25- BEST Places to Visit in Vadodara


BEST Places to Visit in vadodra 

Important Places of Vadodara District 

1 Premanand Sahitya Sabha – (Formerly Vadodara Sahitya Sabha) – Vadodara 

2 Immaculate Mother’s Dham (Christianity-Vadodara) 

3 Maharaj Sayajirao University (Vadodara) 

4 Central Library (Vadodara)

5 Laxmivilas Palace Palace (Vadodara) 

6 Nazarbagh Palace (Vadodara) 

7 Makarpura Palace Vadodara) or Radhavallabh Temple (Vadodara) 

8 A statue of Bhagat Singh Vadodara) Sayaji Bagh (Vadodara)

9 Kamati Bagh (Vadodara)

10 Surasagar Lake (Vadodara) or Kirti Mandir (Vadodara) 

11 Temple (Vadodara)

12 Muhammad Lake (Vadodara) and bicycle industry – Vaghodia 

13 Garudeshwar temple (Chandod) 

14 Kubereshwar temple (Chandod). 

15 K Iyanamurti Temple (Chandod)

16 K Karnali Temple (Chandod)

17 K Pujyashree Motano Ashram – Savli  Hira Bhagol (Dabhoi) 

18 Fort of Dabhoi (Dabhoi)  

19 Ajwa Dam as well as Ajwa Lake (Ajwa) 

20 Ashram for Shrirang Avadhut (Nareshwar) 

21 Venue (Chandod) Ka Yoga Mandir- (Kayavarohbal) 

22 Headquarters of the Animal Sampraday (Kayavarohan) established by Swami Kripala Nandji Maharaj.

 23 (Bajwa) A Mineral Oil Refining Refinery (Koyli) A place associated with Dongreji Maharaj (Malsar) 

24 The oldest temple in Gujarat (Goraj) 

25Birthplace of poet Dayaram (Dabhoi) 

 1 Vadodara

The ancient name of Vadodara is ‘Vatpadrak’, ‘Vatpur’. The city is called the ‘City of Palaces’ because of its many magnificent buildings. The architecture and art of Nyaymandir, Sharti Mandir, Surasagar Lake, Maharaja Fateh Singh Rao Museum, Pratap Vilas Palace, Makarpura Palace, Nyaymandir Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Nazarbagh Palace etc. are visible in this city. The Kirti Mandir contains many oil paintings of the kings of the Gaekwad dynasty and their families. There are beautiful paintings on the subject of Gita by Nandlal Bose, the great artist of Ardhi Santiniketan. Kamati Bagh (Zoo), Sayaji Bagh, Planetarium, Maharaja Sayajirao University etc. The Kirti Mandir grows in the adornment of Vadodara. The statue of Shaheed Bhagat Singh near the court is the only statue in Gujarat. The library of Vadodara is considered to be rich. The development of Vadodara has accelerated with the emergence of a fertilizer town nearby. 

 2 AJwa

 Water is supplied to Vadodara city from Ajwa Ajwa lake. The garden built near Ajwa Dam is a center of attraction for the pilgrims. There is a boating facility here.

3 Dabhoi

 The ancient name of Dabhoi is ‘Darbhavati’. Here 7. Koyli: In Koyli e. Q. A crude oil refinery was established in 1965. The refining of crude oil from Ankleshwar takes place in this refinery. Also Gujarat historical fort is famous, the east gate of the fort is known as ‘Hira Bhagol’ after the name of Hira Salate, Nandori Bhagol in the south, Vadodara Bhagol in the west and Mahudi Bhagol in the north. Apart from this, Hira is known as ‘Ten Lake’ built in memory of his girlfriend as well as Nageshwar Lake and Bibi. Dabhoi’s Fort 

4. Kayavarohan (Karvan)

 There is a magnificent modern Shivalaya here. The legendary Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Shiva, is believed to have been born here. This is the headquarters of the Pashupatinath sect. Swami Kripalyanandji has built a Yoga Kayavarohan Mandir here by combining ancient and modern architecture.

 5 Chandod

Chandod-Karnali, also known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’, has a mythological significance. Chandod on the banks of the river Narmada is known for its ancestral rites. The rivers Narmada, Orsang and Karjan converge here. The temple of Kubereshwar, the temple of Karnali Mahadev, Dakshinamurti as well as the temples of Ganapati, Gayatri, Hatkeshwar, Garudeshwar etc. are visible in Chandod. 

 6. Nareshwar

Here is the ashram of Shri Rangavadhut Maharaj on the banks of river Narmada. Kadambani

7. Koyali

 In Koyali e. Q. A refinery was set up in 1965 to refine oil. The mineral oil from A Kleshwar is refined at Rama Refinery.

8 malsar

 Dongreji Maharaj of Malsar sat under the Billy and Kadamba trees and told many Magavat stories. Satyanarayana’s temple, Panchmukhi Hanumanji’s temple, Angareshwar Mahadev’s Shivalaya and Sevashram are the places of interest. 

 9. Vanchhara

In Vanchhara in Padra taluka, there is a unique temple of Jano’s favorite Chitamani Panath.

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