11- BEST Places to Visit in Kheda District


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Top places to visit in kheda

Important places of Savannah Kheda district

 1. Nadiad
Nadiad is the district headquarters. Nadiad is known as a ‘literate city’.  It is the birthplace of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Babubhai Jashbhai Patel and Ravi Shankar Maharaj. This is the one of the  places to visit in kheda.Santram Maharaj’s ‘Santram Mandir’ here is a center of faith and public service.  Santram Mandir is the ashram of Saint Shri Mota (Chunilal Bhavsar) of Gujarat on the banks of Shedhi river.  The residence and statue of Govardhanram Tripathi in Nadiad are worth seeing.  The ‘Kidney Hospital’ here is famous for its treatment.  Nadiad is famous for ‘Leela Chewda’.
2. Vaso
Vaso is a famous Jain temple here. This is the birthplace of Motibhai Amin and Gopaldas.  Gandhiji called Motibhai Amin the ‘pearl of Charotar’.  He contributed a lot to the library activity.  He is the founder of Charotar Education Society. places to visit in kheda. The woodwork of Gopaldas’s mansion is considered to be excellent.
 3. Dakor
 The ancient name of Dakor is ‘Dankpur’.  Dakor is situated on the banks of the river Gomti.  There is a temple of Dankeshwar Mahadev and an ashram of Dankashi on the banks of Gomati lake.  Lord Krishna, who settled in Dwarka, was pleased with the devotion of devotee Vajesang Bodana.  Q.  156 from Dwarka to Dakor.places to visit in kheda.It is believed that they came and settled down. In the temple of Ranchodji, there is a radiant idol of Lord Ranchodrai made of black stone. Ranchodji’s temple was built by Inamdar Tajbaker of Dakor. Gomti Lake, Deknath Mahadev, Lakshmiji’s temple, Bodana temple, Satyanarayana’s temple etc. are some of the places of interest here. There are ‘Punitashram’ and ‘Ashaktashram’ here. 
4. Galteshwar
16 km away from Dakor, on the banks of the river Mahi, this Solanki era Shivalaya is a sight to behold. Galateshwar is the ‘Chandrahas’ town of Galavamuni described in the Puranas. Here is the confluence of Mahi and Gomti rivers. This pilgrimage of pilgrims is Shivalaya Dham. This is the most famous tourist attractions.
 5. Lasundra
There are hot springs here.
 6. Kapadvanj
places to visit in kheda
Kapadvanj is situated on the banks of the river Mahar. Its ancient name is ‘Corrupt Commerce’. The 1300 meter long Kunkavav built by Siddharraj Jayasinghe is famous. The one of the best places to visit in kheda to experience a village life.
7. Utkantheshwar
This is the Hindu temple located in gujarat. Utkantheshwar Mahadev’s magnificent Gujarat Vav, Ranivav and Sigarvav are worth seeing on the banks of Vatrak river. Tordyo stands here singing the glorious stories of the ancient times. places to visit in kheda   There is a temple. This place is famous as ‘Untadia Mahadev’.
 8. Fagvel
Here is the temple of Bhathiji Maharaj. The fair is held here on the full moon day of Kartak month.want to explore more visit temple for beautiful art and culture.
 9. Mahemdavad
This town was established by Mahmud Begda. The eight-room ‘Bhammario Kuvo’ is worth a visit. The ‘Chando-Suraj Mahal’ built by Mehmood Bagda on the banks of the Watrak in memory of his Begum and the remains of the fort are worth seeing. ‘Mubarak Syed’ and ‘Roja-Roji’ are famous here. Apart from this, there are Shiva temples of Ganganath, Bhimnath and Vaijnath. Here is the center of Vasant-Rajab Seva Dal.
 10. Vadtal
places to visit in kheda
Vadtal is the famous temple and pilgrimage of Swaminarayan. Here Sahajanand Swami e. Q. In 1824, a statue of Laxminarayan was erected. The throne of Vadtal is of special importance in the Swaminarayan sect.
 11. Kheda
places to visit in kheda
The ancient name of Kheda was ‘Khetak’. That e. Q. Kheda is known for the ‘Kheda Satyagraha’ of 1918.

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