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How To Use YouTube To Make Money Online Every Day Monetising Your Channel And Growing Your Subscribers..


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Introduction To Make Money Online


Have you ever wondered how these amazing content creators are doing only YouTube for their bread and bills? Well, it is because YouTube can be a golden sparrow if you have successfully built an audience that does not go to sleep until they watch your latest uploads. Every day, over 1 billion videos are watched on the platform and the average time span of a person on YouTube is up to 45 minutes.

YouTube is said to be the most visited application after Facebook. Its users reached up to 2 billion last year, which is why it has become the source of income for millions of people.

A committed and entertaining channel that is cost-free to create from a google account supports the user in building their audience and extending their word on this medium. The audience made by the creator on YouTube is based on the number of subscribers that helps YouTube to pay the user accordingly and also a pivotal determent for advertising purpose.

Before you jump to the bandwagon of making money from YouTube, you need

to identify the kind of profit you are interested in making. Are you channel a

promotional outlet, or are you thinking of creating content and generate

revenue from it?

I am sure you have some unsorted queries within you; therefore, here is a

step-by-step guide for you to learn about money making on YouTube and

how, in the comfort of your home with the minimum investment, you can earn

some good money.


Create an AdSense account

The first step towards earning is to create a medium where the flow of income will take place, and for that, you will need to create your AdSense account. It is an application that receives the money that has been made on YouTube by the creator. Therefore, it is an important step.

An AdSense account can be used for more than one channel; therefore, you can attach the same account to your multiple accounts if you have it, and then your entire income from every channel will be credited to the same account.

Here’s the link for you to step up you AdSense account

Visit the website today and sign up!

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Partner with YouTube

Now that your AdSense account is completed, the next step towards earning money is becoming partner with YouTube and for that you need to sign up for YouTube Partner Program (YPP).


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Visit the YouTube Partner Program Overview Page

Here are the few steps that will help you in YPP and eventually in earning money.

1- Be resident of the country where YPP is available. YouTube’s partnership program is not available for every country therefore, being in the one that is associated with YPP is important.

  1. The channel you made should have 4,000 watch hours in your last year.
  2. The channel you made should have 1,000 subscribers.
  3. The channel you made should follow all the TOC set by YouTube
  4. The channel you made should be linked with AdSense.

Create effective YouTube


We have talked about How To Make Money On YouTube. Now let’s talk

about YouTube thumbnails.

Thumbnails are one of the most crucial aspect of YouTube. This is one of the biggest deciding factors whether or not to click to watch a video.

Basically, a video thumbnail is the first important image visitors to your channel will see when browsing your YouTube videos.

So it’s important that you have an eye catching image that catches your visitors attention, instead of them seeing a boring image that they just ignore.

While uploading a video, YouTube will offer you some sort of choices to set a frame from your uploaded video, but wait for a moment and rewind your thought; is it alluring enough to get your audience attention?

So, what you are trying to achieve here is to use a thumbnail to get maximum clicks. We want to get the audience to view our content and move forward to view our other channel content.


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How To Create The Best YouTube thumbnails design

1. Include title text to deliver context. …

2. Use the best font style. …

3. Fine contrast with bright background. …

3. Use a relevant and great image. …

4. Include an image of the face: Make eye contact with the viewer. …

5. Consistency. …

6. Analyze your competitor. …

7. Create a design for a small screen.



Once your community is established on YouTube, the ways of earning become easier, a good source of earning can be made through Merchandise. It is referred for the exclusive collection made the content creators their subscribers to buy. It can be anything such as T-Shirts, Hats, or Shoes. The user’s loyal audience buys it to support their content creator and show their fan base. The most popular content creators on YouTube have made millions of dollars from their Merchandise. Therefore, it always works if you built a committed community.

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The 2 billion users on YouTube have made the platform extremely crucial for marketers. Since the audience over there is emotionally involved, marketers try to navigate them towards their brand, and for that, sponsorship is a pivotal element. Big brands for marketing purpose approach YouTuber, who has a mass following. Their sponsored video is paid to talk about the brand, a viable and profitable income source. Most of the big YouTuber’s often promote only those brands that pay them, and this is why we get to see the same product review by all the YouTubers at the same time.

For example, when Kylie Skin was launched, all prominent YouTubers reviewed the products simultaneously since it sponsored them. These sponsorships benefit the brands immensely since it creates awareness and WOM (Word of Mouth), which is crucial for convincing buyers towards the brand. A person who loves the content of his favourite YouTuber would surely try the brands that he recommends because he believes in his WOM, and this is the sole reason brands approach them for their marketing purpose.


