18- BEST Places to Visit in Jamnagar


BEST Places to Visit in jamnagar

Places of interest 

1 Jamnagar’s cakes, mesh and binding are known all over the world.  

2  The Ayurveda University (1967) is located at Jamnagar and the Zandu Pharmacy established by Zandu Bhattaji is also located in Jamnagar. 

3 That Zandu Bhattaji demanded a monopoly from the Bardo Dungar government on the border of Jamnagar and Porbandar.  

4  The Piroton Island area in Jamnagar and Devbhoomi Dwarka districts has been declared a Marine National Park.

  Important places of Jamnagar district 

5 Manekbai Muktidham (Jamnagar) 

6 Ayurvedic University (Jamnagar) Ranmal Lake (Jamnagar) 

7 Lakhota Mahal (Jamnagar) 

8 Zandu Pharmacy (Jamnagar) 

9 Pratap Palace (Jamnagar) 

10 Solarium (Jamnagar) 

11 Hanuman Temple (Jamnagar) where Ramadhun has been running continuously since 1964. 

12 Pirotan Island (Jamnagar Beach) 

13 Khambhaliya Gate (Jamnagar) 

14 Sainik School (Balachhadi) 

15 Naval Training Center – Valsura (Jamnagar) 

16 Ayurveda College (Jamnagar) 

17 Air Force Training Center (Bedi) 

18 Shipbuilding Industry (Sachana)

1. Jamnagar

 The district headquarters. The city of Jamnagar, known as ‘Paris of Saurashtra’ and ‘Gem of Kathiawar’, came from Kutch. Q. Settled in 1540. Known as ‘Nawanagar State’, it was the richest state in Saurashtra. E. Q. In 1914, Jam Ranjit Singh organized a new state. In India, ‘Ranji Trophy’ is played in memory of Jam Ranjit Singh. The millions of palaces in Ranmal Lake in the middle of the city are a symbol of heroism and love. Jamnagar is known as ‘Chhota Kashi’ because of its many temples and Sanskrit schools. Zandu Pharmacy established by Ayurvedacharya Zandu Bhattaji is here. There are ‘Ayurveda University’ and ‘Gulab Kunwarba Ayurveda College’. The ‘Manekbai Muktidham’ cemetery here is famous in India for its statues of various saints and gods. The construction, kanku and mesh here are famous in the country and abroad. The sculptural architecture of Khambhaliyo Darwaza, Vibha Palace and Pratap Vilas is beautiful. Jamsaheb Solarium built for solar therapy enhances the attraction of the city. The name of the Balahanuman temple here is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records due to the continuous Ramadhun since August 1, 1964. There are three wing training schools in Jamnagar. Here in Valsura is the training center of the Indian Navy. Nearby is the Sainik School at Balachhadi and the Air Force Training School at Bedi. The Gulf of Kutch has ‘Piroton’ islands with beautiful coral-colored rocks from the Solarium twins. The area has been declared a ‘Marine National Park’ as the islands are home to a wide range of marine life. Jamnagar is known in India for its brass handicrafts. To Okha

Ud Me “Manebai Muktidham” Cemetery is famous in India for its statues of gods and goddesses. Its construction, kanku and mesh are famous in the country and abroad. Khambhaliyo Darwaza, Vibha Palace and Pratap Vilas’s sculptures are beautiful. The name of the Balahanuman temple here has been inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its continuous Ramadhun since August, 1964. Jamnagar has a three-wing locker training school, Valsura has an Indian Navy training center and a nearby school at Baladi The Air Force Training Solarium School is home to the Pirotan Islands in the Gulf of Kutch with twin-colored coral reefs, a marine sanctuary for a wide variety of marine life. The area is known as the “Marine National Park” for its brass handicrafts. 

 2. Big Khawdi

Reliance Industries Ltd. has the world’s largest grassroots oil refinery 

3. New Ranuja

 Famous Ramdev Peer here Is the temple of. 

4. Sachana

The ship breaking industry has developed here. Sue the

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