18 – Amazing facts about brain of human


18 Facts About the Brain

facts about brain of human

The brain is made up of cells called neurons, which send electrical signals to each other via thin, wirelike strands that connect at junctions called synapses.

A computer chip has about a billion transistors with 3 to 4 connections each, but the human brain has 100 billion neurons with up to 10,000 synapses each. Synapses are more complex than the simple on/off switches in a computer chip.

Each one may contain up to 1,000 molecular switches, giving the human brain phenomenal processing power.

1, 100 billion the number of neurons in your brain.

2. 125 trillion the approximate number of synapses in your brain.

3, Locked safely inside your skull is your brain the headquarters of your nervous system and your body’s control center.

4. The front part of the cerebral cortex is important in conscious thinking, planning, and understanding other people’s thoughts.

5. Nerve signals from the ears come to the auditory cortex, which creates the sense of hearing.

6. Known as Broca’s area, this part of the brain is vital in generating speech.

7. 3 intake is used by your brain. lb (1.35 kg) the average weight of an adult brain.

8. 78 percent of your brain is water and 11 percent is fat.

9. 20 percent of your energy 3 intake is used by your brain.

10. The brain stores memories as networks of connections between neurons.

11. Every new experience or new piece of information makes your neurons fire in a particular pattern.

12. The largest and cleverest part of the brain is its outermost layer, the cerebral cortex.

13. Repeating the experience or recalling the fact causes new links to form, making the network larger and easier to trigger.

14. A new experience makes neurons send signals in a particular pattern. In reality, hundreds of neurons are involved in the network.

15. Further repetition strengthens the network further, consolidating the memory. Links that are not refreshed tend to fade and are lost.

16. Basic instinct While the outer part of the brain deals with higher mental processes such as thought, a set of structures deep inside the brain controls basic drives and emotions, such as pleasure, fear, and anger. These structures form what is known as the limbic system.

17. Every second, trillions of electrical impulses dart among your brain cells, weaving infinitely tangled paths among an everchanging maze of connections.

18. scans of active brains reveal widespread activity across the cortex during mental tasks, showing that the various areas work together in complex ways.

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