest.

  • Make a goal of trying out a new social platform every three- or six-months and integrating it into your social marketing plan if you see views coming from the site.
  • Personally ask contacts to watch and engage for your really important videos. Simply sharing on social might get you a few views but direct messages will always work better.
  • Keep track of the posts and videos that get the most engagement on social and reschedule the posts every few months to re-invigorate your older videos.

Your goal here should be to stick with a basic social marketing plan for your videos and to regularly test new ideas. Evolution is the name of the game in business. If you’re not adapting to changes and progressing, you could be falling behind without even knowing it.

Testing new ideas for videos – Take the concept of constant improvement into other areas of your channel as well. Make a goal of testing new ideas at least every few months, giving each a month or two to see what works.

  • Test new thumbnail formats like colors, fonts, backgrounds, and whether you have your face in the image or not. You can try thumbnail ideas on new videos or replacing ones on old videos that aren’t getting much traffic.
  • Test out new topics in your niche or even topics outside your niche. We’ll talk more about this in the chapter on content

strategy but make a point to regularly browse related channels to see what is working for them.

• Test out doing live streams once a week. These take much less time to produce and can build some great engagement with your community.

Your goal here should be to put these kinds of tests on your schedule and stick with it. It’s easy to fall into a routine, but you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you continuously work on new ideas.

Collaborations – Working with other creators is one of the most often cited ways to reach new viewers and boost your channel.

I’ve done dozens of interviews for my channel but have done fewer collaborations with other YouTube creators. This one is definitely on my list for top goals this year and beyond.

Creativity is how you’ll get the most out of your collabs. That means doing different types of partnerships to give viewers something special and make a bigger impression on new audiences.

  • Split-screen interviews are easy and there’s no travel involved. These are probably the easiest to produce as well.
  • In-person interviews seem to get more views but you’ll have to coordinate travel. These work best when you’re both attending a conference.
  • Simply mentioning another creator’s video or channel and then linking to it in the video description.
  • Sharing each other’s video in your Community Tab
  • Hosting a video from the other creator. Create an introduction of 15- to 30-seconds to introduce the creator and what they’ll be talking about and maybe a 15-second end screen for the end of the video.
  • Challenge videos are a fun way to engage with other channels and don’t involve any coordination. These can go viral if your challenge goes out to other channels and becomes popular, i.e. the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or the Hot Pepper Challenge.
  • Pro/Con collabs – this is a project I did with some bloggers years ago, and it worked really well. You take a controversial topic,

something like buying vs. renting, and each take a side of the argument. You each make a video arguing your perspective and mention the other’s video as another viewpoint. This takes some coordination because you need to know what the other creator is going to say for the mention, but it’s a great way to create some buzz.

With any collab, make sure everyone agrees on how you’re going to share the videos and where links will be included. For any kind of video exchange, make sure everyone keeps to the level of quality that viewers are used to on the channel.

Make a goal of doing at least one collaboration per month or so many in a quarter. Of course, like any of these goals, reaching it means putting in action the things that will make it possible. For collaborations, that means regularly engaging with other channels through comments and reaching out through email. It’s through these relationships that you’ll open up collaboration opportunities.

Sponsorships – Let’s be honest, most of us are here to make money with our channels, so why wouldn’t some of your goals be to make more money?

Getting companies to sponsor a video or provide you with a free product is one of the best ways small channels can monetize YouTube. Just as you can’t control your view count or subscribers, you really can’t control the amount of money you make, but you can control the actions like reaching out to sponsors that will lead to more money.

There are a few different ways to make money with YouTube sponsorships. Pitch a few of these to companies to see which works best for you.

• Free products or services are usually the easiest to get for

smaller channels since it’s lower cost and commitment for the


  • Integrated mentions are 45- to 60-second spots within the video where you talk about how the product or service fits a need. The more closely related to the video topic, the better a mention will convert. This is a common model used by podcasts.
  • Reviews of a product or service are relatively easy to rank but generally get fewer views than a broader topic. They convert

better though because someone looking for a review is going to be directly and immediately interested in making a purchase.

• Video series integrating the sponsor into each have worked best for me. I start with a broader topic that will bring in a large audience, integrating sponsor mentions throughout. Follow that with two more videos on progressively narrower topics. For example, for an insurance sponsorship, your first video might talk about how much insurance viewers need before a second video about picking an insurance policy and then a third video directly reviewing the sponsor company.

Your goal here is going to be researching and outreach with a number of sponsors each month. Pay attention to other channels to see where they’re getting sponsorships, either looking for product reviews or mentions. You can also look to blogs and podcasts in your niche to see which companies might be open to sponsorships.

Affiliate videos – The top two sources of YouTube income for most creators are sponsorships and affiliate commissions.

Finding good affiliates to promote is similar to sponsorships, look to what other creators and bloggers are promoting. An easy way to do this is to go to blogs on your topic and look for their Resources page. It’s here that they will list out and link to their best affiliates.

It’s essential to pitch companies for a sponsorship partnership beyond their normal affiliate terms. A lot of companies will try to get you to simply use their affiliate program without providing any kind of a base, sponsorship for your effort.

When this happens, remind them that a lot more goes into video production including extra time and costs. You can usually get a small base fee to cover these ‘additional expenses’ as well as using your affiliate link within the video.

Of course, some affiliates either aren’t going to have a budget for sponsorships or just won’t be willing to pay a base sponsorship fee. It’s up to you whether you want to integrate their affiliate link into your videos. It still might be worth it if you think conversions will make enough money or if you can’t find a sponsor for a related video.

Make a goal of doing a number of affiliate-related videos each month or quarter. These can be a direct review of the affiliate or just making sure you do a video in which you can naturally mention an affiliate and link to it in the description.

Super-content Videos – So I’ve also called these ‘hack’ videos, but they don’t necessarily need to be video ideas you get from other creators. The idea is that you want to regularly be posting videos that go beyond your regular content, videos in extremely popular topics or that go into much more detail than usual.

Your goal here might be to do at least one super-content video a month. These will take more time to produce but you’re more likely to be rewarded with more views and subs.

What are your YouTube channel goals? What are the types of goals you’ve used to motivate you to reach that next level? What have been the goals that have best influenced your success? Finding these actions over which you have some control and creating goals around them is your best shot at driving higher views and growing your channel.

Action Steps:

  • Set an email reminder for a month after starting your channel. By this point, you’ll have a better idea of what you want your goals to be.
  • Create multiple goals for each topic above. At least one should be shorter-term, maybe three- or six-month goals. Others can be longer-term like one-year goals.
  • Goals should be difficult to reach but achievable. That difficulty will motivate you to work harder, putting the goal just within your reach.

