How to Become a Product Manager


How to Become a Product Manager?

The main job of the Product Manager is to make strategic decisions related to product management and provide in-depth expertise required to improve the product. This profile is one of the most important profiles in every industry, especially in the IT and manufacturing companies. Sometimes, Product Manager also has to take care of the marketing and promotion activities required to promote the product. He also works closely with marketing, engineering, sales, and support to ensure customer satisfaction goals are met.

Steps to become a product manager

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Earn master degree

Gain 5 to 7 years of experience in product marketing

Minimum Education

Bachelor’s degree


5 years of experience in product marketing, strategic consulting or consumer marketing

Experience in project management, relationship management and/or change management.

You need to have a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Finance, Engineering, Economics or Marketing to start strong.

Education Required

Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field

Those who have completed the bachelors’ degree in economics, advertising, marketing, communications and statistics will be preferred.

Some of the companies hire candidates who have completed a master’s degree in management.


Bachelor’s Degree in communication

Bachelor’s Degree in management

Bachelor’s Degree in marketing

Bachelor’s Degree in economics

MBA in product management

MBA in marketing

MBA in communication


You need to have excellent time management skills, should be able to work best under pressure, and handle tight deadlines.


You can expect to earn somewhere around 7-8 lakhs per year when starting out. And when you add profit sharing to the mix, you get an additional 50,000 to 1 lakh added in your pay.

In abroad

Product Manager salary is The US: $108,642

Product Manager salary is The UK: £48,170

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