How to Become a Commercial Pilot in India


How to Become a Commercial Pilot in India?

A career as a Pilot not only offers high salaries but also thrilling experience and exposure. Usually, if you want to become a pilot, you need to start at the age of 17. For becoming a Commercial Pilot, the students need to get the license and start as a trainee. There are chances to become a Capitan by the time you turn 25 depending upon experience and skills.

Generally, commercial pilots are responsible for flying an aircraft. In addition to fixed schedule flights, they can fly charter flights, crop dusters, emergency planes, and rescue operations. Job duties for this career include ensuring the plane is balanced, communicating with air traffic control, operating and controlling the plane, monitoring gauges, and navigating the aircraft.

Different types of licenses:

a) SportPilot

b) Recreational Pilot

c) Private PilotLicense

d) CommercialPilotLicense

e) FlightInstructor

f) Airline Transport Pilot.

Requirements to become a pilot

 The minimum requirements to become pilot in our country are you need to have your 12th Standard completed and you should have scored 50% of marks in physics, chemistry and maths in your 12th boards.

Commercial pilot and flight instructor applicants must be at least 18 years old, and as previous certificates require, must also be able to read, speak, write and understand English.


The degree should preferably be in the field of sciences if not the aviation background. Majors in non-science backgrounds can also become pilots provided they have a good grasp of maths, calculations, and reasoning.


Initially, aspiring pilots will undergo extensive training in academics and later the fight instructors will proceed with the flight training.

Initially, the candidates will be given training on dual flights.

If the candidates can complete 15 hours on a dual flight, he is eligible to fly solo.

After getting CPL, the candidates have to undergo training for six months or one year.


A fresher has chances to earn around Rs.10 to 15 lakh per annum depending upon the airlines. Senior commercial pilots working with reputed airlines earn Rs.65 lakh to Rs.1 crore per annum

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