Chapter 6: Best Techniques to Use YouTube To Promote Your Business

Ways to make cash with internet video – a guide to the best web video

There Are some paths and Management You can select according to what kinds of movie you are creating and what your goals are.

For the own video or Filmmaker, the Creator of short videos or different pictures, the perfect choice is to hook up with a substantial content provider that now has a presence online along with in broadcast. Businesses such as Atom Films, Break, iFilm, and the My Damn Channel all buy and allow video streaming content from professional filmmakers. Watch the list of sites that cover film at Internet Video Magazine.

All these Online video providers Permit Your videos to other content companies and also exhibit your image within their internet site, sharing the many advertisings and licensing earnings they get with you.

Nearly All These Sorts of Sites runs advertising ahead of your picture, along with a multitude of banners and advertisements online website. They have money coming out of and understanding that the worthiness of well-made substance, will pay you to your movies and films.

Atom Films says, “We create good Cash from these types of advertisements, and we share a percentage of the gross profits with content creators. That money is remit in line with the comparative incidence of each film on AtomFilms – hence, the more plays your image generates, the more money you get.”

Because companies like AtomFilms Additionally Function as a source for film content to other media companies, they can pay you a bit of this also. AtomFilms supplies material to companies like Comedy Central, Spike TV, Verizon’s Vcast phone entertainment support combined with Bell South’s site portal site. These partners pay Atom for the substance, and from the earnings that they pay royalties on the creators whose pictures are displayed.

A Number of the movie and movie Founders Earn thousands of bucks, a

couple of making thousands of bucks, and the most booming founders have generated tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are several Websites Which Can Be Pay-per watch and work ideal for posts that is either informational, for example, “how to have it done” movies or travel videos or add”special content” that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere. A few of the greatest websites for this are Veoh,, BrightCove, VideoJug, and ExpertVillage. In ExpertVillage, it’s likely to get 100 to $1000 for each how-to picture. The pictures need to be delegated, focus on a specific topic, and comprise roughly 15 segments of you to 3 minutes every day, such as a “specialist” to some given subject.

If You are running a Business and Want To promote it through film, you still have a few options. It’s possible to use one of these pay-per-view options to distribute educational videos that you produce. You’re able to distribute and re-purpose your TV and cable ads by submitting them for some or a lot of these “free” video screening sites, or maybe you create a “viral” film that compels visitors to your site.

An Excellent Instance is That the “Will It Blend” string of films with just a tiny firm named BlendTec. Originally done as a one-off joke film comprising Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson and his blending antics, it was viral. The organization followed with a virtually endless chain of movies grinding up things of all kinds and sizes, which range from marbles to an iPhone into a rake handle. It’s become a great promotional and marketing medium for their company, and nearly everyone knows they are.

Many musicians are using Internet movies. To advertise themselves, their characters, and their tunes. These might be a superb means to build a brand-new audience and get music lovers exposed to their occupation without having to go through the audio company system. Musicians may consist of links to their websites in their films to induce focus or have roll-over promotional appear whenever a site visitor examines their picture.

Maybe the most exciting channel to make money with your Internet picture is utilizing sites that let you post nearly any type of image that you have created.

Also, It could be a Complex, magnificent Bit, or even a picture clip snippet listed from this camera with your movie cell phone. Provided that you just

created it, then you’re able to generate income from it like when it has been printed, or whenever someone clicks and watches the film, you receive a pay-off. It’s all about forcing posts and eyeballs. Some interesting sites include YouTube, LuluTV, Flixya, Magnify.Net, Revver, BlipTV, and plenty of more. Also, have a peek at the numerous the way to film sites like ExpertVillage and HowCast.

Through Example, BlipTV – Blip TV Supplies A 50/50 revenue share along with the ads that are streamed together with your video. Blip TV says, “ has built an extensive marketing and advertising marketplace where you can opt for the video promoting firm that’s most suitable for you. In case you’ve got a hit series, we’ll go out and meet with networking clients right to procure you a real, honest-to-goodness high-end home.”

Another decision is YouTube. They Recently announced They’ll Start running advertisements in their films and will likely be sharing the revenue with all the information providers. Check out this news story By Yahoo News and A P.

Revver – Once you upload a Picture to Revverthey, combine an advertising and monitoring technologies that are exceptional. Any advertising revenue made by the film will be then split 50/50 between you and Revver. According to Revver, “representing ads are joined to the movie and functioned in which the film travels, there’s not any limit on how the films are dispersed.

The more people email your picture, set it to other websites, or download it P2P networks, the more money you may make.”

That is interesting. Revver also Pays For sharing other people’s videos on the Revver network. You’ll make 20 percent of advertising revenue for sharing pictures from other Revver members. The remaining part of the earnings is split 50/50 between the producer and Revver.

My WeShow enables anyone to turn into An Online movie aggregator: finding, sharing, creating, talking and making money from film content –

You got to Boost Your Online Video

The Moment You’ve obtained your pictures Uploaded. Moreover, you’ll have to promote them and notify the planet they are available in the marketplace.

Employing example, one of my favorite sites is French Maids TV – The Viral Video of”How To’s” by French Maids. Their films are everywhere – to Revver, on BlipTV, on YouTube, respectively. In accord with Tim Street, creator and Executive Producer, not only do they’ve paid to create people”viral” videos out of each series’ tech patrons, they collect tens of thousands of dollars per month by links on Revver and similar internet websites.

These displays combine a Whole Lot Of humor And a bit of sex to promote the merchandise or service featured on each clip. Together with these natural pins, moreover, he promotes the string with RSS and podcast programs.

Tim explained, “You Need to create Sure that you generate an RSS Feed – a convention of your movies. Then you need to go listed on each one the podcast programs like the very significant among all the one that will change your life indefinitely, the sole iTunes Store! Seriously iTunes has done much more to promote French Maid TV than any other item on the marketplace. It took French Maid TV a month to be recorded on the iTunes Store. Three times following French Maid TV was number one, and we had twenty million readers.”

There is a Whole Lot of money to be Produced In a video. Whether you are just uploading short clips recorded with your camera producing the way to pictures, or producing funny and creative short movies or scrapbooking complete attributes, the online market is hungry for posts.

Have a Peek at a Range of them Sites recorded Below and discover ways to cash in with this potential.

If you asked ten people exactly what The Biggest research engine online will be, probably 9 of these will say”Google.” And they would be wrong.

