How to become a Criminal Lawyer ?


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How to become a Criminal Lawyer?

The course is designed to train eligible candidates in finding and catching criminals to prevent crime in the society and maintain a peaceful environment to live in.To become a Criminal lawyer it is very important to be able to work under pressure and be able to think on your feet. Criminal law involves a lot of research and evidence gathering, therefore being able to deal with information promptly will serve you well.

Criminal lawyer represents and defend the person for which he/she is fighting the case. The work description of criminal lawyer involves investigating and collecting evidences that saves his/her client.Step to become a Criminal Lawyer
Pass 12th class with minimum 45%.
Take a entrance exam
Clat exam 
LSAT test
Or other state exam
Earn bachelor degree in law
enrolled as an advocate in the roll of Bar Council 
Do an internship in corporate law firm
Earn master degree in criminal law (LLM in criminal law)
Gain some experience while doing master degree in law
Earn PhD degree if you want
The student must also have done internships in proper law firms in order to boost their resume and get an understanding of the work of criminal Lawyer.

One of the best career routes to get into a Criminal Law is to work/ intern under a Criminal Lawyer and gain experience in Criminal trials and cases.

Minimum Education required

Bachelor of law

Degree required


Bcom LLB

LLM in Criminal Law – 1 year duration

LLM in Criminal Law and Criminology – 1 year duration

LLM in Criminal Law and Commercial Law – 1 year duration

Post graduate diploma in Criminal Justice – min duration: 1 year, max duration: 3 years

Master of Arts (M.A) in Criminology – 2 years duration

Master of Arts (M.A) in Criminal Justice – 2 years duration

M.Phil in Criminology

Skills required

Excellent listening and communication skills.

Problem solving skills

Good advocacy

Logical reasoning skills

Creative thinking and analytical skills

Good communication skills

Quick responsiveness

Open, flexible mind

Good authoritative leadership qualities


Good listening and powerful oratorical skills

Out-of-the-box thinking ability

You can work with

private practices, law firms, government organizations, and corporate offices. Possible roles include public interest lawyer, government prosecutor, in-house corporate counsel, or public defense attorney.


If you are working under an expert lawyer, then you can earn Rs 15,000-20,000 per month. In abroad, the salary of a criminal lawyer is $1800 to $ 3500 per month.

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