15 – interesting facts about life on earth


interesting facts about life on earth

Ever since people first began to observe the natural world around them, they have been making discoveries about life and living things. Biology—the scientific study of life—emerged in the ancient world when philosophers studied the diversity of life’s creatures, and medical experts of the day dissected bodies to see how they worked. Hundreds of years later, the invention of the microscope opened up the world of cells and microbes, and allowed scientists to understand the workings of life at the most basic level. At the same time, new insights helped biologists answer some of the biggest questions of all: the cause of disease, and how life reproduces.

Life can be defined as a combination of seven main actions— known as the characteristics of life—that set living things apart from nonliving things. However big or small, every organism must process food, release energy, and excrete its waste. All will also, to some degree, gather information from their surroundings, move, grow, and reproduce.

1. Blood is a liquid tissue and contains more than 4 million red blood cells per cubic millimeter—the most abundant kind of cell in the human body.

2. Adult humans have a total of 206 bones in their skeletal system.

3. The skin is the largest organ of all—accounting for more than 10 percent of total human body weight.

4. A man can live for about 2 months without eating food but cannot live more than 11 days without sleeping.

5. If all people clean their hands thoroughly with soap before eating food, then the lives of millions of people can be saved every year.

6. Out of all the reptiles and land mammals of the Galápagos Islands, 97 percent are found nowhere else in the world.

7. The number of bacteria in your mouth is greater than the number of people on Earth.

8. Bacterial cells are 100 times smaller than blood cells, but potentially cause disease. It is a white blood cell’s job to prevent them from invading the body.

9. 60 of an unfertilized bird egg is a giant single cell. trillion cells make up the human body.

10. On an average, the American spends 5 months of his entire life only using the phone.

11. Regular achievements achieved by you give you more happiness than big achievements.

12. Those who have more friends live 3.7 years more than those who live alone.

13. Sitting in one place for more than three hours every day reduces your life expectancy by three years.

14. women than men live long to live lives because their Q Tircsha system is slow.

15. 3.3 lb (1.5kg)—the weight of the liver, which is the largest internal organ in the human body.

16. 70 times a minute is how fast the human heart beats on average.

17. 11 tons of blood are contained within the body of a blue whale. Its heart pumps the equivalent of two baths with every beat.

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