5- BEST Places to Visit in Aravalli District

Places to visit in Aravalli

Headquarters: Modasa

Area: 3,217 Sq. Km

Total Population: 10,51,746

Gender Proportion: 940 (Female per 1000 males)

Population Density: 327 (per 1 sq. Km.)

At Ray Total Literacy Rate: 76,600%

Talukas of Aravalli District 

Modasa, Byad, Meghraj, Bhiloda, Malpur, Dhansura Aravalli district to be known On August 15, 2013, Narendra Modi announced the formation of 7 new districts, Aravalli district was formed from Sabarkantha district.  The district is named after Aravalli, the oldest mountain.  Shamlaji Shrine is located on the banks of the river Meshwo. Where the fair of Shamlaji known as tribal fair is organized.

The place where Buddhists live is 2 km from Devni Mori Shamlaji. Situated away.

 Important places of Aravalli district  

Devayat Pandit’s Samadhi: Modasa

Jain Pilgrimage place: Bhiloda 

Karmabai’s lake: Shamlaji or Hirvav

Vanzarivav: Modasa 

Digambar Jain temple: Bhiloda 

Kartaki Purnima’s tribal fair and river: shamlaji

1. Modasa

is the district headquarters. King Battad’s ‘Mahudasu’ means today’s Modasa. The ancient name of Modasa was ‘Mohadkavasak’. There is a large college complex, herbs, sports grounds, open theaters and sultanate-era haziras and dargahs.

 2. Shamlaji

Shamlaji has got the beauty of hills, forests and Meshwo river. In the world famous temple of Shamlaji, there is a dark idol of Lord Krishna – Vasudeva holding a mace. Hence this place is also known as ‘Gadadharpuri’. The construction of the temple retains the ancient Chaulukya style. This place is extraordinarily observant in terms of sculptural beauty. The fair is held here on Karthiki Purnima. This is mainly a tribal fair. Nearby is Shyamalvan.

 3. Bhiloda

Digambar Jain Temple with Kirtistambh is an important P = “Ray Yatradham.

 4. Bajkot

There is a ‘Devarajdham’ in Bajkot near Modasa. Here is the tomb of Devayat Pandit. And there is a statue of Buddha.

5. Zanzari

This small waterfall is located near Gangeshwar Mahadev at Dabha (Ta. Byad).

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