7- BEST Places to Visit in Banaskantha District


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BEST Places to Visit in banashkatha

Ambaji Shakti Peeth is located in Banaskantha district.

Banas Dairy ranked first in milk production in the year 2008.

Woolstoneite mineral found only in Banaskantha district of Gujarat.

Important Places of Banaskantha District

1 (Build by the Minister) Kumbharia’s Dera Kumbharia Bhimdev I’s Abu Dandak Vimal Fee

2 Sardar Patel Dantiwada Krishi University (Dantiwada)

3 Balaram Tourist Site (Balaram)

4 Balaram Taluka (Balaram)

5 Jessore Sanctuary (in Amirgarh Taluka for bears)

6 K Dantiwada Multi-Purpose Scheme (on Banas River)

7 K Muktachar Multi-Purpose Scheme (on Saraswati River)

8 Sipu Multi-Purpose Scheme (on Sipu River)

9 Ambaji Mata’s Temple (Arasur Dungar on Aravalli Range)

10 Sarovar (Balaram).

1 palanpur

Palanpur is the district headquarters. Its vehicle is Kanu, this city is known for its pomegranate industry, so the body up to Ma Shakitar is made. In the time of Naibar, the city of Na was known for Bagiyani, the uncle was Rasul Khan, the Nawab of Palan. He did the same with Palanpur with India, at present the diamond industry has flourished.

2 Balaram

Balram has a beautiful vihardham. The springs gushing from the roots of the trees, the river and the cool, beautiful nature of the trees are the attractions here. Here is the temple of Sheyar Mahadev and the temple of Balaram Madev. There is a forest of sandalwood trees here, there is a magnificent Italy in Balaram Palace.

3. Ambaji

The glorious famous temple of Ambaji Mataji is located on the Arasur hill of Aravali hills. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths of India. A magnificent temple has been built on the site of the ancient temple. The temple peak of Ambaji of this temple is gilded. The temple does not have an idol of Mataji, but the gold machine is decorated and worshiped like an idol. Ambaji is the main place of worship for the devotees of Mataji in all the communities of Gujarat. Mataji’s original station is on the hill Gabbar near Ambaji. Ambaji has a marble and copper mine.

4. Kumbharia

There are five Jain temples of the Solanki era built by Vimaldev, a minister before Bhimdev, with wonderful marble carvings, 2 km away from Ambaji.

5. Koteshwar

One kilometer away from Kumbharia is the temple of Koteshwar Mahadev. Here is the source of the river Saraswati.

6. Dantiwada

Dantiwada is the center of the Agricultural University.

 7. Vav

There is a famous temple of Nadeshwari Mata in Vav.

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