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Top places to visit in karnataka

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  • From the 5th to the 10th centuries it was the capital of the Ganga dynasty but only two modest temples survive from that period. The largest edifice at this site is the 12th­century Vaidyanatheswara Temple, dedicated to Shiva.

A festival, the Panchalinga Darshana, is celebrated here at intervals of 12 years.

The historic city of Talakad, situated on the north bank of the Kaveri river, now lies partly buried under shifting sand dunes.

Nearby is the more modest Kirti Narayana Temple, where the 3­m (10­ft) high image of Vishnu is still worshipped.


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The picturesque Brindavan Gardens are 16 km (10 miles) to the north of the city. This popular picnic spot was laid out below the Krishnarajasagar Dam by Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

Today, Mysuru is an important cultural centre, with the largest university in Karnataka.

It is also renowned for its ivory work, silk-weaving, sandalwood incense and carvings. Several elegant public buildings, erected under the Wodeyars, enhance the wide, tree-lined streets.

In the heart of the city is the Amba Vilas Palace. To its west is Jaganmohan Palace, built in 1861 to mark the coronation ceremony of Krishnaraja III. In the western part of the city is the Neo Classical Manasa Gangotri, the campus of Mysore University.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Karnataka

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Created to protect the extraordinary biodiversity of the last surviving tracts of tropical evergreen and deciduous forests of the Western Ghats, it includes the area over which the notorious sandalwood smuggler and bandit, Veerappan, once held sway. These parks are within convenient reach of Bengaluru and Mysuru.This reserve, along with the adjacent Mudumalai Sanctuary forms one of the most important migratory corridors for animals such as the Asian elephant and the Indian bison.


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Kodagu remains pleasantly cool all year round, and the hills are at their most lush after the heavy monsoon showers when they make for delightful hikes. The walk up to Abbey Falls, 8 km (5 miles) from Madikeri, is popular and takes trekkers through forests and coffee plantations.

The bamboo cottages built here by the forest department are ideal for viewing wildlife. Talakaveri, 45 km (28 miles) southwest of Madikeri, at an altitude of 1,276 m (4,186 ft), is the source of the Kaveri, one of India’s nine sacred rivers there is a small shrine built around the spring.

Kodagu produces some of the world’s finest varieties of mild coffee; in fact, it is Karnataka’s richest district because it accounts for the majority of coffee exports from the state.

notable monuments in Madikeri are the Royal Tombs of Raja Dodda Vira, his wife and his son, Linga Raja II. Curiously, these display a distinct Islamic influence, with onion- shaped domes, minarets and trellis work.


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Daily life in Melkote revolves around temple rituals, and the tradition of religious learning introduced by Ramanuja survives in its many institutions, of which the Academy of Sanskrit Research is most famous.

Sravana Belgola

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This small town, located between two granite hills, Indragiri and Chandragiri, is the most important Jain site in South India.

Every 12 years, Jainism’s most important festival, the spectacular Mahamastaka- bhisheka (head-anointing ceremony) is held here. It is dominated by the colossal 17.7-m (58-ft) high monolithic Statue of Gommateshvara, also known as Bahubali, son of the first Jain tirthankara.

A special scaffold is erected behind the statue, so that priests can ritually bathe the god with milk, water from the holy rivers, ghee, saffron, sandalwood paste, vermilion and flower petals. The festival commemorates the consecration of the Bahubali monolith, and attracts thousands of monks, priests and pilgrims.

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  • The entire surface of the grey-green schist structure is covered with richly textured relief carvings. The lintels have foliate frames running between open-mouthed aquatic monsters (makaras) with exuberantly foliated tails.

One of the jewels of South Indian architecture, Belur’s Chennakeshava Temple was built in 1117 by Vishnuvardhan to commemorate the Hoysala triumph over the Cholas.

Brackets fashioned as female dancers, musicians and huntresses, standing gracefully under perforated trees, support the sloping eaves above the grilles. The stone grilles that filter light into the porch are raised on friezes of elephants, lotus stems, garlands and amorous couples. Even finer bracket figures can be seen inside the temple.

Beaches Around Gokarna

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  • Long stretches of beautiful, unspoilt beaches extend along the western coast from Gokarna to Karwar, a seaside town 60 km (37 miles) to the north.

The gently curving bays, fringed by palms, are still occupied by small fishing villages where life revolves around the sea and the daily catch.

Tourism remains unknown and only a few simple shacks offer basic food and shelter.

South of Gokarna are the Half Moon and Paradise beaches, while nearer Karwar are the lovely Binaga and Araga beaches.


A charming little town with two principal streets and clusters of traditional tile-roofed brick houses, Gokarna is also an important centre of Sanskrit learning.

Spectacularly situated by the Arabian Sea, Gokarna is a favourite with visitors in search of sun, sea and sand.

The Mahabaleshvara Temple, at the western end of the main street, was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1714 and then rebuilt later in the 18th cen tury.

The two great temple chariots lead a procession through the town’s narrow streets, while priests chant hymns in praise of Shiva.Shiva’s birthday (Feb/ Mar) is celebrated here with great fanfare.

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The many beautiful Jain and Hindu stone temples found here date from those days of prosperity. Standing in the town’s main street are the Chandranatheshvara and Parsvanatha bastis.

Tucked away in the forested hills at Kollur, 35 km (22 miles) southeast of Bhatkal, is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Mukambika.

Situated 2 km (1 mile) to the east, on the other side of the highway, is the Khetapai Narayan Temple, built in 1540.

Jog Falls

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They can be seen at the head of the Sharavati river, framed by jagged pinnacles of rock.

This is a very popular pilgrimage. India’s highest waterfalls, the Jog Falls, lie 60 km (37 miles) northeast of Bhatkal.


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There are several small temples here, as well as a number of ceremonial gateways erected by the Bedas.

Located at the base of a rugged chain of hills, this town was a prominent outpost of the Vijayanagar Empire.The platforms and pavilions within the compound of the Sampige Siddheshvara Temple mark the spot where the Bedas were crowned.

The remains of rubble and mud-built granaries and residences, and a large circular well can be seen nearby. In the town below, the local Government Museum displays artifacts from surrounding sites.

The Fort, defined by walls of huge granite blocks, rises above the town. A series of three gates leads to the irregular inner zone, strewn with striking granite boulders.

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