The Best search engine Web is YouTube. Back in 2011, YouTube needed over a TRILLION perspective! That’s 145 viewpoints for every man, woman, and child on Earth. Over four billion YouTube films are being watched every day. Within one hour of the film was uploaded to YouTube every second! If you are not exploiting YouTube to make an inventory or to make cash, you are passing up an extremely beneficial tool. Below are a couple of tips concerning the best way to get started.

Creating Posts: The Tool

All You’ll Need is a movie recorder. Most cellular phones have a camera that produces quality sound, and sound. These may be OK for starters. I have seen fantastic quality standalone HD video cameras offered for below $100. That’s a somewhat low entry barrier and that I strongly advise creating a movie from HD if you’re in a position to devote it. With just a video recorder that you will upload and shoot raw film and build a rewarding circumstance.

On a negative note, such as I Outlined in the proceedings that you maintain your camera with you 24/7, you may experience a newsworthy event (fire, accident, natural disaster, etc.) that you are in a position to capture and instantly promote local data outlets. In the event you do, then DO NOT upload it into YouTube until you have drained any opportunity to advertise it merely to a neighborhood buyer.

There is a chance an event You uploaded has found on the whole planet, and the next thing you know, it’s viral. It has happened to individuals who put something much more interesting, adorable, or funny (particularly matters involving babies or pets or possibly!) Also as their film explodes and contains many perspectives. You will find several YouTube channels with over ten videos that have over 40,000,000 views. Numbers such as this can open doors to affiliate ventures, and affiliate advertising provides that will produce significant ongoing earnings. Granted, it’s roughly like hitting the lottery, but it certainly has happened.

Power In Numbers:

Another method That Could be used With just a film recorder and second is just constant publishing of short (1 – 10 minute) clips around anything and everything. It’s on occasion a brief picture of top technology window washers; a jet dip; a speedy encounter with a veteran; someone creating a dish out of the kitchen; anything. There need not be any theme of another connection between your movies. In case that you generate a hobby of uploaded plus it says, six films every day, at a year, you would have 2190 videos on your channel.

Each picture will have keywords Attached for this, so anyone who hunts for this particular keyword only could detect that movie. If each video at the

decision of the year totaled five views every single day, your channel would score almost 11,000 daily perspectives! Those numbers will lure patrons and affiliate supplies and an offer from YouTube to become a spouse finally. With practically 330,000 monthly viewpoints, YouTube spouse earnings may attain $990 per month.

Additional Gear:

It’s easy to go past the uncooked film to Publish and provide content that is professional and polished. Take your movie and place it on your computer, and you are in a position to edit it with absolutely free movie editing applications, which may be easily found online. When you have got a Windows apparatus, Windows Movie Maker is now available for you.

The audio track is edited and edited Enhanced and overdubbed using free audio processing software such as Audacity. These tools can be utilized if you are trying to build a marketplace YouTube channel. Many experts in a topic construct a lengthy-term after creating a constant set of amusing or educational videos that tackle a favorite subject, instruct an art, or provide entertainment. This is not an overnight earnings thing, but are the most likely means someone can eventually build a significant income through affiliate and marketing ventures.

Department of a sales funnel:

Finally, YouTube Can Be a Superb Supply To direct traffic to your sales page online. You may not be considering archiving the film. You may use it to lure visitors to click your link and move to your earnings”squeeze page.” Plenty of affiliate marketers does this because they know their picture has odds of appearing on the front page of a Google search due to their keywords compared to their official page will not.

The content of the movie can readily inform regarding the arrangement, or it might demonstrate a related method or process (how to establish a WordPress site such as ) It’s possible to mention your page URL in the picture and overlay it on the screen using Movie Maker. You can also generate a slide show in PowerPoint and then change it into a video.

You May Not Get a Good Deal of Traffic out of 1 picture, but we are talking

numbers. It is possible always to upload hundreds of brief videos in your channel annually, each keyed to specific search phrases on your specialty. The idea here is that they will perform the task for you 24/7 forever. They are a fantastic free source for traffic to your pages and affiliate links and may become an extremely useful procedure to cultivate your revenue and your online business!

Chapter 7: What Matters Most for Getting Subscribers?

When you are building a business, you have to draw in your audience using more than basic sales tactics. Trust matters a lot when you want to draw in customers. If your customers don’t respect or trust you, you aren’t going to have any luck. Therefore, you have to take the time to build up trust and rapport with the audience and customers. When you do this, you will have an advantage over other businesses and help your list of subscribers grow. When you upload video content to YouTube, you are giving your customers reasons to evaluate and look at your products and services.

Credibility and YouTube Marketing:

Credibility arises when someone has all the information needed. There isn’t a more direct, more easily absorbed, or simpler way to show information than using YouTube videos. Just 20 seconds of content is a lot more engaging and offers more value than a whole page of text or marketing content.

Showing Satisfied Customers: The best way to build up your credibility and trust using videos is to put videos up on your channel of people recommending your product and proof of client engagement. For potential customers, a satisfied client giving their opinion is the most convincing piece of evidence that your brand is worthwhile.

word image 280

Winning New Clients: Proving the way you respect and treat your existing customers is going to help you gain new ones. Videos that show customers enjoying your brand or showing how good it is will engage new viewers and subscribers. Testimonials on your channel will build up trust by demonstrating and displaying the value in a way that is engaging and meaningful in a way that other ads could never be. Small or large, any business needs to use video content to build and establish their business and products.

word image 281

One simple method for doing this is putting a video up that has instructions

or information steps, targeting your audience with success, and accomplishing a set of actions or tasks. As newer social networks, such as Blab and Periscope, pop up, older websites seem to pale in comparison. YouTube is an example of this, in some cases. Although it’s still wildly popular, people might fear that YouTube isn’t going to be as popular pretty soon.

The fact is that YouTube has existed for very long, leading people to believe that newer websites make more sense to put their time and effort into. Although the newer sites are valuable and useful in their own way, it isn’t smart to exclude YouTube from your current strategy of marketing.

The Three Most Important Factors on YouTube:

If your desire is to create a YouTube channel that is successful and shows your niche, you must already know how to create a successful brand and channel. To be more specific, you have to be aware of the three consideration that is most important on YouTube.

1. Your Quantity of Subscribers:

A lot of interested, quality subscribers and viewers are your ideal YouTube audience. Quality, interested subscribers, means anyone who is already interested in the niche you are involved with. They are already subscribed to other channels that are somewhat related to the niche you’re in and like watching a lot of videos about that subject.

