7-most mysterious places in the world


Top mysterious places on earth

Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places in the world. Bermuda Triangle is also known as Devils Triangle. Till date, all the planes and ships which have left here have disappeared and never come back.Such things make the Bermuda Triangle even more mysterious.No one has solved the mystery of Bermuda Triangle till date

The Hell Town

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In 1960, that government bought a land in Ohio to build a national park.That government had evacuated that land.All the houses that were left were burned by the government.But it has not been able to become a national park till date.So for this reason people feel that the government was not removed to create a national park but was removed due to some settled reason.

Island of the dead dolls, maxico

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This island is located 17 miles south of Mexico City.The specialty of this island is that hundreds of broken dolls hang here, this island is also considered cursed.When the government started cleaning work here in 1990, some employees came here.Then everyone came to know about it.But even today, it is a mystery that on this island, where many dolls came from.

“Easter island”

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This island is the most isolated from the world, on this island, the huge stone statue is found, its number is 887.When this island was discovered in 1722, everyone was surprised at that time everyone was wondering: who made it and why.These murtis were made from cold stones of Javalamukhi.How such huge and gigantic idols would have been brought is still a mystery.

North sentinel island

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An extremely mysterious tribe lives on North Sentinel Island.These people have contact with the world. Tourists do not have the courage to visit this island, because the tribes living here kill humans visiting this island.This tribe has been living here for 60000 years. In 2006, some fishermen went here accidentally, they were killed by this people.

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Located in Leh in Jammu and Kashmir, this place is full of mystery.People say that magnetic force is very strong here.Here the car automatically lifts up and moves towards the hill.Here the water also flows upside down.Now it has become a mystery.

The red falls of Antrantica

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This is the cold and resting place of the whole earth.It covers a large area on the earth.There is a very mysterious fall at this place from where the red colored liquid comes out and it looks exactly like blood.When people came to know about this, they started thinking of that place as a miracle of nature, many people started believing that it is a fall of blood.The deep red falls were first discovered in Antarctica in 1911.The scientist brought the samples below the surface when the scientist tested it, then they got 17 types of microbes.The scientist has not yet found out how these microbes are alive, it has remained a mystery.

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