How to Earn Money at Freelancer


How to Earn Money at Freelancer

Earn Money at Freelancer

What is Freelancer
Many freelancers will be unaware of the word, what is the meaning of this word, let us know its meaning. If you have a skill in some work and you use it for someone else and in return you get some money from it, then it is called a freelancer. Let me tell you, through internet, freelancers earn thousands of rupees sitting at home.

There are many freelance websites on the internet, so a freelancer can never go hungry, he gets some work somewhere. Many great freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Truelancer, Amazon Mturk provide online work to freelancers. Similarly also provides freelancers online work sitting at home, in this article we are going to talk about it today.

Freelancer how to create an account on this website, what type of freelancer can you do online work on this website, how to earn money from, how you can get money earned from this website, come to these points Know a little about

You must know that in order to work on any website, it is necessary to create an account on it, in the same way if you want to earn money by working online on this website Freelancer, then it is very important to create an account on it. Let’s know step by step, about how to create an account on this website.

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How to create an account on freelancer

Follow Steps:

  • First visit on this website.
  • Then click on the Sign up button on the right side.
  • After that a page will open, enter your email ID and password in it.
  • Then click on the Join Freelancer button.
  • If you want, you can also connect through Facebook on this website.
  • After that the job categories will appear on the screen, select the work you want to do.
  • After that select Sub category and click on Next.
  • After that a page will open, some important information will be asked in it, such as fill your full name, language, expression etc. and then click on Next.
  • After that now a new page will open again, in that you have to Verify the Payment Method, that is, you have to submit your bank details. If you want, you can also submit it later, for this you have to click on the Skip button.
  • Now further on you will be asked for Freelancer Membership, you should also skip it.

In this way, you have created your account on this website, now your account is ready to earn money from this website. According to your skill, you can start earning money by starting work on this website.

When you create your account on freelancer, set your profile then you will see many projects on there. Now you can choose the work according to your talent and earn money by completing it in time.

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