Demanding Law Specialization in India


 LLM specialization

LLM is a two year post graduate master course a candidate can pursue after graduation in law.

Master of law, also popularly known as the LLM programme. Graduates who have pursued a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) and want to pursue specific specialisations in the field of law can take up LLM programmes. 

The course is designed to provide education regarding trademarks and trademark law practice in India and across the world.

Minimum Qualification Required: Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

Minimum Marks Required (Aggregate): 55%

LL.M Entrance Exams




Du exam

A LLM graduate can work as Advocate, Magistrate, Judge, Trustee, Oath Commissioner, Notary,Legal Document Reviewer,Legal Consultant, Legal Associate, Professor of Law etc.

LLM specialization

1 business law 

Its focus is upon the practical difficulties businesses experience when meeting their legal obligations and complying with regulatory frameworks. 

Demand of business lawyer is increasing day by day as companies and organisation are increasing. It’s a demanded career option currently. A one can make his career bright in this field. A Business lawyer is a person responsible for handling the business operations, the decision in a legal way.

You can choose business law after llb.

2  tax law

You can choose this specialization if you want to be a tax lawyer, tax consultant or Tax Analyst , professor etc.

LLM in Taxation Law acquaints students to the details involved in the field of tax law. Candidates having expertise regarding the tax laws and the regulations pertaining to it are considered well suited for the program.

3 cyber law

If you are interested in technology and law you should choose this course after llb you can become a cyber lawyer, legal advisor, cyber assistant, etc.

Cyber Law is the term which deals with the issues related to the internet, communication technology, technological & electronic elements including hardware, software, computer & information systems.

The scope of cyber law is huge now a days . Due to large scale use of internet technology the cyber space has also become a place to conduct malicious activities, so to deal with crimes related to cyber world the lawyers must possess the knowledge of cyber world and this lead to a new field of law i.e. cyber law.

4  civil law

It is a section of law dealing with disputes between organizations and individuals. It covers different areas such as defamation, custody of children, right to education, divorce, trade union membership, property disputes, ownership issues, Copy Right, insurance claims etc.

You can become a civil lawyer, Lawyers specialized in civil law are hired by several government institutes, private law firms and nonprofit organizations, National Human Rights Commission and many more.

5 Criminal law

The course is designed to train eligible candidates in finding and catching criminals to prevent crime in the society and maintain a peaceful environment to live in.

You can become a criminal lawyer, professor, criminologist.

6 corporate law

Corporate Law includes the rules, practices and regulations that govern the formation as well as the operation of corporate firms. Thus, in simple words, Corporate Laws deal with forming, owning, operating and managing of a corporation.

Corporate law is a set of legal regulations for running a business in an ethical manner be it for stakeholders, shareholders, workers, and business operations. 

You can work as corporate lawyer, professor etc.

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