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About Mars

When is Mars the most visible to the naked eye?

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Mars is actually the most visible to the naked eye, at times when Mars is closer to Earth. This is when Mars starts to appear much brighter which makes it much easier to see with the naked eye.

Which country first put a spacecraft on Mars?

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The very first country to put a spacecraft on Mars was India in 2016 and they were successful.

Are human beings able to breathe on Mars?

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The answer is a big no, human beings are not able to breathe on Mars, the air and atmosphere are not hospitable to human beings.

Do Martians really exist?

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Although many people do believe in Martians, the reality is that Martians are made up and they really don’t exist. No real evidence has ever been found to believe that Martians do exist on Mars.

How long is a year considered to be on Mars?

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Believe it or not, a year on Mars is actually 1.88 years.

What is the duration of a day on Mars?

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A day on Mars is very similar today on earth, the duration of a day on Mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes in total.

How many satellites are there on Mars?

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At this particular point in time, there are actually 14 satellites on the planet of Mars.

How far is Mars from the sun?

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If you didn’t know this yet, you certainly know this by the end of the day. Mars is actually considered to be the fourth planet closest to the sun. It is around 227.9 million km away from the sun.

What is the atmosphere of Mars made up of mostly?

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It may be interesting to learn that the specific atmosphere on Mars is actually much thinner than that of earth. It is nearly 100 times thinner and most of the atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide.

Does it get cold on Mars or not?

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Overall Mars is actually colder than it is hot, even though it does get very hot, it has a very hard time hanging on this heat and it usually gets very cold again.

Do many dust storms take place on Mars?

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There are plenty of dust storms on Mars, some of the years that there were dust storms include 2001, 1994, 2019,1982 and 1971.

Does the surface of Mars change or not?

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Over time Mars does change but it takes a very long time to notice any of the changes.

What covers the surface of Mars?

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The surface of Mars is actually comprised of a very thick layer of dust, this is no ordinary dust this is oxidized iron dust. It is also comprised of rocks with canyons and volcanoes.

What does the solar system include?

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The solar system includes many things such as comets, asteroids, the sun and planets.

Is Mars a star or not?

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Mars is certainly not a star, rather it is a planet.

Where does Mars get its name from?

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The planets that make a part of our solar system were named after Gods. Mars was named after a god of war by the Roman people many years ago.

What are clouds on Mars made up of?

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The clouds on Mars may be made up of a couple of things, some are water and ice and others are carbon dioxide.

What is bigger Mars or Earth?

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Do you know which one is the bigger one and which one is the smaller one? Well, Mars is actually the smaller one and Earth is the bigger one.

Have we found evidence of life on Mars?

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For many years people have had told all sorts of stories about different life forms on Mars. The experts have made all sorts of space missions over the past few years and they have found no concrete evidence of any life on Mars.

Are there any moons on Mars?

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There are certainly moons on Mars. Mars actually has two separate moons. Do you want to know the names of these moons? Well, we are going to tell you anywhere, the moons are named Deimos and Phobos.

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