10 Amazing Highest waterfall in india


Highest waterfall in india

Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india

Elephant falls

highest waterfall in india

The falls are settled regarding twelve kilometer removed from the Meghalayan capital town of Shillong. The falls has 3 bridges, with the third one being the ultimate viewpoint. after you scrutinize the waterfalls from the viewpoint, you may be surprised to note that the flow of water is within the form of Associate in Nursing elephant’s face – hence, giving the name ‘Elephant The summer season may be a nice time in concert will beat the warmth wave running throughout the country and revel in many days in the heart of nature.

Dudhsagar falls

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Dudhsagar falls is placed in Goa Associate in Nursingd is one in every of the tallest waterfalls in India. The majestic cascade of white water, Dudhsagar waterfall is additionally called the ocean of Milk. Resting on the Mandovi River, these falls are among the most important within the country and gush down from a large height of 1017 feet.Trekking is an exciting activity that you simply will do to achieve a degree with a serene read of the falls.

Athirapally Falls

biggest  waterfall in india

Athirapally Falls of water is found on the Chalakudy stream in Thrissur district of Kerala. it’s one in every of the foremost picturesque places in South India. or so thirty eight kilometer from poultry Airport, Athirapally is that the largest waterfall of Kerala. throughout the monsoon (June to August), the drive to Athirapally with lush verdure around could be a pleasing experience. Once you get your entry ticket, practice the woods, relish the character and reach the waterfall.

Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india

jog falls

highest waterfall in india

The Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India, creating it one in all of} the foremost spectacular waterfalls. As water falls down the drop-off from a height of 253 meters, you’ll nearly feel the force of it against the rocks. once fully flow throughout the monsoons, 3.4 million tonnes of water drop the cliff every second.

Magod Waterfalls

highest waterfall in india

This is the one of the waterfalls set at Magod village in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka.The falls are shaped once stream Bedti falls down from the rocky cliffs. notable to be a preferred picnic spot, the place is additionally frequented by photographers and nature lovers.The best time to go to Magod falls is from October – January.

Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india

Shivanasamudra Falls

highest waterfall in india

This waterfall is found on the banks of Kaveri river, within the tiny Mandya district of the state, this one accounts for one among the foremost powerful waterfalls in the country. The place is at its best throughout monsoon and winter and each these seasons are ideal to fancy the waterfall and alternative attractions here. In winter the place is stuffed with tourists due to the pleasant weather and breezy ambience.The Shivanasamudra island divides the Kaveri watercourse into two elements that forms the 2 waterfalls. One is Gaganachukki and therefore the other is Bharachukki. These two along are referred to as the Shivanasamudra Falls.

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Hogenakkal Falls

highest waterfall in india

One of the foremost common places to go to in Tamil Nadu, this water is one in every of the simplest getaways to relish some serenity and luxuriate in a unforgettable experience. There are several scintillating waterfalls in India that are thought of to carry likeness with the famed Niagara Falls of the West.You will take a ship to the prime attraction or notice a spot atop one of the hills close the falls to relish the sight.

Bhagsu Falls

highest waterfall in india

Bhagsu Falls is found a pair of kilometres removed from the most market space of the Bhagsunag village, Mcleodganj. If you’re traveling from Dharamshala, the water is at a distance of three kilometres.The height of this waterfall is some twenty meters associate degreed it’s an absolute marvel to appear at, particularly throughout the monsoon. The Bhagsunag Fall falls on the thanks to Triund, that the tourists will continue with their journey to Triund once they visit this elegant fall.

Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india

Kune falls

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This falls is thought as Kune falls and also the height of the falls is 660 feet. This 3 layer waterfall has one long drop of 330 feet. The drop of the opposite section is sort of three hundred feet.The best time to go to Kune Falls is throughout the monsoons.Some of the favored trekking destinations are Korigad, Raimachi Fort and a few others. Bathing and swimming within the pool below the falls is allowed.

Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india

Iruppu Falls

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This falls could be a picturesque body of water cascading on the Brahmagiri range within the Coorg district of South Karnataka.A major traveller attraction, the falls attracts an oversized variety of tourists each year, particularly throughout the competition of Navaratri.The best time to go to the falls is during the monsoons once they are at their full capability and therefore become a panoramic sight to behold.

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