meteorology courses and details


Meteorology courses

meteorology courses

In our country India, everyone wants that their son or daughter becomes a doctor, engineer, or then become a lawyer, due to this trend, people forget that the world is not even confined to the profession, there is much more to do in the world. meteorology courses Nowadays, due to global warming, there has been a lot of change in the weather, due to this, sometimes more cold, sometimes more hot, sometimes more rain is seen.In such a situation, the importance of the Meteorological Department increases. So you can also try your career in this field.

Meteorology is a department of atmospheric technological know-how that focuses especially at the forecast of climate and weather and the look at of the statistics that convey adjustments in our environment. The phrase ‘Meteorle’ is a Greek phrase this means that some thing that occurs withinside the sky. Specialists on this discipline are referred to as meteorologists or climatologists or atmospheric scientists. Any meteorologist need to have top know-how of maths and physics topics and need to be very inquisitive about environmental matters. They also are required to have top abilties in trouble solving, choice making, records evaluation and communication. Nowadays meteorologists use excessive generation and software program of their work, so their laptop abilties need to additionally be top. Weather broadcasting stations, army departments, environmental agencies, radio and tv stations, commercial meteorological studies organizations, satellite tv for pc area studies facilities and international climate stations additionally hire meteorologists or climatologists. All information channels and agencies, besides the Indian Meteorological Department, broadcast climate forecasts daily. meteorology courses Each airport additionally has a meteorological workplace wherein certified meteorologists are required. Private architectural corporations take the offerings of meteorologists as experts whilst designing houses, buildings, offices, bridges and flyovers etc.

meteorology courses

Various authorities establishments which includes Aryabhatta Observational Science Research Institute, Indian Science Promotion Association, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Indian Air Force, National Remote Sensing Agency, Defense Research and Development Organization and Indian Space Research Organization, researchers and scientists do recruiting. meteorology courses

Meteorologists also can search for jobs overseas wherein they get appealing salaries.

steps to become a Meteorology

  • pass class 12th from Science stream
  • Earn B.Sc. in Meteorology
  • Do an internship
  • Earn M.Sc. Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences


  • Most colleges have an eligibility criteria of minimum 50% aggregate marks in Class XII with Science Stream.
  • B.Sc./ M.Sc. Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences is available as a course only in selected colleges.Atmospheric Science requires a strong base in science, especially Physics.
  • For pursuing a Diploma in Meteorology, Class 10 is the major qualification
  • For pursuing B.Sc or B.Tech on Meteorology, Class 12 in Science stream/ Diploma in Meteorology is the major qualification. meteorology courses Candidates need to quality national-level entrance tests like JEE Main/ JEE Advanced or state-level engineering entrance exams to get admission.
  • For M.Tech or M.Sc in Meteorology, B.Tech/ B.Sc in Meteorology is the major qualification.
  • For taking up M.Phil or Ph.D., M.Tech/ M.Sc is the major qualification.
  • Many institutes offer admission to M.Tech/ M.Sc through a valid GATE score.

meteorology courses

  • B.Sc. in Meteorology
  • B.Tech in Meteorology
  • M.Sc in Meteorology
  • M.Tech in Meteorology
  • Diploma in Meteorology

Job opportunities

  • Meteorological Research Centre
  • Weather Consulting Organisations
  • Air Crafts and Missile Manufacturers
  • Meteorology Department in States and Centre Agricultural Planning Divisions

Skills required

  • Leadership skills
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Interest in weather systems.
  • Team work
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in mathematics.
  • Computer literacy.


According to indeed The average salary for a meteorologist is ₹ 31,311 per month in India. 

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