7 BEST Places to Visit in Amreli District


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places to visit in amreli  

The first Chief Minister of Gujarat Dr. Jivraj Mehta’s birth place.

Total Population: 15,13,614 

Gender Proportion: 964 (Female per 1000 males) 

Population Density: 205 (per 1 sq. Km.)

Total Literacy Rate: 74.49%

Talukas of Amreli District  are Jafarabad, Savarkundla, Bagasara Amreli district is known as  Amrili district Lathi Suratani Wadi is the birthplace and karmabhoomi of the sweet Morlona Ko Kalapi (Surasinhji Gohil). Jafrabad of Amreli district is known for fisheries as well as Jafrabad Bhere.  At Savarkundla in Amreli district, a scale of thorns has developed.  

 The first private port to operate is Pipavav Port (back Albert Victor) located in Amreli district. 

There are many places in Amreli which is worth visiting for a one day tour.

1. Amreli

places to visit in amreli

Amreli is located in gujarat.it is the district headquarters.  E.  Q.  Archaeological remains of 3000 BC have been found here.  The tomb of Mahatma Muldas is here.

places to visit in amreli are the Nagnath Temple, Srinathji’s Haveli, Girdharlal Mehta Museum are worth visiting. Many Oil mills are also located here.

 2. Lathi

places to visit in amreli

Lathi is the karma bhoomi and birthplace of the poet Kalapi. places to visit in amreli the Hanuman Temple here is famous.

 3. Pipavav

The old name of Pipavav was ‘Port Albert Victor’.  The name ‘Pipavav’ is derived from the name of Saint Pipa.  E.  Q.  Launched in 1998, Pipavav is the fastest growing privately owned port in Gujarat.  Pipavav.

 4. Jafrabad

Jafrabad is a well known port of Amreli district.  The Sidi people from Africa have lived here for many years.  His ‘Dhamal Nritya’ is well known. 

 5. Chavand

This is the birthplace of Mani Shankar Ratnaji Bhatt ‘Kant’, the creator of Urmi poetry.

 6. Dhari

places to visit in amreli

This place has a triple attraction to tourists. It is located near the dam and Dhari Khodiyar Temple. These three palaces are two places. The cost of safaris at Ambardi Safari Park is lower. There is a bus safari park here, but there is a different geographic location every 100 meters. places to visit in amreli Here, you can enjoy the fresh air of Khodiyar Dam because it is just across from this place.

7. Shri nagnath mahadev temple

This temple is located in amreli.it is a very famous temple in Amreli.places to visit in amreli It’s a historical temple.this temple is 200 years old and art and culture of this temple is fantastic.

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