How to become a medical malpractice lawyers?


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How to become a medical malpractice lawyers ?

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If this career interests you, read on to learn the steps that it takes to become a medical malpractice lawyer.

Medical lawyer do the same kind of work as other lawyers, but focused on some aspect of the medical industry or individual or public health.

Skills required

Communication skills

Analyse skills

Confident courage

Patient listening


Steps to become a medical malpractice lawyer

Pass 12th class with minimum 45%.

Take a entrance exam

Clat exam 

LSAT test

Or other state exam

Earn bachelor degree in law

enrolled as an advocate in the roll of Bar Council 

Do an internship in law firm

Earn master degree law

Gain some experience while doing master degree in law

Earn PhD degree if you want

Responsibility of medical malpractice lawyer

develop case theories, expert reports, and testimony to support the plaintiff’s case

Taking depositions of medical experts, medical personnel, and other third parties

Gathering and analyzing medical records

Setting up independent medical examinations (IMEs) to obtain an objective evaluation of the injured plaintiff’s condition.

The healthcare world has a major need for medical attorneys, but so do the many government organizations that deal with or regulate health and medical issues. Even non-medical businesses may need advice on, for example, how to meet federal privacy rules for medical data.

Performing medical research relating to the plaintiff’s condition.

Some law schools offer Master of Laws degree programs in health law. These programs provide additional education about health care and medical malpractice laws. They usually include about 30 credit hours of study in courses like health care payments, privacy law, physician regulation, government health policy, health care business and finance, administrative law and health care regulation.

Minimum Education required

LLB degree

Degree required



Bcom LLB


LLM specialization in employment law


In India you can earn between 2 to 4 lacs as a fresher. After gaining some experience you can earn more depending on your experience and skills and knowledge.

The average annual pay for a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in the United States is $68,930 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $33.14 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,326/week or $5,744/month.

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