Affiliate Marketing

Have you seen how your skincare guru Hyrum always drops some link in his videos’ description for you? Well, it is because of the affiliation they have with the brand. The majority of the time, brands go for collaboration in which the content creator spread words of the brand on their behalf and gets money from the profit made by his efforts. YouTubers affiliate with brands for marketing, and in return, they charge a hefty amount for their actions. It is the most popular way of earning money on YouTube, and most of the prominent content creators are doing it religiously. If you wish to be a part of the affiliate marketing then reach out brands after creating a sustainable audience and then seal the deal with mutual understanding.

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Let Your Content Speak For Itself

Most of the ways discussed above are for the people who work hard on their content. I might sound a little straightforward, but no brand will invest money in someone who uploads once a month. Business is all about reciprocation. If you benefit from the platform with your content, the platform will reward you with more significant and better opportunities and vice versa. If you want to achieve significantly, then work on your content and create an exceptional habitat for your audience because this is the only way that will help you to grow. Once you are stable in your work, you can’t even imagine the brands that will reach you out, and you will be given the authority to make the working policy. Sounds good, right? Well, then focus on your content and let it speak for you because, as they say, action speaks louder than words.

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Streaming is the most effective way of earning money on YouTube. It is the medium where your audience gets to connect with you in a much candid way, and for that, they pay on live streams just to get highlighted by the Youtuber. Yes, you read it right!

People are this much involved with the YouTubers that they pay to get noted by them. The majority of the YouTubers earn a fair amount of money while streaming and interacting with the audience.

It is not only great for earning money, but it is also a viable medium through which you can have an insight into your audience and get to know them more closely. The community, a user, creates yearns for connection and given the importance they deserve. They show their love in the form of such things.

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Use Other Platforms

They say you are one step away from poverty if you earn money; therefore, YouTubers are smart. Making money on YouTube is not solely based on a single platform. Instead, it is the accumulative audience from all the media that helps the content creator succeed.

I got to know my favourite Youtuber from Facebook, and since then, I have never missed any of his videos on YouTube. Imagine if he were only working on YouTube, then I would never know about him, right? It is why the usage of another platform is crucial. The masses available on every platform should be able to see your content, and for that, using every platform adequately is equally essential. Use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in your favour, and the audience made from it will be navigated towards your YouTube channel.

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Channel Membership

Channel membership is a viable opportunity if you are eligible for it. It offers exclusive perks for the audience of your channel who wishes to become a member of your channel by paying a minimum amount every month.

The members of the channel are provided with special badges, features and unique identities that eventually gives them a special status.

The increased member of the channel helps the YouTuber to earn more since YouTube has its distinctive benefits for the channels who have large number of memberships. This widens new door of opportunities that benefits YouTube and eventually the channel owner.

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There are different Ads that will help you earn money on YouTube. Ads including Bumper Ads, Preroll Ads, and True Views Ads are the few common Ads that can support your channel however, it is best to study your channel before choosing the right types of Ad. Since, if your Ads does not align with your audience’s interest then there is a possibility that they might skip it.

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Choose The Niche Wisely

Not every niche on YouTube has the potential to earn the same amount of money that any popular niche can do. Therefore, it is imperative to learn about the high-earning niche since it helps you gain an audience more efficiently. The greater the audience, the better chances of earning prevails.

The most prominent and favourable niche for earning on YouTube is Beauty and Gaming. If you are a glam girl, then maybe it’s the right time to set up your channel because we never know; maybe down the years, you might be the new Jeffree Star.


Ask Your Followers To Support

It is common for YouTubers to gain support from their followers in terms of money. Since it helps them work on their content and pull off all those financial barriers limiting their creative process if you have an adequate audience, they feel comfortable seeking their support. It will help you create worthy content, eventually benefiting you and your followers.

You can ask them to support your channel through the mediums such as Patreon and Google pay.

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Don’t Work For Money

You must be wondering who in this world does not work for money? Well, no one. However, YouTube is not a linear path. Instead, it is a medium where your efforts and focus helps you to build your identity. If you are focusing on earning money, then the gradual process might disturb you. So, instead of solely working for money, creating content, intriguing people, and building a virtual community because this is how you will be able to stand in a position where you will have several opportunities toward your way. Otherwise, you might quit in between since your main objective is money won’t come to you anytime soon.

Money is the by-product of everything you do; therefore, focus on your work, and the money will follow your way eventually.


Reinvest In Your Business

Just like any other business, YouTube needs investment too. You can’t create content on the same background for five years straight with a 12 MP camera. Just like any other venture, it needs new ideas, equipment, and support to flourish. Once you start earning money, allocate a handsome amount to your business. If you are earning $1000, then give $400 for your work. Buy new gadgets, the latest technologies, and anything that helps you in getting your content better.

It will reflect your sincerity towards your work. Everyone wishes to see something better, and if you invest in your career, the outcomes will be bigger and better, resulting in more opportunities for earning.

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