How to Become a Statistician ?


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How to Become a Statistician ?

statisticians are professionals who apply statistical methods and models to real-world problems. They gather, analyze, and interpret data to aid in many business decision-making processes. Statisticians are valuable employees in a range of industries, and often seek roles in areas such as business, health and medicine, government, physical sciences, and environmental sciences.

statisticians often work to interpret data in a way that can inform organizational and business strategies; for example, by understanding changes in consumer behavior and buying trends. In the public sector, on the other hand, analyses will often be focused on furthering the public good; for example, by collecting and analyzing environmental, demographic, or health data.

Steps to become a Statistician.

Pass 12th class in Commerce or science

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Earn master degree

Gain some experience

Many firms or organisations usually hire people with experience in the filed. 

So, it is helpful for candidates to first gain work experience and learn the workings of the field. 

Minimum Education

Bachelor’s Degree in statistics

Candidates should either have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree which provide a good foundation in mathematics/ statistics/ computer science/ economics/ econometrics/ material science.

The degree/s must have been issued by a recognised university.


Bachelor in mathematics

Bachelor in statistics

Bachelor in computer science

Bachelor in economics

Bachelor in econometrics

Bachelor in material science


Analytical skills

Communication skills

Problem-solving skills

Speaking skills

Critical thinking skills


The median annual wage for statisticians was $91,160 per year.

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