Appeal plus Marketing: Attaining a higher number of subscribers means creating a channel that is appealing and combining that with the correct form of marketing. It does help to have an existing audience outside your videos, but you don’t need this. It’s possible to leverage the audiences of other people’s challenges by interviewing experts in your niche, leaving comments on related video content, and more. However, when you choose to try to go leverage the audiences of other channels, you can only enjoy success if you choose to have a “win-win” attitude.

word image 282

Commenting on Videos: You can get more exposure by

word image 283

commenting, while your comments offer more social proof and exposure for the videos. This is a win-win situation for you and the video creator.

Interviewing Experts: Seeking out information from existing experts in the field will help you get more exposure and credibility (especially if the person also does promotion for the interview). This offers a win-win for you and the expert. Other methods exist for getting a higher number of subscribers, but the best approach is to find a couple that work best for you, then focus on those.

word image 284

2. How Long the Videos are Watched:

YouTube has intentionally emphasized that when they think about videos viewed, they are also considering how many minutes of video is watched. This is partially to help against spam since people can just purchase views. These fake views are dishonest and make video content appear better for possible audience members. But these videos will likely not appear high up in the search results of YouTube. To get a higher rank, you need to make videos that people want to watch all the way through, or at least, most of the way through. You can do this with two different methods:

Creating Compelling Content: The first way to get people to watch your videos all the way through is to create compelling content that makes people want to watch. How is this done? You can check out what your successful competitors are doing and look at what works here. Next, check out the retention rate on your own videos to see what works. Don’t check out the retention rate of your videos until you’ve gotten past 100 views. If your retention rate is based on just eight views, this isn’t enough information to form any conclusions.

word image 285

Making One Longer Video: The other method for increasing the length of time your videos are viewed is to of course create a valuable video. However, how long your video is matters, as well. We have already mentioned that when it comes to YouTube subscribers, having shorter videos is

word image 286

better, but this is an exception. Retention rate determines how long someone sits through your video, but how many minutes they watch for matters more. If you want one specific video to get high ratings, you can make it a bit longer.

You can do plenty of planning to prepare for your video if you want to make one specific piece of content longer. For instance, you could do an instructional video on how to develop an exercise routine and make it 25 minutes long instead of four. Using advertising’s help, you can get people to watch this video for thousands of minutes. Your average watch time for your videos will go up due to having a longer video that people watch for longer.

It won’t matter whether the longer video and another shorter video get the same amount of clicks, but it will matter that people spend more time watching the longer one than the shorter one. Make sure you make compelling content, but for some of them, make longer videos to add to your overall minutes-watched score.

3. How Consistently you Upload Videos:

If you are more consistent with uploading videos, you will also be likelier to gain attention from those subscribed to your channel. A lot of people subscribe to a channel and then forget about it unless you make sure you are consistent with putting out content. The thing about publishing and uploading videos is some audience members will have email notifications turned on, so that each time you put something up, a group of viewers will know. Your subscribers are likelier to remember you if your videos come out regularly. If your videos are uploaded once a week, on Friday afternoons, your audience will be more likely to remember that you and your channel exist.

Some of your subscribers are going to look at your channel regularly to find what you have released most recently. These audience members will usually engage with, watch, and even comment on your video. When they do this, your video will go up in the rankings on YouTube, bringing more traffic through the search engine, too. The audience members are the ones who will get this momentum flowing for you. But for them to be able to do this, they have to be able to remember your channel, meaning consistency of uploading is key for you.

The Powerful Video Platform:

In our modern world which is increasingly full of social networks, YouTube remains a compelling platform for your videos. Since we have covered the factors that matter most for building up your subscribers, you can build your channel and videos using this information. Obviously, the most important factor of all is that you create valuable content, but you also need to know how to do this as it relates to SEO on YouTube. Experimenting with plenty of ideas will allow you to find out what works best.

How to Win and Keep Subscribers on YouTube

Videos are leading the scene of content marketing as of this year. YouTube is in the lead as far as video blogging goes, along with video marketing and video sharing. The platform is free and offered by the giant search engine, Google. People absolutely love YouTube and use it all the time. Twitter and Facebook have also tried to join the game of video marketing recently but as of yet, have only a tiny fraction of the impact of YouTube. If you already have a channel on YouTube, you might be curious about how to draw more subscribers to your brand as well as increasing how far your videos reach.

Since YouTube has at least a billion visitors each month, a huge potential exists for building up your audience, each time you make a new video. This can be a fashion design review video or a skateboard trick tutorial. Either way, YouTube is where people go to find the videos they want. Plenty of brand new YouTube stars are being made every day, so for those seeking publicity and online marketing expansion, it’s a must. YouTube is the best way to expand your reach across the online world as a blogger, increasing your connections with readers.

More Tips for Getting Subscribers:

The chances for bloggers to make use of YouTube and bring more traffic to their site is high. For this to occur, however, you first need to know how to bring more subscribers to your channel. This detailed section will show you just how to do that. If your main business goal right now is to build up your channel, these tips will help you see tremendous growth within a matter of months.

Make a Script and Plan:

The initial step to making your journey on YouTube successful is to have a plan for your channel and video content. The next step is then to structure how your videos will go. Choose what you like to create and work on getting the skills related to that. Although we mentioned drawing inspiration from your competitor’s channels, don’t copy what they do. Sticking to what you are passionate about is key to enjoying success with this platform.

Writing a Script: Your video creation will go much smoother if you actually write out a script since this will keep you on track as you speak and make the organization much more comfortable. When you make a script to stick with, you will stay on task instead of getting lost in rambles. This will keep your events flowing perfectly and make your video focused. When you write your script, include the main points to cover, calls to action for your audience (such as subscribing or liking the video), how many words you’ll say, and what actions you’ll perform while on camera.

word image 287

Identify the Target: You need to also identify the target audience, structuring your script on their current understanding and level of information. If you’re doing tech videos, are you speaking to tech beginners? Are you talking about Americans or non-native speakers of English? Are they intermediate or experts in the field you’re discussing? Are you trying to be informative or funny to suit their tastes? Using the right language for your target audience is a must!

word image 288

Making Entertaining Videos:

We’ve already discussed the importance of making videos that are valuable to your audience. This is an obvious one, but your content has to be informative, engaging and also entertaining for viewers. And this has to be the case throughout the whole video, not just the intro or ending. If you lose your hook right in the middle of your video, you’re going to lose viewers.

