BEST Places to Visit in Patan District


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BEST Places to Visit in patan

 1. Patan

BEST Places to Visit in patan

Patan is the headquarters of the district. The original name of this town inhabited by Vanraj Chavda is ‘Anhilpur Patan’. Vanraj built the temple of Kangheshwari Mata in Patan. He built the Derasar letter of Parshvanath. BEST Places to Visit in patan In it he set up his own idol as a criminal against the idol of Parshvanath. 1008 Shiva temples and 108 Devi temples were built around the Sahaslig lake built by Siddharraj Jayasinghe, the remains of this lake introduce its grandeur. In memory of King Bhimdev his queen Udayamati has built a ‘Raniki Vav’ in the ‘World Heritage Site’. Harihareshwar temple has an octagonal lake called ‘Brahmakund’. Ardhi’s pottery, mushroom and patola are famous. Hemchandracharya is the headquarters of North Gujarat University. Jain temples in Patan have a collection of Hemchandrasuriji’s books.

2 Siddhpur

BEST Places to Visit in patan

The ancient names of Siddhpur are ‘Siddhakshetra’ and ‘Shristhal’. The Poonam fair of Kartak month is held in Siddhpur, situated on the banks of the river Kunwarika Saraswati flowing in the desert. ‘Rudramahalaya’ was created by Mulraj Solanki, the king of Gujarat.BEST Places to Visit in patan And was renovated by Siddharth Jai Singh. Matrushraddha is performed at Rudramahalaya Bindu Sarovar in Siddhpur. Hence Siddhpur is known as ‘Matrugaya’. Parashuram performed Matrishraddha in Bindu Sarovar. Kapil Muni’s ashram is worth seeing here. The first crematorium to display funerals online using the internet is in Siddhpur.

 3. Shankheshwar

BEST Places to Visit in patan

The ancient name of Shankheshwar is “Shankhapur”. Palitana is the second most important place for Jains. BEST Places to Visit in patan Here is Parshvanathji’s Jinalaya. Parshvanathji’s Jinalaya.

4. Mira Datar


This is a place of worship for Muslims near the village of Unawa on the banks of the river Pushpavati. Devotees of other religions also come here.

5 Devamaha

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Dehmal is the shrine of Hazrat ef Sanpir of Daudi Vora Samaj in Dehmal, Likhoj Mata’s temple in the center of the village is a masterpiece of architecture.

6 Rani ki vaav


In the 38th ‘World Heritage Session’ held, the wonderful and historic ‘Ranki Vav’ of Patan, the ancient capital of Gujarat, has been ranked as the 31st ‘World Heritage Site’ of India. Rani Ki Vav E. Q. ‘Queen Vav’ was built in 1063. ‘Rani Ki Vav’ is a symbol of the beautiful use of groundwater and water management found in one place in ancient times. This Vav had religious, social and economic significance.

5125 lakes were constructed. ‘Queen Vav’ has come to the capital. Solanki kings in the state of Anhilwad 7224 Vav | Was for use. The main wow is round. It looks like from above. Vav East – West 68 m long, North – Dhak 20 m wide and 28 m deep with seven floors | Due to the flood of Saraswati river, this Vav was submerged and absorbed. E. Q. It was excavated at the site by ASI (Archeology: 9th / Survey of India) in 1980 and was found in its original form. ‘Raniki Vav’ is decorated in India. On the walls and pillars of Vav are known as Vishnu’s Dashavatar, Mahesh, Ganapatiji, Devanganao, Yogini, Rani. This Vav is engraved in stone.

The sculptures here contain various elements shown in the Vedas as well as statues of Ramayana and Mahabharata occasions.BEST Places to Visit in patan  Even the limbs and appendages of these sculptures, and as shown in the scriptures underwear or naked, are not disturbed.

There are three types of women’s sculptures: independent personalities) women, women who specialize in the art of music and dance were women who displayed physical beauty. One sculpture depicts Mahiya Mardini with 20 arms. There are six statues of Parvati in the windows of Vav. In the glorious statue, Parvati is leaning on her left leg with her right leg bent. This is his ‘Panchagni Tapak Swarup’. The cultured vision and spirituality of the artists can be seen in the statues. Vav also has a sculpture of Rani Udayamati. Is an epic of beauty. To give global recognition to the handicraft heritage of Patola, Geographical Indicator (Jamthi Dist.

7 patan patoda

Patolu can be worn on both sides to be the same. This is an epic of 12 beauty due to the flooding of Saraswati river. Patola Patola is the first Patan Patan in Patan to get GI registration in sari weaving made from pure silk and natural colors.

8 Sahastraling lake

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Situated in the north west of Patan, this is an artificial water storage tank constructed by the Chalukyan king Sidharaj Jai Singh in the late eleventh century.

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