how to become ethical hacker after 12th


Well if you’r doing 12th now and you have an option of taking some subjects related to computer than take it it will help you when you start.

1:For being ethical hacking there is no necessity of some kind of special degree for being a hacker, but if you have IT(information technology) background it will help you alot

2:there is no age limitation for it you can start it at any age and age doesn’t matter ,but still i recommend 18+ age is the safe zone for it.

3:follow EC-Council , Cybrary, Udemy for different types of hacking courses, i will recommend you to follow EC-Council they provide world class from basic to professional level training with labs,books and other study materials.

4:For being ethical hacker you don’t need any certification companies will you based on your skills in today’s world everything which matters is skill if you have skills and you’r professional in your field and unique from everyone no one will ask for you degree and certification ,however if you have skills+certification than you got very higher chances of having a good carrier.

5:pre-Requisites for starting ethical hacking

1: Basics of Networking

-OSI Model

-TCP IP protocols

-Ip addressing

-How the communication between devices happens

-knowing the functions and jobs of Firewalls,Switches,Routers,…

2: Explore standard linux and learn how things works in it.

3: learn basics of programming and if you really wanna be a professional hacker learn some programming languages which are used too much in hacking and will help you have a very great carrier in hacking these programming languages are Javascript , Python and php can be also very helpful (Keep in mind that programming is optional if you wanna build a good carrier ahead than learn at least one programming language which is used the most)

4: Basics of Virtualization.

 Courses for ethical hackers in India:

» Certificate Course in Cyber Laws

» M.Sc. Cyber Forensics and Information Security

» Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws

» Post Graduate Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensics and Related Laws

» Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking

» Certificate in Information Security and Ethical Hacking

» Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

» CCNA Certification

» Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

» Post Graduate Diploma in IT Security

Top Colleges for Ethical Hacker:

Rank of CollegeName of College, CityProgramme Fees
1IIT, Delhi4.47 lakh
2IIT, Bombay8.55 lakh
3IIT, Kharagpur8.34 lakh
4IIT, Kanpur8.27 lakh
5IIT, Roorkee8.52 lakh
6IIT, Guwahati8.61 lakh
7BITS, Pilani16.73 lakh
8Delhi Technological University, Delhi7.81 lakh
9NIT, Trichy7.42 lakh
10IIT, Bhubaneswar8.63 lakh

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