Places to Visit in Surat, Tourist Places in Surat


BEST Places to Visit in surat

 1. Surat

The city of Surat is India’s fastest growing and ‘diamond industry’. No Capital: Known as the ‘Diamond City’. Situated on the banks of the river Tapi, Surat is a city of dreamers, travelers, reformers and culture lovers. Veer Narmad’s residence and his statue are here. The largest man-made leaf market in Asia, ‘Surat Textile Market’, is in Surat. The first revolving restaurant in Asia has been built in Surat. E. Q. ‘Mupal Sarai’ built by Haqiqat Khan in 1644, E, S, ‘Chokbazarno Fort’ built by Salmani in 1510, E, S, Judge A in 1850? Notable places like Andrews Library, Atmanand Pharmacy established by Bapalal Wade, Derasar of Chintamani Parshvanath, Nehru Bagh etc. are some of the notable places here. Here every year the municipality organizes ‘Trianki’ drama competition. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University is headquartered here. The city has developed gold, silver, diamond, zari, cotton textiles as well as handicraft industries. On the Tapi River, there is Sardar Bridge, Makkai Bridge and Vivekananda Bridge. 

 2. Dumas 

 This is a well-known resort located on the coast, 15 km from Surat. The Tapi River and the sea converge near the Dumas. 

 3. Hazira

 Located 25 km from Surat, Hazira port is famous for its shipyard and compost complex (Kribhako).

 4. Bardoli

In the war of independence, under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the farmers started a non-violent non-tax satyagraha from here and after the success of the satyagraha, the sardars of Bardoli became the ‘sardars’ of all India, the Sardar’s residence ‘Sardar Swaraj Ashram’ has Gandhian activities. . Here is a permanent display of a number of photographs. Here is an impressive full size statue of Sardar Shri. Gujarat’s first co-operative sugar factory e. Q. Founded here in 1956.

 5. Madhi

 Th . Kamarej ere is a sugar factory here. Madhi’s ‘Khamani’ is famous. Madhi is known for ‘Tuvarni Dal’.

6. Kamarej

In Kamarej, there is an ancient temple with idols of Naradaji and Brahmaji.

7. Kakrapar

 A dam has been built on the river Tapi here. M IS

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