24 – BEST Places to Visit in Gandhinagar


Places to Visit in ghandhinagar.

 Important places of Gandhinagar district 

 1 (Office of Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers – Gandhinagar) Swarnim Sankul

 2 (Office of Ministers of State – Gandhinagar) Residence of Ministers (Gandhinagar) 

3 Raj Bhavan (Gandhinagar) GIFT City (Gujarat International Finance Tech) City – Gandhinagar) 

4 Infocity (Gandhinagar)  

5 Udyananagari (Gandhinagar) 

6 Akshardham Temple (Gandhinagar)

7 Indroda Park (Gandhinagar)

8 Sarita Udyan (Gandhinagar) 

9 Jawaharlal Nehru Medicinal Botanical Garden – Gandhinagar 

10 Center for Consciousness – Gandhinagar K Puneet Van – Gandhinagar K Bal Udyan (Gandhinagar) 

11 Harni Udyan (Gandhinagar)

12 Udyog Bhavan (Gandhinagar) 

13 Adalaj’s Vav (Adalaj) Trimurti Temple (Adalaj – related to Dada Bhagwan) 

14 Remains of Kotayark Sun Temple (Mahudi)

15  Founder: Buddhisagarsurishwarji Ghantakarna Mahavir’s Statue (Derasar-Mahudi) 

16 IFFCO Chemical Fertilizer Factory (Kalol)

17 Oil Sector (Kalol) 

18 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (Raisan) and Gujarat Children’s University (Gandhinagar) 

19 Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Teachers Education – Gandhinagar 

20 Swarnim Gujarat Sports University – Gandhinagar 

21 Utkantheshwar Mahadev Temple – Dahegam 

22 K Iron making industry for farming – Dahegam 

23 Vardayi’s mother’s temple – Rupal 

24 Palli’s fair, where Mataji’s palli is refined. 

Fairs were held on Mastami and Shivratri and Gandhinagar became the capital of Gujarat. 

1. Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, named after the Father of the Nation of India, Mahatma Gandhi, is the new capital of the state of Gujarat and the headquarters of this district. 

Gandhinagar is connected by National Highways and Railways No. 47, 48 and 147. Sightseeing in Sector-10 of this town: 1. Gandhinagar: Gandhinagar, associated with the name of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation of India, is the new capital of the state of Gujarat and the headquarters of this district. The town was planned under the leadership of La Kabuziar of Chandigarh. That. Designed by Mewada and his partner Prakash Apte. On August 2, 1965, the first brick of the guest house of the colony was laid at the power house of the Gujarat Electricity Board and the ground breaking ceremony of the city of Gandhinagar was held. On February 11, 1971, the Gujarat Legislative Assembly was shifted from Ahmedabad to the Central Library, Sector-17, Gandhinagar and Gandhinagar became the capital of Gujarat. This beautiful, picturesque and green park covers an area of ​​30 sectors, and 57 square kilometers. The town has ‘A’ Gujarat Assembly roads from west to east and ‘1’ to ‘7’ vertical roads from south to north. There is a circle at every kilometer.

Is a famous pilgrimage. Its ancient name is “Madhupuri”. Padmavati Keba here Gujarat: Gandhinagar Jin e. Q. In 1990, Gandhinagar was named ‘Greenest City of the Wah!’ ’Was received. E. Q. The 30th of Gandhinagar has been given in 2011. Sector and status of Municipal Corporation to 8 nearby villages 

2. Indrada

Deer in Indrada Park near Gandhinagar. Ughan, Crocodile Udhan, Snake Garden and Rabbit Udhan. This place is very convenient for bird watching as many birds come to this park. . 

3 Adalaj

 The ancient name of Adalaj is ‘Gadhapatan’. E. Q. The Vav was built in 1499 by Mahmud Begda for Rani Rudibai, the wife of Veer Singh Vaghela of Adalaj. Hence it is known as ‘Adalajni Vav’ or ‘Rudibai’s Vav’. Adalaj’s Vav is a masterpiece of Hindu and Muslim architecture. This ornament is similar to the ornament in the archeological remains. The fifth floor of this five-story Vav is below the water surface, which is the specialty of this Vav. With three main entrances, the north-south length of the plant is 251 feet. This Vav has 914 steps. The depth to the north of this well is about 50 feet. A stone wall has been built to prevent the soil from collapsing due to deep excavation in the ground. On the wall are sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

 4. Mahudi

Of these Jains situated on the banks of the river Sabarmati.

No mother’s temple has much glory. Here in Derasar there is a statue of Ghantakarna Mahavira. Sukhadi prasad is held here, which has to be taken healthy in the temple’s Patangan. In the village of Khadat, a short distance from Mahudi, are the remains of the Kotyark Sun Temple. Derasar of Ghantakarna is a pilgrimage site for merchants.

 5. Kalol

This is a well known industry center and oil field. Here Indian Fertilizer Co. O. Ltd. (IFFCO) has a large complex of chemical fertilizers.

 6. Serisha

 Here is Jain Derasar with magnificent statues of Parshvanath and Padmavati.

 7. Pansar

 Jain Derasar with idol of Dharmanath here

 8. Lodra

 Here is Ayurveda College and famous temple of Balahanuman.

 9. Vasan

Here is the ancient temple of Vaijnath Mahadev and a huge idol of Hanumanji. 

 10. Rupal

Here is the magnificent temple of Vardayini Mata. On the day of Aso Sud Nom, a ‘village fair’ is held here. Pure ghee is spread on the mother’s palli.

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