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Italy Facts

Italy Facts

Italy is a very beautiful country, there is never a decrease in the number of travelers here, because Italy is a beautiful country dropped by a mountain, river, waterfall.Where people come from far and wide to see its beauty, that is why the economy of the country is very strong.italy facts Italy was originally united by the ancient Romans, who spread all over Europe. Italy’s currency is Euro.Italy is a leading producer of fruit, wine, and olive oil.Official language of Italy is Italian.Life expectancy in italy is 78 years.

However, Italy has been a divided country for most of its history. In the Middle Ages, it was divided into many independent states, and it was not reunited until 1861.It stretches from the glaciers and lakes in the north of the mountains to the rocky Mediterranean coast in the warm south. It also includesTwo small independent countries, San Marino and the Vatican.

Some of the most impressive sights in the world are in Italian cities. italy facts Tourists flock to the monuments of Rome, the palaces and churches of Florence, where the great artistic revolution of the Renaissance began in the 15th century. Popular tours Vital to the Italian economy.

Venice Grand Canal, italy facts

  1. About eighty five percentage of people in Italy follow Roman Catholicism.
  1. The longest tunnel withinside the world is in Italy, which is set fifty seven kilometers in length. italy facts It is a type of railroad path that is going through Italy to Switzerland. It took approximately 17 years to build this tunnel.
  1. About eighty percentage of Italy is surrounded by forests, mountains and mountains.
  1. San Marino is the oldest republic of Italy in which only 30 thousand people live.
  1. In Italy, extra than 50 million tourists visit every year. The visitor is the main source of the Italian economic system. italy facts Out of the total economic system of the Italian government, approximately sixty four according to cent of the earnings comes from the tourist.
  1. Italy is considered the 5th biggest country at the continent of Europe.
  1. Not only the highest volcanoes in Europe are in italy facts however the highest earthquakes additionally come in Italy itself.
  1. The highest alcohol production (alcohol) withinside the world is produced in italy facts while most of the alcohol withinside the world is drunk in America.
  1. The city of Venice, Italy, is constructed over the water and is completed with the assist of a gondola boat, however it’s also the law of Italy that the color of the gondola boat should always be black.
  1. Rome (capital of Italy) Also known by name) and this city is almost 3000 years old. It has been the capital of the country because 1871.
italy facts
  1. Vatican City has its own company of phones, radios, TVs, stations, money and stamps.Not only this, Vatican City additionally has its own army.
  1. The author of Pinocchio (Pine Cut) was Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) Italian. Bologna University in Italy is the oldest university in Europe.
  1. In the city of Milan, Italy, there is a regulation that it’s far mandatory to put a smile on the face on the occasion.
  1. The number 17 is considered unfortunate in Italy.
  1. Italy is the best country withinside the world that includes countries, one is Vatican City and Saint Marino.
  1. Italy is a major player in industrial and product design, and fashion.
  1. Pisa is a small town in Italy well-known for the leaning tower which is likewise known as “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.
  1. The construction work of the tower started nearly two hundred years. The Ammalfi cost is about 5000000 people come to visit it each year.
  1. The unique issue approximately this city is that it’s far located withinside the Gulf and you need to roam the whole city on foot.

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