Informative Video Content: Content that is most valuable to viewers is both informative and entertaining instead of being

word image 289

just one or the other. With all types of marketing, this is the standard, but with videos, it’s especially important. Think about it, if someone wanted to find something out just for its informative properties, why wouldn’t they just read an article or get a book on the subject? They are watching videos to receive information in a new, more engaging way. Evergreen and Burst: More specifically, try to upload a mix of evergreen and burst videos. The burst videos are popular for a short time to get you hit in the short term, but won’t stay popular past a certain amount of time. Evergreen content, however, will stay relevant for a long time and get you valuable archived YouTube views. If you can, attempt to make content that is mostly evergreen. If you have a hard time being comfortable in front of a camera, do screencasts, which involve giving information with other images shown. However, whichever type of videos you focus on, always ensure they are both valuable and highly engaging before you publish them.

word image 290

Aim for making More Videos:

This might be simpler to say than to do, but it’s very valid for the future success of your channel. One of the main reasons people subscribe to YouTube channels is because they appreciate what they see and are expecting more of it.

Don’t be Forgotten: Subscribers on YouTube won’t usually appreciate channels that are dead or don’t make a lot of videos. In our modern age, especially, consumers are always looking for more entertainment, and you must be ready to follow these demands to stay relevant. As we’ve already mentioned many times in the book, consistency is the only way to create a valuable, lasting relationship with your audience.

word image 291

Stick to Your Schedule: Try to release your videos according to a strict schedule. One each week is ideal, but you should go for a minimum of one each month. Stay with that

word image 292

schedule and try not to upload anything between, which could hinder your YouTube reputation. People enjoy watching TV series because they can look forward to episodes on certain days. Following this structure will help you be more appealing to viewers.

Be Ruthless in your Editing:

With your YouTube videos, you need to be ruthless with your editing. The famous photographer, Thomas Hawk, says that for each picture he publishes, 10 have been rejected. This should apply to all areas of editing, videos included.

Don’t Rush the Process: Be ruthless with your editing to make sure that what you publish is only your absolute best. If you rush through this for the sake of sticking to your publishing schedule, it’s going to hurt your business over time. Instead, adequately prepare and give yourself plenty of wiggle room as far as time goes so that you can select the best content.

word image 293

Ask a Friend: If you can’t tell which shots of you are best for your final video, ask a friend to watch with you and help you decide which ones are upload-ready.

word image 294 Do Plenty of Recordings: Whenever you decide to shoot a video, do plenty of recordings and only select the best ones. Take a lot of shots until you find one that you are confident about. You can edit with Adobe Premier for Windows. The right editing tools will help a lot with this, and depending on how serious you want to get about it, you could hire someone to help you edit.

word image 295

Always Explore and Experiment:

This is meant to be a fun experiment, so don’t forget to keep exploring to find what works best for you, personally! Someone else’s methods may not work the best for you, so find your own. Experiment with backgrounds, camera angles, thumbnails, and the rest of the methods given to you throughout this book, then track the changes you make and how they impact your audience’s

reactions. Stick with your business and brand, always staying true to it. Keep in mind that creating something valuable using YouTube requires perseverance, time, and effort. But if you’re committed, you’ll see the benefits in no time.

Chapter 8: Collaborations

This is an area that can lead to HUGE growth for your channel. But, it’s also sometimes difficult to pull off. A partnership is simply when two YouTubers come together to make a video. They typically create separate videos for each channel and promote each other videos on their social media outlets once posted.

Collaborating with other YouTubers does a few specific things that can lead to some significant-time growth:

  1. It exposes you to a new audience. If a YouTuber has an engaged subscriber base, collaborating with them means you are exposed to their viewers who have a high likelihood of subscribing to your channel. Even if the channel is smaller than yours, if their subscribers have high engagement, a collaboration could be worth it!
  2. It builds your network. Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to make contacts and, more importantly, friends! Since starting our channel, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of other YouTubers, some of which have become great friends of ours who we now meet up with often. This means we can consistently expose our channel to their audience and vice-versa.
  3. It gets you used to working with others. Thinking about doing your first collaboration can be scary. What if it doesn’t get any views? What if your video is just awkward? Of course, there’s always that possibility, but you never know until you try! Plus, collaboration gets easier after the first time.

Great, so collaborations sound like an awesome way to grow my channel, but how the heck do you find people to collaborate in the first place?

How to find collaborations

Finding collaboration partners when you first start your channel can certainly be tough. The key is creating organic relationships with other YouTubers in

your genre. We’ve been doing this from the very beginning, before gaining our first 100 subscribers. Since then, we’ve made tons of connections with other similar YouTubers and done several collaborations that have grown our numbers big time.


First and foremost, YouTube is a social platform, which means you always have to be networking in order to create and sustain relationships. This means commenting on other YouTubers channels and videos, giving people shoutouts in your own videos, retweeting other YouTubers on YouTube, following other YouTubers on Instagram, etc. Networking on YouTube is something that must be done daily if you want to see real results.

When our channel was first getting off the ground, we would dedicate 1 hour a night to finding other YouTubers around our size, commenting on their videos and subscribing if we felt like their content was something we wanted to watch more of. This led to some solid relationships. To this day, we still comment on these people’s videos and they comment on ours.

Reaching Out

Sometimes it’s just a matter of reaching out! If you find another YouTuber who lives in your city or state, or if you are traveling near their location, try emailing them or leaving them a comment and explain your idea for a collaboration! Even if you’re not located near any other YouTubers, you could try a remote collaboration. For example, you could try splicing in some of their footage into your video, doing a tandem challenge video, a Q & A, or any other idea that relates to both of your channels.

Finding a YouTuber’s email address is pretty easy. It’s usually listed in their about section under contact info.

Focus on Similar Size Channels

Of course, if would be great to have 1000 subscribers and collaborate with someone with 10,000, but it’s not very realistic. There’s just not much in it for the other channel! The perfect collaboration is when there’s something in it for both parties, so shoot for collaborating with channels close to your own

subscribers / view rate.

As you grow, the gap between subscribers becomes less consequential. For example, once you’re at 10,000 subscribers, you might be able to collaborate with someone who has 20,000 subscribers. And once you’re at 100,000, you might be able to collaborate with someone with 1 million subscribers!

Use Channel Pages

Channel Pages is a site where you can post your own channel and other YouTubers can connect with you in order to organize potential collaborations. Brands and agencies can also browse profiles there in order to find partnerships, so you might even make some money on there!


The idea of collaborating with another YouTuber can be a bit daunting. What if it doesn’t go well or you can’t think of an idea? Or what if you just can’t find any takers?! Stick to the tips above and remember, it takes consistency and diligence! Make sure you’re taking steps every single day to interact with other YouTubers and create relationships and trust me, the collaborations will happen!

Chapter 9: Using Social Media to Promote Your Channel

The impact of social media on your YouTube subscriber and view count is of such tremendous importance that this entire chapter is dedicated to using social media successfully to your advantage.

