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facts About world

facts About world, interesting facts about world

1 Every person consumes about 36 tons of food in his entire life.

2 Scientists have not yet been able to know what the color of dinosaurs was.

3 100 bats together drink the blood of about 25 wolves in a year.

4 The blood in our body splashes about 19,314 kilometers in just one day.

5 The highest number of 77 billionaires live in London.

6 A day on the planet Venus is larger than a year on Earth.

7 We spend 3 months of our life in the toilet.

8 People who live separately from their friends mean that they live alone, they live four years more.

9 Our skin changes 900 times in our lives.

10 5 billion mobile phones were in use globally by 2011.

facts About world

11 70 percent of people in developed countries have access to the Internet, compared to only 24 percent in developing countries.

12 Around 20,000 number of the of butterflyspecies that live worldwide.

13 Every 30 days, you grow a 30,000 whole new outer layer of skin.

14 73 The percentage of all known animal speciesthat are insects and almost half of them are beetles.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

15 All the red blood cells in the humanbody are made by the skeleton.

16 A crocodile’s stomach acid is tentimes more powerful than a human’s.

facts About world, interesting facts about world


18 The biggest animal on Earth is a mammal: the 98 ft (30 m) blue whale.4 hours—the average time a largemeal spends in the stomach.

19 There was also a king in the world who had bearded mustaches in his kingdom.His name was Himaudin Alam, who was a resident of Russia.

20 If everyone in the world washed their hands properly So the lives of one lakh people can be saved in a year.

21 The Singapore Flyer ferris wheel is the biggest wheel in theworld, and is about 250 times bigger than a bike wheel.

22 A man spends one year of his life staring at women.

23 Facebook has over a billion users more than the individual populationsof every country in the world except China and India.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

24 The human tongue has around10,000 taste buds,each containing up to 100 tastereceptor cells.


26 Women spend almost a year of their lives deciding what to wear.

27 The length of all the nerves in our body is 75 km.Our heart dies 3.5 crore times every year.

28 Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping.It is about 25 years.

29 The average woman in the UK has 150 different hair-styles in her life.

30 Average meat-eating human eats about 7000 animals in his / her life.

31 In America, per person spends approximately 38 hours per year in traffic.

32 A research has determined that, around 40 percent of driver accidents worldwide Do not use the brakes during the operation.

33 The first car accident in the world happened in 1891 at a place called Ohia.

34 You will be surprised to know that, while the world has been hit by petrol, in Turkmenistan, car drivers have to pay 120 per month.A liter of petrol is given for free.

facts About world, amazing facts about world

35 200 billion is the approximate number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

36 The largest starsin the night sky are big enough toswallow our Sun a billion times.

37 Spiders breathe using structures called book lungs flat air-filled plates stacked on top of each other that resemble the pages of a book.

38 20 percent of the world’s fresh water iscontained in Lake Baikal, in Russia.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

39 The Sonoran Desert is one of the world’s most diverse SURVIVAL SECRETS deserts, supporting an incredible array of plants and animals.

40 Around 6,909 of living languages were 1,836 recorded in 2009.

41 Sounds louder than 85 decibels can damage human hearing.

42 The skin is the largest organ of all accounting for more than 10 percent of total human body weight.

43 Tiny animals, such as shrews, have hearts that can beat up to 1,000 times a minute.

44 Catfish have 10 times more taste buds on their body than on a human tongue.

45 No animal can see in pitch darkness.

46 All animals must detect at least a small amount of light to have vision.

47 The biggest insect that ever lived was Meganeura an ancient dragonfly with a wingspan of about 29 in (75 cm).

48 The fingernails of his hand grow more quickly with the hand you write.

49 An average person walks an average of two lakh kilometers in his entire lifetime.

50 70% of liver, 80% of intestine and a kidney can survive without a human being.While working, talking to yourself distracts the attention less.

51 The buoy bird found in the Philippines is so fond of living in the light that it hangs firefly around its slurry.

52 Due to the gravity of the earth, it is not possible for the mountains to be higher than fifteen thousand meters.

facts About world, interesting facts about world,Amazing Facts

53 Rome was the first city in the world, whose population first crossed the one million mark.

54 People who sleep on the left side are more likely to have frightening dreams than those who sleep on the right side.

55 In Iceland, keeping a pet dog is a legal offense.

56 In Australia, more people die each year than bees are bitten by snakes.

57 25 percent of your body bones are in your feet.

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facts About world, interesting facts about world


59 The highest cricket ground in the world is at a place called Chail in Himachal Pradesh.It was prepared in the year 1893 by leveling the land at an altitude of 2444 meters above sea level.

60 Blue whale draws and exhales as much as two thousand balloons in one breath.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

61 10,000 is The number of times we blink in a day.

62 Fishes have a memory of only a few seconds.

63 78 percent of your brain is water and 11 percent is fat.

64 Every year, four people lose their lives while changing their pants.

65 The kings in the cards represent some or the other kings of history.

66 70 percent of Earth’s fresh water is stored as glacial ice.

67 Insects were the first flying animals.Today, these thriving 380 life forms make up more than 75 percent of all animal species.

68 150 billion is the estimated number of emails sent across the Internet every day.

69 80 percent, or more, of all known dinosaurs nature HOW LIFE BEGAN have been discovered since 1990.

70 After a big meal, a great white shark can go without food for up to two months.

71 5 hours is the length of time a heart can 3 survive if removed from the body.

72 7 million is the number of white blood cells in one teaspoon of blood.


facts About world, interesting facts about world

74 The world’s smallest robot is less than half the size of a comma.

75 Two bananas have the energy to do hard exercises for 90 minutes.

76 Bananas are also called happy fruits.

77 The brightest stars emit 6 million times more light than the Sun.

78 1,300 The number of times Earth could fit inside Jupiter’s volume

79 65 The year Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was first seen.

80 1 million people traveled to Florida to watch the launch of Apollo 11 on July 16 1966

81 Theturn V rocket was taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York City.There are four main layers inside the Earth.

82 From the outside in, they are the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.

83 10 percent of Earth’s land is covered with glacial ice.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

84 Saudi Arabia is the only country which does not have a single river.

85 When the wind blows it never makes a sound.That sound is made when it hits an object.

86 When ice is formed from water, about 10% of the water flies away.

87 Then the ice freezes on a tray kept in the fridge.

88 We produce so much saliva throughout our lives that two swimming pools are filled.

89 In Mexico, millions of monarch butterflies spend the winter in the same trees each year.

facts About world, interesting facts about world

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