13 – BEST Places to Visit in Anand

Places to Visit in Anand, Tourist Places in Anand.

Important places of Anand district 


1 U.S. I Akshar Purushottam Sansthan’s headquarters (Bochasan)

or Phoolmata temple (Borsad) Uncle’s tomb (Khambhat)

2 Jumma Masjid (Khambhat)

3 Historical city (Khambhat) and Mata temple (Borsad)

4  Bahucharaji temple (Borsad)

5 Mahakaleshwar temple Nareshwar Lake (Khambhat)

6 Vav (Khambhat) Health Mother’s Home (Petlad)

7 The place where the firing took place in the Quit India Movement – Adase or India – H.M. Patel’s hometown – Sojitra Tel’s Ltd. Dummy,

Places of interest

1. Anand

Anand is the headquarters of the district, the city was founded by Anandgir Gosai in the ninth century. This is Amul Dairy, the largest dairy in Asia, established on December 14, 1964 under the guidance of Sardar Patel. The headquarters of the National Dairy Development Board and the Institute of Rural Management (IRMA) are located here.

2. Vallabhavidyanagar

There are many colleges and research institutes here. The first engineering college in Gujarat was established here. This city is known as ‘Vidyanagari’.

3. Borsad

In Borsad there are temples of Mahakaleshwar’s Shivalaya, Phoolmata, Bahucharaji, Toranmata and Narayan Dev.

4. Karamsad

This is the hometown and karma bhoomi of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. There is a hospital and a medical college here.

5. Khambhat

This mythical historical town was a prosperous port known as ‘Stambhatirtha’ or ‘Stambhapur’ in ancient times. The Jumma Masjid here is magnificently carved. Khambhat is known for its agate industry. 5 km away from Khambhat is a large pilgrimage site of Vahoras called ‘Kakani Kabar’. The Khambhat Museum has ancient manuscripts. The dilapidated town ‘Nagara’ with old ruins is near Khambhat.

 6. Lunej

The first e. Q. Mineral oil was discovered here in 1958. There are large reserves of gas here. This gas is supplied to the thermal power plant.

 7. Vadtal

In Swaminarayan Sampradaya, the throne of Vadtal is very important. Establishment of a magnificent idol of Laxminarayan in the temple. Q. Sahajananda Swami did in 1824.

 8. Dhuwaran

This is famous for being the largest thermal power station in Gujarat.

 9. Sarsa

Sarsa’s ‘Satkeval Mandir’ is famous.

10. Khambolaj

In Khambolaj, the pilgrimage places of Christianity are ‘Mother of the destitute’ and ‘Mother of Health’.

11. Bochasan

The name of Bochasan is derived from ‘Bucheshwar Mahadev’. Akshar Purushottam Sanstha is the headquarters of Swaminarayan Sampraday in Bochasan. 

12. Umreth

In earlier times Umreth was considered a pilgrimage site of Jain culture. The town was very splendid.

13. Adas

This is known as the battlefield of historical battles. On August 18, 1942, five innocent young men were martyred by British government police. His ‘memorial’ is here.

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