30 – Amazing Facts about Water


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Interesting Facts About Water – facts about water

1. Water is made up of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Molecule of Oxygen . Its chemical formula 2 O  is.

2. Pure water has neither smell nor taste. Its Ph Level is 4. It is neither acidic nor alkaline.

3. Water is the only substance on earth that is found in all the three states: solid, liquid and gas.

4. Water is the only substance that is lighter than its liquid form in solid form. This causes the ice to float in the water.

5. Hot water accumulates faster than cold water.

6. The density of water is 3.98 0 C. Upon freezing, its density decreases and the volume increases to 4%.

7. A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds .

8. Increasing the amount of salt dissolved in water reduces its freezing point . In normal salinity, sea water freezes at -2 ° C.

9. Heat capacity is relatively high. Due to this the boiling point of water is very high. 4,185 Joules of heat is required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water to 1 degree celsius . Due to this property, water is used as a coolant in industries and vehicles.

10. Ushmadharita ( Heat Capacity ) is due to the properties over to play a key role in controlling the temperature of the water on earth.

11. Water is a universal solvent , it mixes most of the substances.

12. The color of pure water is light blue.

13. Electricity does not flow through clean water. Due to the dirt present inside the water, electricity can flow from the water.

14. According to Shogh, the amount of water in the human body depends on many factors, such as , age, weight etc. On an average, an adult male’s body has 65% of its total weight and adult woman’s body has 52% of its total weight.

15. At birth infants ( Infants in the body) is the amount of 75% water. In this way, when we are born, then the amount of water in our body is equal to the water found in fresh potatoes. As our age increases, this quantity of water decreases. According to the US Geological Survey , when 1 year old, the amount of water in infants decreases by 10% to 65%. The longer life we ​​live, the smaller the amount of water we have.  

16. The weight of the body that is lost due to exercise or physical labor is not due to the decrease in fat, but due to the decrease in water content.

17. Human Brain ( Brain ) of 75%, the blood ( Blood 83% of) and teeth ( Tooth ) is 10% water.

18. Human bones ( Human Bones ) is 31% water.

19. We release 2 quarts (64 oz) of water daily through sweat.

20. Due to lack of 1% water in our body, we feel thirsty.

21. Death occurs due to lack of 10% water in the body.

22. 80% of diseases are caused by bacteria present in water. Due to which more than 34 lakh people die every year.

23. Man can live for 1 month without food. But without water ( Water will be a man to death in the first week).

24. There is no scientific study that recommends or supports drinking 8 hours per day.

25. Drinking too much water can also be dangerous for health. This is called water intoxication .

26. There is life in every place where water is present. Even if the water is boiling?

27. Among the organisms found on Earth, Giraffe is able to live without drinking water for the longest time.

28. Elephant animals ( Elephant ) is the only animal, which detects the water off 5 kms.

29. Jellyfish ( Jellyfish ) is within 95% water.

30. Cucumbers ( Cucumber ) in 95% water. So cucumber is a good diet to stay hydrated during the summer season. According to Eating Well Magzine , 1 cup chopped cucumber is equal to one glass of water.

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