How to become a civil lawyer ?


How to become a civil lawyer?

If you have a good communication skills, critical thinking, analytical skills than you can become a successful civil lawyer.They mainly work on behalf of private clients, businesses to resolve legal matters and disputes. Civil law deals with law pertaining to property and people. To be a successful Civil Lawyer, it is important to empathise with people and society. Being a highly prestigious field, Civil Law welcomes the aspirers to build a successful career.

Civil law deals with the disputes between individuals and organizations. Disputes between partners, family members, employers, employees on contract is handled by the civil lawyers.

In the countries like England, Wales and United States, the term civil law is referred as “non-criminal law”.

Professionals of civil law works for private clients, businesses or government entities to resolve disputes and legal issues.

Steps to become a Civil Lawyer

Pass 12th class with minimum 45%.

Take a entrance exam

Clat exam 

LSAT test

Or other state exam

Earn bachelor degree in law

enrolled as an advocate in the roll of Bar Council 

Do an internship in civil law firm

Earn master degree in civil law (LLM in civil law)

Gain some experience while doing master degree in law

Earn PhD degree if you want

Students can also pursue diploma courses in civil law related to human rights, family laws, juvenile justice, women and others. Masters in Philosophy and Doctorate in civil law can be done.

Minimum Education required


Degree required



Bcom LLB

Pgdm in civil law

LLM in civil law

Skills required

Critical thinking, analytical reasoning, research and writing skills, ability to negotiate; ability to use legal research engines, project management software and accounting software.

You can work with

Private Practice

High Courts

Supreme Courts

Real Estate Companies

National Commission for Women

National Human Rights Commission


A Civil lawyer usually starts his/ her career as an intern under an established law firm or a lawyer during which they are paid a stipend of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 on an average per month. With experience and time, a Civil Lawyer in India can withdraw Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,000 per month

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