Dumas beach surat horror story

Dumas Beach

Dumas beach surat horror story dumas beach surat horror story, haunted beach in surat DUmas Beach, also known as black sand Beach, located on the coast of Gujarat. This beach is always in the discussion, so tourists especially go to see it because people want to enjoy it and they are curious to know why … Read more

10 Amazing Highest waterfall in india


Highest waterfall in india Highest waterfall in india, biggest waterfall in india Elephant falls The falls are settled regarding twelve kilometer removed from the Meghalayan capital town of Shillong. The falls has 3 bridges, with the third one being the ultimate viewpoint. after you scrutinize the waterfalls from the viewpoint, you may be surprised to … Read more

biggest unsolved mysteries of india

Unsolved mystery of India

unsolved mysteries of india biggest mysteries of india, Unsolved mysteries of india, Mystery behind nidhivan unsolved mysteries of india : As night falls, humans are way away, owls and ants don’t even step. it’s believed that Banke Bihari Rasleela performs at this place at night. The special issue is that it is prohibited to examine … Read more

Top 8 spiritual mysterious places in india

mysterious places in india

mysterious places in india So today we are going to talk about some of the mysterious places in India which are very scary and mysterious too. The skeleton Lake The skeleton Lake This lake remains frozen throughout the year, it melts in summer, then this skeleton starts to appear, this skeleton was discovered in 1942.It … Read more

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