How to earn money at home for students


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Earn money at home for students

[Earn Money By Becoming an Online Seller]

Earn Money by Becoming An Online Seller by becoming an online seller. It can also sell your Products on the Selling Site by sitting home online.

You can also be sold online by creating your own Website and entering your product on it.

Online Seller can sell as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. If you create something. Or if you buy cheaply, you can sell it online and reach the million.

Online Selling is free to put your product on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay.

Earn Money By Writing E-Book (Make Money from E-book)

If you like to write an article or story. So you can sell your articles on Online Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Other sites.

You can put your own price and get 70 % of that price. Thus you can write articles sitting at home.

Can earn money by selling them directly online.Online Shopping Sites like Amazon offers a mission to publish and sell in Free.

You can create your own website and sell e-book. How much you can earn depends on your difficult difficulty

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Earn money at home

Online Make Money is another way to make money, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is what company products have to sell and commission that products.

Affiliate Marketing can have any type of products (products/accessories) to earn Money.

Products with shopping, such as Apps, Hosting, Domain, and any other type of product can be.

Those products have to be promoted by BlogWebsite or other ways. Then whenever a user clicks on your link and buys the product. So part of that product’s amount gets us as commissions.

Affiliate marketing List that can make good money:-

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. eBay
  4. Clickbank

You can earn money by visiting such sites by creating Sign Up(id) to promote their product.The product’s commissions get 4% to 20%.Commissions depend on different products.


Check, Wire Transfer(Bank Account), PayPal and other payments. Individual Affiliates Company provides most bank or PayPal accounts

Make Money from Youtube (Earned Money from Youtube)

Another way to make Money is to make money from Youtube videos. You may have seen lots of videos on Youtube.

Funny, comedy, can create anything and upload them on Youtube. When your Views start coming to Youtube.

You can then monetize your Youtube Channle to Adsense. Applying Ads on Videos on Youtube is what monetize is said to be.

What to do to earn money from Youtube-

  1. First, focus on the same thing to make money from Youtube. E.g. Funny, Technology, Animal, Action, Frank etc.
  2. If you start getting views on your video, monetize it for adsense.

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