The primary goal of using social media is only to increase your view count in your videos and develop a strong fan base that favors your videos. This doesn’t directly give you any profits, but it helps build a solid viewer base and reaches out to those who do not know about you or your videos. In the end, it all comes down to your view count and ad clicks on your videos, which significantly affects your profit.

If used in the right way, social media can help boost your view count several fold. As mentioned before, your YouTube videos have their unique address or “URL.” Copy this URL and paste it in your Facebook, Twitter, or any forums you frequent. Any user who clicks this URL will be directed to your YouTube video, at which point, if it interests the person, he will subscribe and add to your pool of views. Make sure to include these URLs only in places that do disturb or annoy the other users.

Try and convince your family and friends to see your videos beforehand when you start out. It is important to get someone’s opinion as it may be different from yours. Try to correct your mistakes before using social media platforms to promote your videos and channel. If you end up uploading a mediocre video in your initial stages, your audience will get an impression of you being a mediocre video creator. Under no circumstances should this happen. So, take precautionary measures, and make your first few videos the best before promoting them.

Given below are some of the most widely used social media platforms to effectively promote your videos and channel. Read on to know how you should go about promoting your videos and how you can gain a larger audience.


Facebook, as an example, is the perfect place to paste these URLs on your own timeline or on a Facebook page that you have created to promote your channel. This way, only people who are interested can view your videos. Unnecessarily posting URLs and videos on another user’s page or private chats could take a turn for the worse as it builds a bad reputation. Facebook has the additional option of paid marketing. You pay a nominal price, and your videos will be displayed at the top of the user’s homepage. This means more traffic as your videos have more chance of being watched if they are placed first. Despite nominal prices, you might not want to use this option initially until you have enough subscribers and a steady view count. Using YouTube for profit requires zero initial investment, and hence, you should be able to pay for the marketing from your profits and not your pockets.

Despite this, many viewers stop watching your videos after clicking on your link. To overcome this, link the URL of a playlist of your videos that are related in some way or the other instead of a single video. This helps the viewers get interested and stay interested.


Not many YouTube video creators consider using Instagram as a way to promote their videos, but it is an absolute fun and easy way to do so. As with Facebook and Twitter, you need to link your Instagram account as well on your YouTube channel and vice-versa. Instagram should be used to give regular updates about your life if you want to, of course. Most people like to know about the daily life of YouTubers, and you should get a good number of hits on your Instagram profile, which means you also have a chance at gaining more hits on your YouTube channel and videos. Apart from this, you can and should upload teasers of your next video. It should not contain the essence of the video itself; instead, you need to post pictures that make the audience hungry for more. This way, you are guaranteed a good number of views on your videos if you make your Instagram posts enigmatic. A good idea would be to release a teaser the day before you upload the actual video. This ensures your viewers are still interested. Setting up an Instagram account is relatively easy, and you can update your posts on it regularly with just your smartphone, which saves a lot of time.


Twitter also holds great potential in increasing your view count. Hashtags are your greatest weapons; use them right, and you can easily set a trend that helps with promoting your video. Make sure to reach out to people with similar interests as you, and give them shootouts in your videos and request them to do the same for you. This ensures that their fans, subscribers, and viewers know about you, which once again spells nothing but profit.

Being interactive is one of the best ways to sustain the interests of your viewers, and Twitter chat is the best way to interact with your viewers. Create a custom hashtag, tell your viewers the exact date and time you will be online to chat, and start chatting! Interact with your viewers, respond to questions, figure out what they expect more from you, build some trust, and lastly, always thank them for spending their precious time to view your videos. This not only helps create more interest but also a higher number of viewers as everybody likes their opinion being considered. This can sound slightly arduous and time-consuming, but Twitter is very smartphone-friendly. You can perform these actions while traveling or when you have free time, saving you time that can be used to create content for your next video or to go about your daily life. While Facebook should be the primary platform through which you get the support of viewers, you should aim to provide regular updates on the topic of the next video via Twitter. Note that your tweet is limited to 140 characters, so it only makes sense to keep your updates as short and mysterious as possible to provoke the interests of your viewers. Always link URLs to your videos at the end of your Facebook post or Twitter tweet.


If you are a blogger with an already well-established audience, promoting your YouTube channel should be much easier. Simply include URLs to your blog on your YouTube channels and to your YouTube channel in your blog. This leads to more traffic in both places and hence more income. Creating videos related to the article you blogged about and pasting their URLs in your article is the best way to increase traffic. A video demonstration or tutorial or summary is always preferred to a written one. A blog requires you to regularly update the content; else it loses the interest of viewers. This gives

an incentive to update your YouTube videos and stay ahead of others in trending topics to tremendously support your blog and vice-versa.

If you are not interested in creating a blog and maintaining it or feel that it takes up too much of your time, then it is a good idea to look up bloggers who create similar content to your videos. You can then request them to link your videos or your channel in their blogs for a small fee (only if the blogger has a large fan base, of course) or you could strike a deal where you link their blogs in your videos and they link your videos in their blogs. This is a great way to set up mutual trust and gain each other’s followers.


YouTube is owned by Google, so why not use Google’s own social media platform, Google+, to promote your channel? The great thing about Google+ is that you don’t have a character limit like Twitter does. It is a great replacement for blogging, and you should consider it as a miniature blogging platform. All you need to do is create your own personal logo, a custom look on the channel, and give your Google+ page a personal touch to let yourself be more easily recognizable. You can include your video links in your posts to gain more support. Unlike Facebook, a large number of Google+ users use it for marketing. You should try to find out similar individuals or professionals in the same niche and engage with them. Try to share their posts if you feel the need to do so, and you increase your chances of them sharing your content. It is also a great place to get feedback and advice from professionals who have already been down the road you are taking. Like Twitter, hashtags are used in Google+ as well, but just not to the same extent. Use precise hashtags to get more hits and never give your posts innumerable inaccurate hashtags as it is an indisputable way of bringing forth hate comments from your audience.


MySpace is another popular social networking website and can be used extensively to promote your YouTube channel.

The Share Trend

Sharing is an amazing way to rally more viewers. All it requires is you to ask your viewers to share your videos if they liked it with their friends and family. It is a given that most of them won’t. But once a few people start sharing and your videos get around, it’s only a matter of time before it is trending.

The idea behind sharing is to get you introduced to people who do not know about your videos yet. They view your videos and, in turn, share them, which leads to a hopefully never-ending cycle. Shares are the best way to get your videos around. What this means is your videos gain more traffic.

