16 BEST Places to Visit in Bhavnagar



Places to visit in bhavnagar

Shiva is believed to have been worshiped. Nanabhai is related to Bhatt and Gijubhai and is the chief of Bhavnagar district.

Central Salt is a Marine Chemical Research Bhavsinhji Polytechnic College  Prabhakar Pattani Institute of Science  Krishnakumar Singh & Bhavnagar University (Bhavnagar )

1 Shitla Mata’s temple (Bhavnagar)

2 Ban Mumday (Bavnagar)

3 Gopnath Mahadev’s temple (Gopnath)

4 Gandhi Smriti (Bhavnagar)

5 Taneshwar Temple (Bhavnagar)

6 Sardar Smriti (Bavanak)

7 Bandarno Lok Mat (Bhavnagar)

8 Shamaldas College (Bhavengar)

9 Ruvapari Temple (Bhavnagar)

10 Townhall (Bhavnagar)

11 Dakshinamurti Sanstha (Ambala)

12 Lokbharati Sanstha (Sanosara)

13 Turtle Breeding Center (Hathab).

14 Shipbreaking Yard (Alang)

15 Buddhist Caves (Talaja)

16  KhodiyarMata Temple (Rajap)

17 Bahmkund (Shiho)

18 Kaliyar National Park (Velavadar)

19 Gopnath Mahadev Temple (Gopnath)

20 Palitana Jain Derasar, (Palitana)

21 Dula Bhaya Mazadar)  Temple of Immaculate Conception (Koliyak)

22 Venue of Vallabhi Vidyapeeth (Valabhipur – on the banks of Ghelo river)

23 Ray Santashri Bajrangdas Bapa’s Ashram (Bagdana)

24 Birthplace of Narasimha Mehta (Talaja)

25 Talagajarda (Mahuva)

1 Bhavnagar

Establishment of Bhavnagar e. Q. Maharaja Bhavsinhji first did it in 172૩. It was developed by Maharaja Takht Singhji. Gandhiji studied at Shamaldas College here. Gandhi Smriti, Sardar Smriti, Gaurishankar Lake, Barton Museum, Lockgate at the port, Darbargarh, Takhteshwar Temple, Ruvapari Temple etc. are the main attractions here.

2. Palitana

The ancient name of Palitana is’ Padlipapapur’. There are famous temples. This is considered to be the abode of Shashabhdevji, the first pilgrim of Jainism.

3 Valabhipur

Valabhipur is situated on the banks of the river Ghelo. It was a prosperous and bustling town in the days of the friends. Valabhipur University was famous for its coins and coals Here coal is made from acacia

4. Ghogha

This is an ancient port, here is the temple of Navkhanda Parshvanathji. E. Q. Ferry service has been started between Ghogha and Dahej (Dist. Bharuch) since 2012.

5. Khodiyar

Khodiyar has the famous temple of Nodiyar Mata and Ghabipo Dharo. Na ‘Rama’ has twelve masses of water.

6 Velavadar

Velavadar is the world’s largest national park for antelopes.

 7. Gopnath

There is a magnificent Shiva temple of Gopnath on the beach. The fair is held on the Poonam of Shravan month.

8. Talagajargh

This is the forest of the popular saint Moraribapu of Gujarat.

9 mahua

Its ancient name is “Madhupar”. It is a port of Bhavnagar district. It is situated on the banks of river Malan. It is known for its orchards.

The industry of wooden toys and ivory has developed here.

10. talaja

It is the birthplace of Narasimha Mehta, has Jain temples and Buddhist caves, is famous for fresh saffron mangoes.

11. Shihor

The former city was the capital of Bhavnagar state, the city is known for its copper-brass utensils carving and oil industry. Brahmkund is well known.

 12. Hathab

This is a scenic beach. There is a turtle breeding center on the beach. Arshi Nilkanth is the temple of Mahadev.

13. Alang

It is an important port of Gujarat. Here is the largest ship breaking yard in Asia.

14. Bagdana

Bagdana is the ashram of Sant Shri Bajrangdas Bapa.There is an ancient temple of Bagdeshwar Mahadev on the banks of Bagad river.

15. Mazadar

Mazadar village near Mahuva is the hometown of Dula Bhaya Kaag.


There is such a belief. A fair is held at Niklak Mahadev in the month of Bhadarva,

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