Most Haunted Railway Stations In the World


Haunted Railway Stations In the World

haunted railway station in world, Most Haunted Railway Stations In the World

Everyday, millions of individuals travel by train.But there are several such folks that claim to check ghosts. And there are many folks who don’t believe ghosts.

So let’s fathom a number of the foremost dangerous and chilling railway stations within the world.

Addiscombe railway station,London, United Kingdom

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haunted railway station in world, Most Haunted Railway Stations In the World

This station is taken into account to be very haunted. folks claim that it absolutely was closed.People believe that a driver committed suicide here whose spirit continues to be seen here.People claim that strange sounds come back from here at night.This railway station is situated in London, United Kingdom.

Subway station in Macquarie Park, Australia

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This railway station is considered to be very Haunted. it’s located in Australia.People claim that here the spirit of a woman wanders that is covered in blood.The girl’s loud screams are detected at night.

Caobao Road Subway Station


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Caobao Road Subway Station is located in China.It is believed that this is often a ghostlike railroad terminal, there have been 9 mysterious deaths.People have conjointly detected the screams of somebody here.People have claimed to be ghosts here. Hearing loud screams has become common here.

Glen Eden railway station

New Zealand

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This railway station is found in New Zealand. it’s thought of to be the most haunted railway station in new Zealand.This railway station was engineered for visiting the cemetery.It is believed that Alec Mafferlane, who was a railway employee, was killed in Associate in Nursing accident in 1924.People have felt his spirit many times.

Rabindra sarobar metro station

Kolkata, India

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This station of Kolkata is considered terribly ghostly, it is aforesaid that several people have committed suicide here whose spirit keeps wandering here.The driver of the train believes that once the last train leaves, there’s a shadow from the front that disappears at the moment.

Waterfront station

Vancouver, Canada

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This railway station is haunted station situated in Canada, it’s believed that a railway worker’s spirit is seen here at night.

Bishan MRT station,Singapore

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This railway station is taken into account terribly ghostly, here folks have detected the voice of somebody walking in a very moving train.This railroad terminal is found in Singapore

Begunkodor Station, West Bengal


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This railway station is located in west bengal.It is considered to be the foremost haunted railway station in India.This railway station was affianced solely in 1967 because of continuous shuddery stories.People believe that whoever lands at the station, they see a girl with a white saree which person dies in a few There was an accident once the last in 1967 when the worker operating here saw a woman with white sari and the employee died.After this accident, this station remained tied for forty two years.

Panteones Subway station in Mexico City, Mexico

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It is taken into account to be the foremost haunted train station in Mexico.There are 2 cemeteries around this station.People claim that the sound of screaming comes from here.The sound of somebody walking is detected from here.This railway station is found in North American nation city, mexico.

Barog Station,shimla


Tunnel no. 33

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British engineer commissioned military officer Barog was employed to create this tunnel, because of a slip he had to be humiliated.He couldn’t bear this insult and he committed suicide by shooting himself succeeding day.The engineer was buried ahead of the tunnel. individuals believe that the tunnel brings strange sounds at night.Many have felt the presence of commissioned military officer Barog among the tunnel.People believe that this is often a haunted tunnel.This most haunted train station is found in shimla, India.

Connolly Station


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haunted railway station in world, Most Haunted Railway Stations In the World

This railway station is located in Ireland.People here believe that this is a spectral railway station, some strange sounds come back from here.

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