25- BEST Places to Visit in Kutch


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Top Places to visit in Kutch

kutch tourist places

kutch is located in gujarat, India. It’s very popular tourist attractions in the India.There are so many places to see in Kutch, in which the White Rann of Kutch is attracting tourists nowadays. Apart from this, Mandvi beach is also a beautiful attraction. The Aina Mahal, Prague Palace, Sharad Bagh Palace and Hamirsar Talav are the main attractions of the Maharaja of Kutch in Bhuj and the Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi which is situated on the beach is also worth seeing.

1. Bhuj

This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

Bhuj is the district headquarters. It is a historical city situated at the foot of Bhujia Dungar. There is a temple of Bhujang Nag on the hill. The old city was protected by Bhujia fort. This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

Bhujio Fort , Hazira of Fateh Mohammad Arab, Maharavsinh Madansinhji Museum, Anandkunj, Prag Mahal, Karach Museum, Sharadbag Palace, Harang Darshan (Museum of Folk Art), Mohammad Panna Masjid, Pragmalji’s Rajmahal etc. are some of the places of interest here. Desalsar and Hamirsar lakes add beauty to the city.

2. Narayan Sarovar

This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

There are attractive temples around the lake.There is an ancient magnificent Shiva temple of Koteshwar on the coast 2 km away from Narayan Sarovar.The state government has developed this place as a tourist destination.The water of this lake is salty. There is also Kalyanrai Temple, Nilkanth Temple. This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

3. mudra

This is a green region of Kutch. Plenty of Kharek is produced here. Here are some research centers and natural healing centers.There is also a research center and a natural healing center. Adani Port Company has developed Mundra as a modern port.This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

 4. Mandvi Beach

body of water during sunset

Mandvi beach is the most beautiful beach in Gujarat.

There is a good facility for visiting, eating and drinking and sports activities here, in the evening you will get to see food and drink stalls. You will also find windmills on the beach. There are some other famous places to visit in Mandvi where you can roam. The Vijay Vilas Palace here is a magnificent palace located near Mandvi Beach.

5. Ashapura’s Madh

This temple is known for maa ashapura. It is a Hindu temple. Most famous temple around the Gujarat.

6. Dhinodhar Hills

One of the lesser known tourist attractions in Kutch, Gujarat. Dhinodhar Hills is the 388 meters high. This hill is famous as the tapobhumi of Dada Gorakhnath. Here is his samadhi.

7. Kutch Museum

This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

Originally established as the Kutch School of Arts, the Kutch Museum is replete with folk arts, ancient artefacts and insights about the tribal people. With an Italian Gothic architecture, the palace welcomes you with eleven major galleries catering to varied sections and is one of the prominent places to visit in Kutch.

8. Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

brown concrete pillar

This place is located at Kutch and Pakistan border with a beautiful beach out there. This is very famous and beautiful tourists attraction in Gujarat.Visitors can see the temple, walk along the beach and on a clear night, even see the glow of light from Karachi, Pakistan, on the northwestern horizon. The Temple of lord Shiva is located here.

9. Suthari

This is one of the five Jain pilgrimages in Kutch. The place is known for the ‘Balwant Sagar Dam’ built in the memory of former Gujarat Chief Minister Balwant Mehta. His plane crashed here on September 19, 1965 after being invaded by Pakistan. There are remains.

10. Anjar

Jaisal – Toral Samadhi is located here.The city of Anjar does not have any historical information about Jaisal Toral. But it is said that the tombs of Jaisal-Toral in the city of Anjar are a short distance from each other. There is a belief that these two samadhis are attracted to each other and when this distance becomes zero the world will end.

11. Gandhidham

 A township has been built here to accommodate the refugees from Pakistan. This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

12. Lakhpat

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, came to this city. The Gurudwara built in his memory is here. 

13. Vira

 There is an ancient temple of Goddess Jogani here. This place is known for Shraddhakriya.

14. Haba Dungar

There is Samadhi of Saint Makrandada on Haba Dungar near Kotai.

15. Rann of Kutch 

This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

 A large area of salt marshes is located in Gujarat , India . It is divided into : Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch .The name “Rann” has come from the Hindi word ran meaning “desert”. 

you want to know the best time to visit the Rann of Kutch, read on to learn why you should visit the rann during the Rann Utsav, the great Rann Festival held annually.This is One of the most famous places in Kutch.

16. rann Utsav

Rann Utsav takes place during the winters. Rann Utsav is the time when the desert recedes, allowing itself to be tamed, to be made into a showpiece.

Rann Utsav is very famous in India. many people visit as well as foreigners are also visit the runn Utsav.During the festival, the best of local talent from all over Gujarat come together to create beautiful music in the white sand. From folk dance (Garba, Hallisaka, and Tippani) performance to scrumptious Gujarati thali, from moonlit camera safari to folk dramas, the festival is organised to celebrate the uniqueness and culture of the Kutch region. There are Rann Utsav is held at the Dhordo village, 80 km north of the Bhuj city in Kutch.

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