How to become a Robotics Engineer


Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineer

Engineering is an area in which robotics Engineering has also been included.In such a situation, you will get a lot of opportunities in the changing era of technology.Earlier there used to be only one degree in engineering, but now many options are available and one of them is robotics engineering.

Engineering is one of the most popular field.Just like there are many changes coming in the world, in the same way, the development of technology is also happening day by day in the world.

Along with this, new new opportunities and new new areas are also coming out.Like to make easy the work of people in the world, many such technologies have been developed, such as car refrigerators, one phones.Robots are also being developed to make the work of such people more easy.In such a situation, if you also want to go in such a field, which has more opportunities and salary, as well as if you are interested in technology, then you must suck this field.

Robotics is a branch of science that artificial intelligence is developing. Using automated mechanical equipment and computer programming, automated and reprogrammable machines called robots can be created. A robot is a system composed of sensors, control systems and manipulators. The power supply unit and software together constitute a machine that can work independently of artificial intelligence. In view of the continuous growth of the practicality of this technology, many companies have announced that they will invest in this field, so there will be opportunities for good professional development in this field soon. With the help of robotics, you can easily implement many of these functions. In tasks that are dangerous to humans, robots are used to perform tasks such as manipulating, demining, military operations, and bomb disposal. Currently, robots are used in various fields, such as industry, where robotics performs personal tasks and solves medical problems.

Robotics Engineer

Steps to become a Robotics Engineer

  • pass class 12th in Science stream
  • earn bachelor degree in automation engineering
  • Earn Master degree in Master of Science in Robotics

To pursue a career in this field, candidates must obtain an acceptance rate of 10 + 2 in the PCM subject. Then, he can take refresher courses such as BTech or BE such as electrical engineering, computer science or mechanical engineering, and then obtain a master’s degree in automation and robotics.

After the 12th, you can only supervise a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering or a bachelor’s degree in automation engineering. Students pursuing a master’s degree in robotics can work in space research organizations (such as ISRO and NASA).

Skills required

  • Mathematics skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technology design skills
  • Programming mindset

Career opportunities

Candidates participating in robotics engineering courses can engage in robotics research, development, manufacturing and testing, and robotics quality control.

In addition to applicants in this field can also get job opportunities in many private sector, automotive and industrial tools. You can work as a robotics engineer, robotics scientist, or technician.they can get job in nasa as well.


According to PayScale the average salary for a Robotics Engineer in India is ₹448076

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