10 – Amazing Beaches In Gujarat to Enjoy with Family


Best Beaches in Gujarat

Amazing Beaches In Gujarat to Enjoy with Family and Friends

1 Mandvi Beach

Mandvi is an old port situated on the banks of Kankavati river. For tuberculosis patients here ‘TB. There is a sanatorium. The first wind farm in Asia is here. Vijay Vilas Palace and Bhadreshwar Temple are worth visiting. Vijay Vilas Palace.

2 Diu Island

Diu is a charming beach resort town connected to Gujarat as an Island paradise by a creek. Diu is known to host a number of attractions as a reason of which this place lists its appearance in the list of must visiting places in India.

There are many places in Diu to visit Nagoa Beach, Naida Caves, gangeshwar temple, diu fort etc.

3 Tithal beach

Tithal is a beach on the west of the Valsad town. Adjacent to the Arabian Sea, this beach is known as a black sand beach. Located in the south of Gujarat, Tithal Beach can be reached through the Valsad town in auto rickshaws or GSRTC buses.

4 Dumas Beach

This is a well-known resort located on the coast, 15 km from Surat. The Tapi River and the sea converge near the Dumas.

5 Chorwad Beach

The beach here is delightful for tourists. The Nawab of Junagadh lived here in summer. At present, the Nawab’s palace has been turned into a holy day home.

6 Sarkeshwar Beach

is one good place to relax and enjoy. Sound of the waves here are very soothing and the shore is lined by tiny and beautiful sea shells.

7 Somnath Beach

The water can get pretty dangerous, so make sure you stay at a safe distance from it. But don’t worry, the beauty of the beach and the stroll-worthy sands will totally make up for it. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Somnath.it is located in Somnath temple.

8 mahua Beach

Its ancient name is “Madhupar”. It is a port of Bhavnagar district. It is situated on the banks of river Malan. It is known for its orchards.

The industry of wooden toys and ivory has developed here.

9 Gopnath Temple & Beach

There is a magnificent Shiva temple of Gopnath on the beach. The fair is held on the Poonam of Shravan month.

10 Dandi Beach

This place is associated with the historical Dandi march of Mahatma Gandhi and is located on the coast. Gandhiji violated the British government’s salt law by taking a pinch of salt here on April 6, 1930. A “Dandismarak” has been erected here in memory of this occasion.

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