10 Most Horror Railway station in India


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10- Most haunted Railway station in India

Horror Railway station in India

Horror Railway station in India, begunkodor railway station, bhootiya station,

Many people lose their lives in a train accident, many people commit suicide, come in front of the train and And all these spirit keep wandering who cannot get salvation.And such stations become ghostly.Such a wandering spirit haunts humans.

Well what do you believe that we do not know.But we are not claiming all these things.

So Let’s know about some very scary railway station which is located in India.

Barog Station,shimla

Tunnel no. 33

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British engineer Colonel Barog was hired to build this tunnel, due to a mistake he had to be humiliated.He could not bear this insult and he committed suicide by shooting himself the next day.The engineer was buried in front of the tunnel. People believe that the tunnel brings strange sounds at night.Many have felt the presence of Colonel Barog within the tunnel.People believe that this is a haunted tunnel.

Horror Railway station in India

Begunkodor Station, West Bengal

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It is considered to be the most haunted railway station in India.This railway station was tied up only in 1967 due to continuous scary stories.People believe that whoever lands at the station, they see a woman with a white sari and that person dies in a few There was an accident after the last in 1967 when the employee working here saw a woman with white sari and the employee died.After this accident, this station remained tied for 42 years.

Rabindra sarobar metro station

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This station of Kolkata is considered very ghostly, it is said that many people have committed suicide here whose spirit keeps wandering here.The driver of the train believes that when the last train leaves, there is a shadow from the front which disappears at the moment.

Chittoor Station, Andhra Pradesh

IMG 20210309 WA0013

This railway station is a haunted railway station.A CRAPF officer Hari Singh was murdered here and since then his soul wanders for justice.People do not go to this station at night. People believe that this is a ghostly railway station.

Horror Railway station in India

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

IMG 20210309 WA0015

People believe that this is a ghostly railway station and avoid going at night.People believe that here a woman roams around in the night who runs behind the car of the people.

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MG road Metro Station, Delhi

IMG 20210309 114336

People believe that here revolves around the soul of a woman who had an accident at this place years ago.That is why people consider this station as ghostly.

Horror Railway station in India

Dombivli railway station

IMG 20210309 114503

It is one of the most haunted station in India, it is believed that here a woman always waits on the platform.And when someone asks her, she says I had to go home but could not go.People claim that it is not visible to everyone.

Ludhiana Railway Station, Punjab

IMG 20210309 141715

This station is believed to have the spirit of former computer reservation system officer Named Subhash here.People believe that Subhash died in 2004, he loved his job, his soul wanders in the Reservation Center office.

patalpani railway station

IMG 20210309 140956

It is considered to be a very haunted railway station.Here the British had thrown the freedom fighters Tantya Bhil.It is said that here the train is stopped and saluted if it is not done, then the train falls into the ditch.

sohagpur railway station

IMG 20210309 141246

This railway station is very ghostly, people believe that there is a spirit wandering here.People here are afraid to go here at night and think that a woman’s screams and strange sounds are also heard here.

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