A requirement to this is a lenient privacy setting on your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. You want your videos to be watched by people other than your friends. Make sure your videos are visible to the public at large, and you have a shot at gaining the large number of viewers that you want. Keeping your settings secured eventually will lead to a loss in your subscriber count as your videos will not be going around the social media platform as much as you would like them to. For this reason, it is optimal to create a different account or a page in the social media platform dedicated only to your videos. You can link back to your personal profile which you will be keeping secure and tell your viewers to personally give you requests and feedback 0r so there. This helps with security as well as getting you the maximum shares possible.

Social media is all about a person’s opinion being heard. You may upload videos and promote them with all your resources, and they will not generate the expected traffic if you do not take some time to respond to your viewers. This is the most important part of using social media to promote videos. Always remember to ask people to like, subscribe, and comment. This will give you a general feedback. Ignore the mean posts if they do not have any constructive criticism. A good idea would be to upload a “Q & A” video where you answer some of the questions asked in your previously uploaded videos. This serves a dual role of making your viewers feel appreciated and increasing your income.

Effectively utilizing the social media available to you almost guarantees in gaining never-before-seen traffic and subscribers. It also ensures you have active and not passive subscribers, i.e., those who subscribe to you and view your videos regularly.

Chapter 10: Use Your Channel To Promote Your


A Powerful Marketing Tool

The entrepreneur engaged in Online Advertising is going to be on the watch to receive as many strategies as possible to drive traffic to their web site and move the customer towards the sale. Also, another incredible method to do this is by utilizing YouTube. There are only three significant benefits of using Google’s broadcasting procedure.

  1. Google likes YouTube. As Indicated Formerly, Google owns YouTube, so any posts YouTube will rank highly on Google provided you enter the appropriate tags and keywords with each movie.
  2. Folks are more likely to See a picture presentation than reading reams of advertising copy. I’m amazed at how engaging an extremely straightforward video of someone talking in their living area might be.
  3. YouTube movies Are Incredibly Simple To make. In the event you’ve got a very average camcorder employing a USB link, you will have your own YouTube Video uploaded in only a half an hour.

But just What is the purpose of having a video, and how can that affect your business?

Possessing a picture on YouTube on Your Goods or providers will teach your customers about the benefits of working with you. It will also be an opportunity for you to answer some frequently asked questions that the viewer could be considering. Your YouTube video also gives you a chance to encourage your viewers to realize your internet site.

However, the very best thing about YouTube will be as soon as you have got your movie uploaded and a guest is visiting it, you still receive a captive audience. After creating the film, be sure you’re providing them adequate info that can keep them engaged, but not a lot of that they do not need anymore.

Your picture has to inspire them to decide on the next step down the sales funnel and also towards the buy.

Youtube advertising plans for even superior efforts

1. Focus on Targeting Audiences

When You are setting up a new Video advertising effort in Google Advertising, and you are asked to pick your targeting strategy. And although there are unique options, we recommend focusing your targeting crowds like Remarketing, Similar to In-Market, Custom Intent, together with Life Occasions audiences. They could be used for just about any effort type and will enable you to receive your advertising in front of the particular appropriate audiences. These audiences also often work better when you are working to push prospects and earnings for your small business enterprise.

2. Exclude or Remarket People Who Converted

In Your Google Ads menu, then under Ad Groups and Audiences, you may comprehend an exclusions tab. There are where you can create Remarketing Audiences for people who have transformed on your website and exclude them entirely from your effort. Usually, those who have already changed won’t need to see your advertisements.

3. Independent Targeting at Independent Ad Groups

You can optimize your efforts considerably. Even better, on occasion, you split your targeting options to several Ad Groups. Utilizing example, at a couple of our Surfside PPC attempts, we reveal a fantastic example of what might occur if you do not want distinct — all those ads are not getting any traction; this takes place when you place a great deal of 1 category. Instead of putting all of your targeting in one Ad Group, make distinct each targeting procedure you are using into various classes. These will provide you more hands in your effort and let you attempt to learn which method is functioning.

4. Use Demographics From Google Analytics

When You are creating a YouTube Effort In Google Advertising, you have

got the decision to target demographics. We strongly recommend that you use the demographics data from the associated Google Analytics accounts like areas, sexes, ages, and interests for your own YouTube Advertising campaign. This advice can let you reach the men and women who are enthusiastic about your business, and that will subsequently provide you higher effort gains.

5. Goal Your Own New YouTube Subscribers

You’re generating Remarketing Audiences for conversions, so you may even cause them to acquire new contributors into some YouTube Channel from the past 30 days. You might use this list to target those subscribers with different marketing and advertising campaigns. These might be immensely successful in maintaining the attention of new subscribers.

You can also look at different Alternatives in the specific same menu to learn what other types of specialty remarketing lists you’re going to have the ability to produce, such as picture remarks, channel page visitors, etc..

6. Focus on Running Alerts or Revenue

YouTube focused on Driving Video remarks. However, you need the ability to generate In-Stream campaigns that track prospects for your business. When click”create an original campaign” in Google Advertising, then the goals record will be on a different screen. You are going to need to select which one will work well for your business, but we highly advise focusing on Revenue or loopholes.

You Don’t Need to do this for each Effort; however, devoting part of your everyday life with this particular format will genuinely allow you to receive conversions by encouraging the customer to perform it, thus boosting your viewers and customer base.

7. Goal Website Traffic using YouTube Advertising

If people are visiting your Website, They are probably thinking about your YouTube video ads also. During campaign development, you can set-up Remarketing lists to your website visitors and target those folks along with your YouTube Advertising. Additionally, we recommend combining this list

with various options under Audience Manager > Custom Combination. If you would like a broader explanation of Remarketing, then you can see our manual.

8. Create Particular Efforts to Evaluation Ad Formats

You Have to split the different YouTube Video Advertising formats into Various campaigns, for example, YouTube TrueView In-Stream Advertising and YouTube Video Discovery Advertising. It’s essential to utilize and analyze every one of the various formats. These can let you work out which format works best for your business. You will learn more about all of the numerous formats like YouTube Video Advertising.

9. Use YouTube Video Discovery Advertising

As mentioned previously, at the new Campaign screen, you are going to have the option to decide on which type of advertising format that you need to use. While we recommend using and assessing all reachable formats, do urge focusing on Video Discovery Advertising. These thumbnail ads appear in YouTube search outcome and along with movies and give people the decision to click till they view; only set, you are not forcing people to realize your picture. These will help make sure individuals want to know more about your image; this will, subsequently, raise your YouTube perspectives.

10. Test Different Video Ad Durations

In continuing with this topic of Campaign testing, we strongly advise you to analyze every type of movie advertisement duration (interval ), including around 6-seconds bumper ads, non-skippable 15-second ads, 30-second In-stream ads, together with In-Stream Ads that might go about 3 minutes. Take note that if they might be under 3 minutes, then we advocate doing an advertisement of 90 minutes or not.

