25 Amazing facts about burj khalifa


facts about burj khalifa

  1. The world’s the largest building is “burj khalifa” one of the world’s the richest towns in Dubai.
  1. The burj khalifais owned by Dubai MR Properties (Emir Properties) Company.
  1. It has a complete of 163 floors, fifty eight automatic. There are elevators, 309 hotels, 900 apartments, 37 office floors and 2957 parking spaces.
  1. In addition to those features, BurjKhalifa has the worlds highest swimming pool at the 76th floor and the worlds highest eating place at the 122nd floor.
  1. This constructing is a living example of human engineering. This building become first named Burj Tower, then it came to be known as Burj Dubai. But when the development of this building started, a large amount of cash was required. Obviously, billions of rupees were to be spent to construct this brilliant constructing.
  1. In one of these situation, financial help of the President of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zaid needed to be sought.
  1. Since the Khalifa bin Zayed gave crores of rupees for the construction of the building, the name of this Gagan Chumbi constructing become modified from Burj Dubai to “burj khalifa” In his honor.
  1. It’s proprietor Emar proposed it in 2003. Whose work was started in 2004! In 2010, this constructing become completed and commenced for the humans.
  1. At the time of the construction of BurjKhalifa, around 12,000 people labored day and night time who came from different countries and different places! These humans used to work on such a excessive constructing with out panic.
  1. This constructing used concrete equal to a hundred,elephants and aluminum equal to 5A380 airplanes.
 "burj khalifa"
  1. It has approximately 35,000 people living at a time.
  1. The building is so high that you can see it from ninety five kilometers away! Even the neighboring country Iran can be visible from its peak.
  1. It has a helipad of width of 25 meters at a peak of about 210 meters above the floor on which the helicopter is launched.
  1. Every day, approximately 946,000 liters of water is transported on this large constructing with the help of a hundred km of pipes.
  1. The building is almost 3 times the height of the Eiffel Tower.
  1. It has 6 world records, such as the tallest constructing, highest ground and highest carry etc.
  1. The building is so excessive that the people living above its eighty flooring have to starve longer during the Ramadan days because the sun looks up for a longer time.
  1. On seeing the Building it’s miles felt that this building is made of glass and steel. Be made.
  1. The outer covering of the constructing is made from 26,000 glass panels.
  1. Every day the air condition of its constructing attracts water identical to a few swimming pools of Olympic.
  1. According to the website burj khalifadot AE, the water deliver branch for the tower supplies an average of 9,46,000 liters of water a day.
  1. It is designed through Adrian Smith based at the hymeno laser desert flower or spider lily. It cost US $ 1.five billion.
  1. It takes about one hundred twenty days to clean the windows of the building.
  1. In 2014, the Dubai Shopping Festival team prepared the worlds first vertical fashion display at the Building approximately 35000 people at a time in “burj khalifa”.
  1. On five January 2010, the out of doors statement deck called “At the Top” was opened on its 124th floor, it is the second largest outdoor statement deck withinside the global.
  1. It’s Located at 452 meters (1,483 ft), this building is so large that you could easily see it from ninety five kilometers away.
  1. The speed of some automated lifts in it’s far 35 km / h.Its excessive pace raise climbs one hundred twenty flooring in only 50 seconds.
  1. The homes huge raise can bring as much as forty six passengers.

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