You Can’t stop What is Going to Get the Job Done Best For your small company along with your distribution till you analyze different video advertisements durations.

11. Create Professional Videos

If You Are Not Knowledgeable about This Video manufacturing process, it may be of help to place money into expert aid. You will find a lot of special services obtainable such as Shakr and that could make it possible for you to generate more professional videos. As a bonus, even if you take a little time and money to invest in specialist videos, you might use them on your website and social networking channels, together with your own YouTube Advertising efforts. By creating quality pictures that firmly signify your maker, you are increasing the likelihood of targets having to use your merchandise and alternatives.

12. Test YouTube Shopping Video Ads

One of the Latest advertisements Formats is Shopping movie ads. Beneath the merchandise & Brand Consideration tab format; one of your attempt options at a Shopping Ad. They function precisely like Google Shopping advertising, except they are utilizing the YouTube video advertising campaigns. If you’re a retailer, you might use Shopping efforts to market your web and local inventory, encourage visitors to your website or local store, and find better-qualified leads.

Chapter 11: Ways To Grow Your Business

Through YouTube Marketing

Eight Approaches To Publicize Your Company On Youtube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search Engine on ground and home to over 1 billion customers. Collectively, this audience is currently visiting with a total of 5 million movies daily. These are staggering numbers, so many businesses don’t maintain a constant presence on the massive networking platform. It’s a vital mistake in a time when picture advertisements are a great deal more critical than previously. Nearly every manufacturer worth it’s salt can and should use the traffic.

Whether You’re Looking to add to Your current strategy or generate a potent new means of marketing your brand new, you’ve arrived at the perfect site. Consider this source to function as the ultimate YouTube marketing guide packaged with company agnostic approaches for entrepreneurs and founders.

We’re planning to sew eight Known Strategies that will help market your business on YouTube.

1. Brand your channel.

Don’t Allow your YouTube channel Get Lost in the ocean of organizations expecting to advertise YouTube, exercising by minding your channel, and keeping up all elements aligned with your brand, adding the logo, header image, color schemes, and custom tags, and film games.

Ensure the description Inside Your About Me includes an unambiguous and in-depth description of your business. Your YouTube channel has to incorporate all pertinent social media connections. Consider this website as a growth of your website alongside an info kiosk for those that have yet to watch.

2. Create a business inspection picture.

An Excellent Way to kick off matters On Your station is creating a 2-3 minute introduction video highlighting the key civilization and solutions of your brand. These may be a quick and incredibly productive strategy to provide crucial information to potential customers on YouTube.

Have your CEO existing Or Get creative with a fun and intriguing animated film. Regardless of what you pick, then the goal is to produce a compelling visual storyline that builds interest in your products and attracts clients into your home site.

3. Use attention-grabbing thumbnails.

YouTube’s founders will be the Very First To Notify you. A beautiful thumbnail may provide a standard movie a previously average viewership. It’s such a critical variable of this branding of specific stations that YouTube created an uproar while assessing auto-generated thumbnails.

Why is a picture thumbnail fabulous? For starters, then utilize an image that showcases the numerous exciting action of the picture. These can be a set up of a featured thing or portion of a screenshot from the film. Adding a slim vibrant edge all around your thumbnail might also help capture audiences’ attention. Just be sure you’re using the updated thumbnail dimensions.

4. Client testimonials.

Build your reputation and gain the Hope of viewers by submitting video testimonials from customers who have utilized your products or services. These will establish your new as a dependable supply of suggestions and assistance.

It’s crucial to focus on this topic of business not merely to keep to maintain customers but to ensure lousy reviews are much higher than only a few keystrokes away.

We’ve seen 5-star quotes from Clients recorded on a business’s website. Nevertheless, a fantastic video review makes it feasible that people watch a relatable smiling face and, in some specific cases, even the very last outcomes of your work. Include a funny moment or funny story to get hold of your audience and show the individual side of your organization. A quick and honest example of the way that your team’s purpose improved someone’s lifestyle can go a long way.

5. YouTube influencers.

If You Aren’t afraid to invest some time Or money into influencer marketing, another excellent solution for advertisements on YouTube is searching for brand placement together with YouTube Stars. Partner up employing an

Influencer whose voice and demographic contrasts with your brand. Successful YouTubers have a large audience and cult, following which they have established a sense of trust. If a brand new fits inside that connection, then it’s an established method of attracting new customers.

There are countless methods. Your new brand And additionally, the influencer may gain from the enterprise. The best plan is to integrate your merchandise or solutions to the material they’re creating. Invite YouTube to Get involved with a collaborative film, Become an advertiser within their channel, send them products to be appraised, Composed into skits, or even as an element of a house. It’s a hands-off Strategy That could Boost your influence on many distinct channels.

6. YouTube advertising.

YouTube Ads are the newest Commercial For this specific generation of buyers. Choose a budget and Put your new directly in front of the films we are very likely to YouTube to have At the very first sight. Industry experts are finding that no added media Contrasts how quickly we consume info out of a picture. Organizations are squandering no Time in creating short video ads showcasing products, celebrity Instructions, the best way to pictures, plus a whole lot more.

The best part is that you Don’t Necessarily must break the bank to acquire this. Most firms are starting at $10 every day for local campaigns. Highly customizable campaigns jointly with comprehensive observation, make YouTube Advertising an ability to be reckoned with.

7. Create a viral film.

Here is the golden ticket of Film Marketing. It’s tricky to monitor precisely what is very likely to go viral in the ever-changing kingdom of social media. It can be something funny. It can be inspirational. It’s unpredictable. You’re probably going to fail more than you succeed while reaching with this aim, especially if your articles appear a whole lot more corporate than normal. One thing, nevertheless, is inevitable – trying to create viral content is well worth a shot.

IHop broke the internet whenever they Shared A picture teasing a name change to announce they were integrating burgers to the menu. There’s a lot of unique examples where companies tripled their traffic through smart

marketing and marketing videos intentionally or unintentionally. The perfect practice with this particular manner of posts is to find out your new, the way people comprehend this, and staying up-to-date to capitalize on forthcoming or present trends.

8. Be consistent.

It initially reads a dictionary. Nevertheless, It is probably one of the most critical tips on this list for making a viable YouTube channel in the very long term. Consistency is the only approach to build a lively and engaged audience. Schedule a time to print valuable content that is significant to a current market, subsequently adhere to this app. Nothing surpasses an audience faster than inconsistency (supposing your articles doesn’t set them into sleeping ).

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